Hi Flexy owner! I have just bought your theme and I found a bug with "GALLERY CAROUSEL" section. The very left corner (first image) of the slideshow shows about 1px width remaining of the last image.
Hello! Thanks for your comment. We will fix it шт the next update :)

Is there any specific action in the code to translate the webpage according the language selected?

Thank you,

There is no such action in the code because it is static HTML template. If you want to build a static website (without backend code) you can simply translate page into another language and link this page to appropriate language.

Hi guys,
I am a beginner user trying to integrate Flexy with the default ASP.NET MVC 5 project. Are there any tutorials/walkthroughs I can leverage?


We replied to your ticket at https://8guild.ticksy.com

Hi, Great theme! Where is the flexy font from? Looks like an icomoon font, but I can't find right set. Thanks.
Hi! Thanks for buying. If you go to main\Flexy\fonts\flexy, there will be a demo font file.
Feature Request: LESS/SASS support.
Thank you for your comment. We will think of adding LESS support.
Can I resale your theme under extended license ? (after some modification)

Please send e-mail with the same question to [email protected]

Hi, the two bugs:

1. The typing text effect doesnt load in mobiles for some reason.

2. The scroll to top button also doesnt appear in mobile browser.


Kindly fix them.

Thank you for the comment. We will fix this in the next update.
Could you please specify what mobile browser and platform you are using. Checked just now, android chrome, and iOS safari & chrome works fine.

I purchased your theme.

2.Can I add all the CSS files to one custom.css.scss file in my rails app? I normally do this in rails when using, sass- gem.

3. If I am not using the carousal feature, can I leave it out?

Thank you for purchasing our theme.

We do not have experience with rails apps. But certainly you can try to include all css files in one scss. Think this will do no harm.

If you do not use any features I encourage you to leave them out. Make your final css as concise as possible. Make sure to remove all associate js files as well.

ironside PURCHASED
День добрый!

Подскажите пожалуйста как можно, убрав top-bar сдвинуть шапку вплотную к верхнему краю, чтобы не оставалось простаранство, предусмотренное для top-bar, в каких стилях или js искать этот отступ?

С уважением, Сергей

Translate the question into English?
Добрый день, Сергей!

Пожалуйста откройте тикет на http://8guild.ticksy.com/, либо отправьте вопрос на [email protected]
Комментарии не очень удобный способ предоставления саппорта.
Спасибо за использование Flexy!
С уважением,
Команда 8 Guild
which javascript library can i remove to make the scrolling more seamless on the homepage. I am using the home_typed.html homepage and just scrolling through the page is choppy.

Try to remove smoothscroll.js. It can cause choppy scrolling.

There is a bug in the scroll spy that I had to fix. Right around ~L440 in the custom.js file, the scrollItems = menuItems.map(function(){

Inside this section you need to test if the anchor begins with a # thus linking directly on the page. If it links externally, it gets a fatal error because $(null) is not allowed. My fix is below:


--- code

// Cache selectors
var lastId;
var topMenu = $(".header-animated");
var topMenuHeight = topMenu.outerHeight();
// All list items
var menuItems = topMenu.find("a");
// Anchors corresponding to menu items
var scrollItems = menuItems.map(function() {
if( /^#/.test($(this).attr("href")) == true){
var item = $($(this).attr("href"));
if (item.length) {
return item;

--- /code
Thank you very much for the fix. Much appreciated!
Also, does anybody else have the problem with the mobile menu on the iphone not closing when you press the X? I cannot get it to go away...

Thank you for using Flexy!

Could please open a ticket at https://8guild.ticksy.com in Flexy category. Describe you issue there. If possible provide link to your project. Or note if it happens with Flexy live demo as well.

hi.. how can i change the words that he Write and erase?

Please open a ticket on https://8guild.ticksy.com/ with your question. We would be glad to help.

many greetings for this beautiful template.
I have a little question. In home, there is a box with 4 icon. Code show fa icon but if I replace them with fafa icon doesn't show. Where I can find the source code of these icons?

Thank you for the comment.
We now move all support to https://8guild.ticksy.com/ Just to make sure we keep track of all our buyers issues and provide efficient solutions through the ticket system.
Please open a ticket there with you issue. We will be glad to help.

Best regards,
I can't seem to edit the map on your theme, can you help!?

Please open a ticket on https://8guild.ticksy.com/ We will be glad to help.

etanoman PURCHASED
On iPad Air, neither the hamburger menu or the nav bar is shown, making navigation impossible. This happens on your demo site as well.
Thank you for opening support ticket. Our support team will take care of it ASAP.
Best regards,
8Guild Team
Feature Request: Sass Support
sofiteca PURCHASED
There's no language switch button on narrow screen devices.
Also I've noticed a menu bug on middle size screens. The menu always open and bad formatted. You can see it in Chrome on iPad preset.

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