Interested in Flex and note that your page builder is based on Visual Composer... Is it compatable with the visual composer Ultimate addons?

no the page builder included isn't compatibile with VC Ultimate Addons.

hi, i bought this theme but i can't seem to find how to add this small arrow to my header, you can see the arrow here in your demo:

right under "about us"

how do i do that ?
Could you please inform how to add columns using the MD Page Builder? I can't find an option for adding them.
I'm looking for this as well.i cannot find how to add columns to the rows in the MD Page Builder
I needed to import a demo template to see how to do it ...there was no documentation. So for anyone looking, you need to insert the 'Row Inner' module to get the ability to divide a row into multiple columns.
Please disregard my previous qustion abot md page builder. I isntalled the theme on my server (on openshoft) and the theme options doesn;t appear in the admin panel. I tried accesing teh options by entering the URL /wp-admin/admin.php?page=_options&tab=0 and get You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. Please help.
I just bought this with PayPal thinking I could use it on my Wordpress.com account. Apparently, it only works with wordpress.org, which I have no idea how to use. Is there a way I can get a refund?
Hey I have a question regarding testimonials.
If you can point me to a documentation page, then I am sure I can figure out how to do what I am trying to do on my own.

I am trying to make a targeted query to get all of the testimonial posts like so:

global $wpdb;
$query = "SELECT * FROM {$wpdb->posts} WHERE post_type = ' "[POST_TYPE_NEEDED]" ' ";
$posts = $wpdb->get_results( $query );
foreach ( $posts as $post ) {
// process post
Here are my questions:
0) I am assuming the posts are in the $wpdb->posts table, is the assumption correct, or are the posts listed in a different tabe?
1) what is the "post_type" of a testimonial post, needed for [POST_TYPE_NEEDED].
2) what are the fields and their respective types inside of a $post object returned by this query?

Any help or a point in the right direction is much appreciated.
So long as I can get the query correct, I can figure out the fields doing a var_dump. Question 0 and 1 above are of most importance.

$query = "SELECT * FROM {$wpdb->posts} WHERE post_type = ' "[POST_TYPE_NEEDED]" ' ";
Well I figured it out. The query one should make is:

"SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE wp_posts.post_type = ‘testimonials’ and wp_posts.post_status='publish'";

I added wp_posts.post_status='publish', so we omit stuff that is in progress or in trash to be deleted.

I hope this helps someone.
The portfolio section in the demo of the FLEX theme shows an error on the bottom of the page: "The requested URL returned error: 410" and the JavaScript isn't loading on the portfolio pages. Are you guys aware of this and is there a fix in the works?

I want to show the captions of each picture, published by the MD page builder. How can I release this problem?

Thank you.

Best regards.

Dr. Andreas Steindel
I just updated the theme. Now is compatible with WP 4.5+

i've purchased recently Visual Composer while i have in mind that Flex Theme includes MD builder which is based on VC ( i had issues with MD builder and seeing there were no updates i bought the plugin) but it seems there's a conflict with MD builder when i try to install VC. According to VC's support i need some step by steps to remove MD builder so that i can activate VC. Can you provide me this solution please?

Thanks in advance
I just updated the theme. Now is compatible with WP 4.5+

I've purchased this theme before 1 years but recently i am facing with some problem. The major issue is Custom Html widget showing empty content when content is present in database and content is display on web pages. Can you please provide any solution.

tushneem PURCHASED
I used updated theme it seems like lot of issues are there with WP 4.5+
tushneem PURCHASED
Any reply on that?
Hello I use your theme in my website but since the 4.5 wordpress update, the image loader dosent work.
I can select my image in the media gallery but nothing is passed to the "single image editor" (the field stay empty).
I waited for the update of flex, but even with this update i am not able to change or add images. It is a big issue for me. Could you please help me !

Thanks for your help.
I had no anwser for 2 weeks !! We have a lot of crashed website because of the pagebuilder issue !
Please respond, when will the page builder be available again ??
Haaalloooo ThemesHolic,

your support is a shame. A lot of same questions (this here is my problem too!) but no answer from the seller. Give me my money back!
Hi guys,

your theme is breaking every time i try to update it, Looks like the same issue on your live preview.

Failed to open the following file and im guessing it will fail on all missing files that the sections is trying to include that is not there,


Please help
archynet PURCHASED
the last version of theme (1.6.0) is break (missing many files in framework\md-page-builder\lib\js_composer\composer\lib) and is not compatible with wordpress 4.5 as written by jravouna, single and multi image not work.
Please resolve as soon as possible
Your demo URL giving some errors: http://demo.themesholic.com/flex/?v=1.6.0

Warning: require_once(/home/admin/public_html/demo/flex/wp-content/themes/flex/framework/md-page-builder/lib/js_composer/composer/lib/attributes.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/admin/public_html/demo/flex/wp-content/themes/flex/framework/md-page-builder/lib/js_composer/composer/wp_bakery_visual_composer.php on line 13

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/admin/public_html/demo/flex/wp-content/themes/flex/framework/md-page-builder/lib/js_composer/composer/lib/attributes.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/admin/public_html/demo/flex/wp-content/themes/flex/framework/md-page-builder/lib/js_composer/composer/wp_bakery_visual_composer.php on line 13
fabmedia PURCHASED
Does one have to pay again for the updated version if one already purchased the theme?
fabmedia PURCHASED
I purchased the theme a month ago was working just fine until i updated my Wordpress what can i do to resolve this issue?
When adding elements to the portfolio and displaying it on my main page I get an error


Can you help me out?
CAUTION : Do NOT buy this theme ! It dosent work, support is a joke ! We have several website with this theme, and we are obligated to modify all images by hand.
This is a scam !
the page http://themesholic.com/support It doesn't work

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