Is it possible to run the timepicker in "popup" mode like datepicker?

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

I am afraid not.

In this admin, I use [ui-bootstrap](https://github.com/angular-ui/bootstrap), and you can find the documentation here: http://angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap/
I am with a problem, I reinstalled my operational system and now I am using a debian. I installed everything (node, grunt, etc), and when I use "grunt server --force", I receive a bad formatted screen with the message:

Running "compass:server" (compass) task
directory .tmp/styles/
directory .tmp/styles/bootstrap/bootstrap/
error client/styles/bootstrap/bootstrap/bootstrap.scss (Line 68 of client/styles/bootstrap/bootstrap/mixins/_vendor-prefixes.scss: Invalid CSS after "...-shadow($shadow": expected ")", was "...z) {")
create .tmp/styles/bootstrap/bootstrap/bootstrap.css
error client/styles/main.scss (Line 68 of client/styles/bootstrap/bootstrap/mixins/_vendor-prefixes.scss: Invalid CSS after "...-shadow($shadow": expected ")", was "...z) {")
create .tmp/styles/main.css
Compilation took 0.087s
Warning: ↑ Used --force, continuing.

do you know what can it be?
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

It seems there's something wrong with compass test. Have you installed latest [compass](http://compass-style.org/install/)?
Hi, I just downloaded this theme but all I seem to have is empty directories? Am I doing something wrong?
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Do you have the documentation with you?

In the documentation, there's a section called "File Structure", you can take a look at it to see if there's anything missing.

Hope this helps :)
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Do you have the documentation with you?

In the documentation, there's a section called "File Structure", you can take a look at it to see if there's anything missing.

Hope this helps :)
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Do you have the documentation with you?

In the documentation, there's a section called "File Structure", you can take a look at it to see if there's anything missing.

Hope this helps :)
I am new to grunt and bower and have no knowledge with coffee script. I am trying to develop some ajax function from the dist folder. However, the app.js file in the dist folder has been simplified. Can you please provide a little instructions to develop apps with this theme? Is it possible to develop without running grunt server?
Never mind. I did some self education and understand how it works now.
Cool :)
c-myers1 PURCHASED
I just bought this theme. All I really want to do is use the theme with an IDE like WebStorm. I would like to avoid learning coffeescript/ grunt/ jade etc etc. What is the development path using WebStorm given the file structure?
Hi, all the development files are inside ./client folder.

By the way, I'll publish a plain JS version soon, it's under review now :)
woopsdez PURCHASED
How do I change defalut language?

I tried editing 'localize.coffee' like below.
but can't change default language on loading dashboard.

.controller('LangCtrl', [
'$scope', 'localize'
($scope, localize) ->
$scope.lang = '日本語'

$scope.setLang = (lang) ->
switch lang
when 'English' then localize.setLanguage('EN-US')
when 'Español' then localize.setLanguage('ES-ES')
when '日本語' then localize.setLanguage('JA-JP')
when '中文' then localize.setLanguage('ZH-TW')
when 'Deutsch' then localize.setLanguage('DE-DE')
when 'français' then localize.setLanguage('FR-FR')
when 'Italiano' then localize.setLanguage('IT-IT')
when 'Portugal' then localize.setLanguage('PT-BR')
when 'Русский язык' then localize.setLanguage('RU-RU')
when '한국어' then localize.setLanguage('KO-KR')

$scope.lang = lang
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

It doesn't support this functionality for now, but you can add one line code to achieve what you want :)

Here's how to do it, say you want set Spanish as default language:

add this line
localize.language = 'es-es'

right after this line:
localize.language = ($window.navigator.userLanguage || $window.navigator.language).toLowerCase()

Here's how it looks after modification:
buildUrl: ->
if !localize.language
# window.navigator.userLanguage is IE only, and window.navigator.language for the rest.
localize.language = ($window.navigator.userLanguage || $window.navigator.language).toLowerCase()
localize.language = 'es-es' // new line added
localize.language = localize.language.split("-")[0] # get just the language for now
return 'i18n/resources-locale_' + localize.language + '.js'
Sorry for the style, it seems that wrapBootstrap site uses a different markdown rule in comments section
I have two questions which are related to mobile usage.

1. When opening the menu you have to tap the menu item two times before it works. First time it is selected, the other time it is actually navigated to. This bug appears when the menu is newly opened. If you tap something in the menu, the problem will disappear and you will have to close the menu for it to appear again. Do you have a fix for this problem?

2. When selecting something in the menu on mobile I want the menu to disappear. Right now, because of the bug above, navigation requires a bit too many taps. 4 taps are required if starting from a closed menu, wanting to go somewhere else and closing the menu. I want to have only two clicks, one for opening the menu, and one for selecting the item in the menu. Is it possible?

Both issues are visible in the demo interface.

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

Q: When opening the menu you have to tap the menu item two times before it works...
A: Oh, really? Because I just try it out in Safari on my iPhone, it works fine. May I ask which browser and os are you using? Let me know if I am wrong.

Q: When selecting something in the menu on mobile I want the menu to disappear...
A: Yeah, you are right, I didn't add the functionality to close the menu on click for mobile now. Sorry about it.
IOS 7.1.2, Chrome version 38.0.2125.67, Safari 9537.53. Both show the same issues. Note that it only happens the first time the menu is opened.

