Hi!, is there a only Javascript versiĆ³n of the App files?. I can see all is written in CoffeeScript
Flatify is written in CoffeeScript

Now I realize CoffeeScript is just my personal perference, sorry about that.
The future admin themes will all written in JavaScript.

For now, you can search for "Magic - AngularJS Admin & Frontend" if you want to buy a pure JavaScript version.

Hope this helps
Hi, can you supply a non minified javascript files in the script folder? Not planning to run Grunt or Yeoman just to tweak a few things.

Hi, thanks for your interest.

The JavaScript file is compiled by GruntJS, you'll need to update Grunt-contrib-coffee compile setting to out put non-minified JavaScript version

Hope this helps
I'm getting the following error when running grunt server

Warning: Errno::ENOENT on line ["33"] of /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.0.0/gems/compass-1.0.1/lib/compass/exec/global_options_parser.rb: No such file or directory - /Users/UserName/Documents/flatify-v1.2/flatify/client/bower_components

ruby --version :
ruby 2.0.0p481 (2014-05-08 revision 45883) [universal.x86_64-darwin14]

sass gem version:
sass (3.4.9)

compass gem version:
compass (1.0.1)
compass-core (1.0.1)
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

It seems you haven't installed all the Bower packages.

Have you run "bower install" to install all the Bower packages?
We Recently bought your Flatify. May I know Is there a clickable event applicable to flot chart .If it is, how can i use click event on Flot Chart (On individual partition /bar).
This is a fantastic theme - thanks a lot.

A really useful addition for an update would be a page or two for user comments (comment threads) in the same style.

Thanks again! :)
Hi, thanks for your advice, really appreciate it.

Could give me more details about what you want? Any examples?

Thanks :)
Hey - thanks for the quick reply! :)

Sure - basically something exactly like that which we are using now. A list of comments and replies, with user profile icons, usernames and dates/times, with some sort of indentation for replies. This could be used in various areas of any app someone is building.

The theme is really beautiful and I think this is probably the biggest missing part. I'd even be happy to buy a 'flatify addon' or such for this!

Thanks! :)
Thanks for telling me that.

I may build that in future updates, no guarantee though
Hi there,

Any plan on making this theme, non-angular ? I love it, but I don't use angular in my project.

Thanks in advance, and good job for this theme, definitely one of the best !
Hi, thanks for your interest.

I am sorry that I don't have any plan for that for now, hope you understand.
Hi I purchased the theme in hopes to rip out the interface components and put it in a Ruby/Sinatra project. Is this likely more trouble than it's worth? If you think it wouldn't be crazy to do, do you have any suggestions on where to get started?
Hi, thanks for your interest.

Flatify is front end only, and can be integrate with any back end you like, including Ruby.

It'll take some time to customize, however not that crazy :)
how can i run this theme? it is too complicated to run?? why all the files are in coffee script? can you please provide me javascript version? i dont need this grunt and bower and all?? can you please provide plain theme with angular integrated????
can you please be quick on it? i am really short on time.. i purchased this theme but i wasnt aware it is all coffee script.. can you please provide javascript version asap?

even though i have tried everything, npm, grunt, bower, compass and installed it but still i am getting this error Fatal error: Port 9000 is already in use by another process. kind of headache to me now..

also do you have pure HTML/bootstrap version?
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Q: Can you please provide me javascript version?
A: If you want a javascript one, you can google "Magic - AngularJS Admin & Frontend". Magic admin is written in JS.

Q: I dont need this grunt and bower and all?
Q: Grunt is for automation, and Bower is used on package management, which will make things easier.

Q: Fatal error: Port 9000 is already in use by another process. kind of headache to me now.
A: Seems you have already ran one that uses the port 9000, maybe you can try to close your terminal and reopen to run it again.

Q: do you have pure HTML/bootstrap version?
A: Sorry there isn't

Hope this helps
Hi, i am using Flatify theme with asp.net form, that form contain add and edit mode,purpose of that form is add and edit users, and i am using SignupCtrl validation, adding user is not problem, but while editing data-ng-model overrides my existing value which is retrieve from database, kindly suggest any solution for this problem?
Hi jeganmmk,

It seems that you haven't purchase the item, the support is buyers only, hope you understand.

BTW, you can [email me](https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/arousing) if you have any question.

I'll leave this for pre-sale question only.


I purchased this theme last week and started integrating it into my existing application.
I stayed as close to the theme as possible but unfortunately I ran into an issue.
On a mobile device, the 3 bar menu stopped working. I looked at the header and nav html files again and they match the template
Any idea what else I could look at to get the navigation working on a mobile device again?

Apologies but it wasnt my account this template was purchased on. If you want the person who purchased the template to ask this question, I fully understand
Hi, thanks for reaching out.

It seems you haven't attach the order to your account.

