Really great template! Thanks. I will buy as soon as possible.
Thank you!
Nice Template , good work. However is doesn't work well on Iphone. You really need to tweak that.
Hello! Thanks for your comment.
Could you please tell me what iphone and ios version you have used and some details of this issue (description or screenshots).
Thank you.
I have Iphone 6S ios 9.2
I see now that you fixed the problems...
Love the template and design - wondering if there is additional documentation to help shed some light on the libraries (fontawesome/flat-icon/etc) in order to more efficiently use the assets that come with the design? I can't seem to find documentation on the actual assets (icons) in order to use them...

I'm new to pre-built templates so I may be missing something, just hoping there is documentation so I can get moving on customization (including tweaking some of the directives you used in the html? ie data-transition, data-bgfit, etc).

Any info would be greatly appreciated but thank you for the awesome design and work!
Hello samhager11.
Thank you for comment. The complete Documentation is on the way and will come with the nearest template update. I hope it makes the use of the template easier.
Awesome - thank you alexyka - I'm having a ton of fun working with the template anyway, I'll watch for the update. Much appreciated!
Just added the Documentation in the archive. Re-download please. Hope it will help to make magic :)
Great template. It was easy to integrate. See it live at http://ianmaddox.com
Very nice template. Can't wait to get it up and running on my personal site. Thanks!
Hi jmanko.
Thank you for the kind words. Hope you'll customize our template fast and will be happy with it.
Do you provide PSD files too?
Hi. Sorry, we do not provide .psd files for this item.
You have a great design, but I'm having trouble using it on Internet Explorer 9 and 10. It seems as though if I make any change to the original index.html file (even minor ones), the website fails to load (i.e., it just displays a blank screen -- only the preloader image displays)... instead, IE displays a prompt that "Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or Active X controls." Even after I click "Allow blocked content," nothing displays.

Ultimately, a number of errors are generated... such as:
- CSS3117: @font-face failed cross-origin request. Resource access is restricted. (about 12 of these)
- assets/custom/images/rs-images/05.jpg Could not be loaded !

Have you encountered these problems and discovered a fix? And how can we turn off the Off-Canvas Menu (without touching the index.html file)?

1. Please write from the "purchased" account. All future conversation will be possible only in this case.
2. Please re-download the latest template archive and check your issue again. There were many updates.
3. The IE9 may not support the google fonts import from the css. You can place the fonts call in .html pages.
4. For disabling the off-canvas menu you can remove or comment it's lines on every html page and the js call like "assets/vendor/offcanvas-menu/js/classie.js".
If the issues will not disappear feel free to write us.
Thank you for your reply. On 1., unfortunately, I purchased your code back in early February and lost my wrapbootstrap login... and for some reason, wrapbootstrap cannot seem to reset my password.

Yes, I already downloaded the latest 1.3.1 version. But after working on this for a while, I realize that the issue might be mostly caused by the ActiveX Activation issue in IE (vs. all the other browsers). (See: http://www.sitepoint.com/activex-activation-issue-ie/). The question then is whether there will be a work around for it? I'd happily re-purchase your code if there is.

Other than that, the only comment I have is that the website loads a little slowly... 8 seconds on Firefox, 5-6 seconds on Chrome, and 28 seconds on IE (with the "Allow active content to run" checked in IE Options).

Hi, the picture that goes with the text "Some people say i am a new romantic, but i am just Electronic..." disappears when switched from desktop to mobile device in vertical position. Only text is seen then. Could you please tell how to fix that bag?
Please find following line in style.css:

@media (max-width: 992px)
#promo {
background: none;
Remove or comment "background: none;"
First I must say, great template!
My only problem is that you can see all items (it clips after "testimonials") on the mobile menu if you are on a phone with for example 320x480 resolution. There is no way to scroll down, how can we solve this problem?
Sorry, i do not understand your problem.
Could you please provide some details and screenshots of the issue?
Cant post screenshots here.
Go to: http://neuethemes.net/preview/html/fletcher/html/index01.html
Resize your window to 320x480 and click the hamburger icon to show the menu.
The last item on the menulist that you can se is "Testimonials", the two last items "Feedback" and "Buy the template" is below the viewport and there is no way to see or to scroll down to them.

Any solution?

Regards, Thomas
Got it. Solutions:
1. Not to make many menu items.
2. Make the the line-height (menu item padding) less. .icon-list a {padding: 0.5em 0.3em}.
The first value is it.
Hi alexeyka,

thank you for the great Fletcher-Template.

Unfortunately, Google Maps throws an error, that the API key is missing. Where in the code can I insert my API key?

Thank you & best regards!

The full error is as follows:
Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#missing-key-map-error
Hi @alexeyka,
unfortunately, there are several issues with the template on current iOS devices (iOS 11).
Borders of text containers aren't respected and sometimes the letters of some words even overlay each other. On Windows / Android everything seems to be fine.

Following some example screenshots:


iPad Pro:
The issues only seem to occur in Safari. When using the Chrome browser on iOS everything looks good.

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