Do you have any ideas on how this can be solved? Any pointers to where in the code I should look to modify the behavior if I want this resolved?

What do you mean by " When opening the menu you have to tap the menu item two times before it works. First time it is selected, the other time it is actually navigated to. "

Because it works fine for me. I am using the latest iOS, i.e. 8.1.x, and latest safari

The template may takes a few time to download, however it works on first click.

Let me know if I am wrong.
It's really bugged, not recommended.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://localhost:3000/dist/scripts/underscore-min.map
72Error: Invalid negative value for <rect> attribute width="-1.9583333333333333" ui.js:873q ui.js:873c._engine.rect ui.js:874v.rect ui.js:873Morris.Bar.Bar.drawBar ui.js:2487(anonymous function) ui.js:2404(anonymous function) ui.js:2411Morris.Bar.Bar.drawSeries ui.js:2414Morris.Bar.Bar.draw ui.js:2328Morris.Grid.Grid.redraw ui.js:1347Morris.Grid.Grid.resizeHandler ui.js:1461(anonymous function) ui.js:886
GET http://localhost:3000/dist/scripts/underscore-min.map 404 (Not Found) :3000/dist/scripts/underscore-min.map:1
306Error: Invalid negative value for <rect> attribute width="-1.9583333333333333" ui.js:873
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

What version are you using? Because you are first buyer who fail to run the web app.

Let me know if I am wrong

In some of the comments you have mentioned that a plain js version is coming, could you give some detail about it? I mean, is it going to require angular js or any other tool or just js and css files to include?

Our backend will bi a java web application and we only need some components or pages like signin etc.

Great theme by the way, we liked it much, thanks :)
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

By plain JS version, I mean a brand new one, since all the scripts will be rewritten, hope you understand.

Hope this helps :)
I'm having issues with donut charts, whenever I do an ajax call to get data the donut doesn't draw and I get a "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined".
It works with hardcoded data though.
Hi, thanks for your feedback.

It seems that the chart directive draw the chart before the data is ready, I think you may need to use promise (https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/service/$q) to solve this problem.

Hope this helps :)
redixint PURCHASED
First, thank you for a nice product. I am trying to integrate the flatify into my application, which is using mean stack, i.e., mean.js. The left-navbar displayed correctly. However, whenever a menu is selected from the left-navbar, then the whole page reload and the left-navbar disappered. Can you suggest a way to fix my problem? Thanks.
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

What content do you put in the link href attributes? Do you put something like so:


I guess you have forgot the "#" sign :)
sillawog PURCHASED
Nice product but I need help. when i run grunt server i only get the dashboard page. when i nav i get 404 and there are no charts appearing. Please help.
sillawog PURCHASED
nevermind. I was missing the correct version of jquery. thanks
Thanks for letting me know
Thanks for letting me know
sillawog PURCHASED
Can you tell me how to move my updates from the client folder to the dist folder? do i use grunt? sorry I am new to this.

sillawog PURCHASED
Nevermind. my build was building to another directory.
Thanks for letting me know
Hi again :)

Is there a multiselect component in the design? If there is could you point it out for me?

If not how could I include one?

Thanks in advance.
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Flatify doesn't have a specific component for multiselect. However it has basic styling for select (http://iarouse.com/dist-flatify/v1.2/index.html#/forms/elements), and I think you can also use it on multiselect

Hope this helps :)
hello ..., we recently bought flatify and applied to our site. but we failed to see placeholders in IE9 , to see place holders what we have to do .. can you suggest please???
IE9 doesn't have support for placeholders, I think you'll need to use a plugin/polyfill (e.g. https://github.com/danbentley/placeholder) to achieve what you want.

Hope this helps :)
Can you provide advice for running it under a sub folder on the server instead of at the root? It seems like the routes aren't quite working if I put it under a folder like /app

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

The template can be run under a sub folder.

Anything wrong?
You're right that it can be hosted under a sub folder. I'm having an issue with loading the page from one location and pushing the js, css, and other assets to a different folder for cdn delivery.

When loading the app using `python -m SimpleHTTPServer` it loads fine under sub folders.

Do you have any tips on how to relocate the other resources to a different path?
Are you providing mask loader in flatify ???
Hi, thanks for your interest.

I used "angular-loading-bar" for loader, which will show a progress bar at the top of page when loading, just like Youtube :)
Since upgrading to Flatify 1.2 I cannot get the index page to load the template. The progress icon just spins and the progress bar at the top of the page just fills in.

So the loader conflict with your own progress functionality, right?

You can remove "angular-loading-bar" in bower.json, index.html and app.coffee

Hope this helps :)

I actually can't get the index page to load the template at all. I just extracted the archive and then opened "dist/index.html" but nothing loads up. The code to the template hasn't been changed at all, I don't know why I can't view anything. I just get the "loading" indicators.
croepers PURCHASED
Hey, logged in under the correct account I bought this with. Hope you can help me get your template working right again.

Reach me on skype at my other login name I posted with if you'd like.
Here is a screenshot showing what the index.html page looks like:

Just blank except the loader indicators, as you can see.
Well, what error do you get in the browser console?
XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///Users/ecomevo/Projects/flatify/dist/views/header.html. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource.

Error: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load 'file:///Users/ecomevo/Projects/flatify/dist/views/header.html'.

I get those two types of errors on every portion of the template that tries to load.
Nevermind. Figured this one out. Couldn't see the forest for the trees.

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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