Btw, feel free to email me through my profile page: https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/arousing
i'm using the responsive tables in the Flatify theme (table-responsive). I need to fix the table header (and preferably also the first column) so that it does not scroll with the table.

Is there a way to do this with this theme by modifying the css ? Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

I am sorry that this functionality is not available for Flatify now

However, I may add this if more users want it.

Hope this helps :)
Hi, when i run the app.js page show me empty page. There is no errors or warning. Do i need to do something with grunt/coffee or anything else? Do you have somewhere instruction?
Hi, thanks for reaching out.

It seems you haven't attach your order to your account. As a result, wrapBootstrap didn't added "buyer" tag next to your name .

Let me know if I am wrong, thanks :)
Hello, how can I change the version of AngularJS vendor.js file is using? I'm trying to use other modules alongside and I'm getting errors because I need version 1.3.0+ and vendor uses 1.2.15. Thanks.
Hi, thanks for reaching out.

It seems you haven't attach your order to your account. As a result, wrapBootstrap didn't added "buyer" tag next to your name .

Let me know if I am wrong, thanks :)
By the way, dist/ folder is the production version generated automatically by GruntJS.

You can use ./client folder for development.

Also, to change the version of AngularJS, you can update ./bower.json file.

Hope this helps :)
hello , congratulations for the work .

I am a little inexperienced here on the site .

I made the purchase of Flatify , and would like to know how it is possible to carry out development using HTML source code?

thank you
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

You want to use simple HTML instead of AngularJS, right?

I am sorry to let you know that there's not any HTML only version

Because the admin is built on top of AngularJS, it takes lots of time to get rid of AngularJS, hope you understand.

Hope this helps :)
Hi there, I just purchased your theme, looks perfect for our needs.

However, I've had trouble installing. I tried following your instructions, but failed at "bower install". I have used "sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy" and that helped, but now I am stuck trying to run "grunt serve".

Any idea what may have gone wrong?

A suggestion is to provide more detailed and specific installation instruction steps. It is unclear which directory these commands should be run from, and there is no "Flatify" directory to be found, but there is "Flatify-v1.4" and "flatify". If I need to "cd" to other directories, please include the extra steps.

1. Enter "Flatify" folder with your command line tool.
2. Install all the NPM packages (for development) with NPM:
$ npm install
3. Install all the front end packages with Twitter Bower:
$ bower install
4. Then type grunt serve and you are ready to go.
$ grunt serve
By the way, if you want to build the distribution (production) version, simply run
$ grunt serve:dist


It seems you haven't attach your order to your account. As a result, WrapBootstrap didn't add the "purchase" tag next to your username.

Let me know if I am wrong, thanks :)
Help me sir.

I added an bower package named "offline" by HubSpot.

And I can't figure out how I add two CSS files. I added the JS files to ui.js by including it on index.html on the build:js section.

Can you help me? I need to add these files:
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Here's a few step to help:

1. You put them (the two stylesheets) in ./client/styles folder

2. Change the extension from .css to .scss & and "_" before the filename, just like other scss file you see, e.g. in ./client/styles/global folder, so the file name will be like this:


3. Important them into main.scss just like others

@import "offline-language-portuguese-brazil"
@import "offline-theme-chrome"

Hope this helps :)

Wanted to build a quick pdt prototype for demo and need reusable angular controls.
Is there a list of angular elements?

Hi, thanks for your interest.

I am not sure if I understand the question, could you give me more details? Thanks
Many thanks to author!
I bought version 1.3 and app is good!
Cool, glad you like it :)

Also, version 2.0 is available now :)

Nice theme !
Is there a pure HTML / CSS / JS version available without AngularJS ?
It's missing ...

Thanks a lot
You should tell on the product description that no HTML pure version is available on the package contrary to Inspinia for example.
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

By pure HTML, you mean jQuery only right? Then I am sorry there isn't a pure HTML version, it depends on AngularJS.

Sorry for the late reply
Hello - really nice theme with a lot of examples. I was even able to update it to Angular 1.4 w/o breaking anything in a major way.
I did come across one problem though - when the left NAV is collapsed and there are more sub-items than can fit on the screen, it's impossible to reach them through scrolling. I haven't tried to fix it yet as I'm not even sure what would be the "correct" way - synchronizing the scroll event through jquery just seems too complex. Maybe moving the scrollbar to the sub-items popout (make it fixed height with overflow)? Would you have any recommendation on how to fix this please?
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Q: I did come across one problem though - when the left NAV is collapsed and there are more sub-items than can fit on the screen, it's impossible to reach them through scrolling...

A: Yeah, the Flatify did has this problem, since it only has fixed sidebar layout, I have fix it in the later admin templates I build, e.g. my Slim admin, which has a non-fixed nav bar layout available.

So the way to fix this is a bit complicated, you'll probably rewrite the layout with CSS to achieve so

Hope this helps :)

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