I want to ask whether js and css of PicelAdmin have uncompressed files.
I need uncompressed source code files to debug.
Thank you.
Sorry, I want to ask whether js and css of "Genius Bootstrap Admin Template"
In package you have both compressed and uncompressed files.
do you have the login and username backed connections as well for this?
Hi, We had brought the
Genius BS4 Admin + Angular 2 + React theme from bootstrap.

I have a very critical issue :
I was trying to use NgbModal with this theme & i came to know that you guys have modified the bootstrap css file (instead of overriding) and changed it to style.css and added your custom css in it. Now i am not able to open the NgbModal on my pages.

I would request you to
1. Provide a NgbModal implementation with the current CSS styles that you have. I want to open my own angular2 components using NgbModal. please refer this link : https://ng-bootstrap.github.io/#/components/modal. OR for the time provide an implementation on opening components in modals.
2. Later on, please work on separating your style.css from the bootstrap.css

Any idea when Vue Js will be ready?
We're working on Vue.js version it should be ready at the end of next month.
gvdonovan PURCHASED
Just purchased template...when you add sidebar-compact to the body tag the flyout menus are compressed - spacing is removed from the border and the text for submenus.
gvdonovan PURCHASED
borders for input and select form controls have different color
Can you send me screenshots?
Hello after building the Vue project im getting the message "Cannot GET /" from the browser. However I did not even change anything to the project. NodeJS is version 6.11. And the rest is the latest I gotten from the npm repo.

Can you guys help me further?
Do you have any errors in console or terminal?
janatbek PURCHASED
in Angular4 bootstrap four when I load nested component it doesn't take styling. what am I doing wrong?
Can you send me your code?

just biught it and use the AJAX_Full_Project. Great work!

Enclosing a php file instead of a html file is no problem. But how can I submit a form that it will be reloaded with Ajax? And give me the chance to manage several actions using PHP?

Best Regards
Do you plan to move from UseHash to the new routing in Angular 4 soon?
Hi, it looks Validation States (see Forms => Basic Forms) are missing.

Just started to use your React template,
changed the "dir" attribute of the the body to move to RTL,
but still looks like the components rendered LTR (reactstrap etc.).
Do you know what is the best way to move the components to RTL as well?

login functionality works? it contains authentication backend?
No. This is only a front end application template.

ERROR Failed to compile with 4 errors 17:08:34

These dependencies were not found:

* @/views/ui-kits/Email/Compose in ./src/router/index.js
* @/views/ui-kits/Email/Inbox in ./src/router/index.js
* @/views/ui-kits/Email/Message in ./src/router/index.js
* @/views/ui-kits/Invoicing/Invoice in ./src/router/index.js

--- C:\Users\sstepanov\Documents\Development\_template\WB0JM6RMD\Genius 2.3.13 (GenesisUI 1.8.14)\Vue_Full_Project\src\router\index.js
+++ (clipboard)
@@ -65,11 +65,11 @@
import Register from '@/views/pages/Register'

// Views - UI Kits
-import Invoice from '@/views/ui-kits/Invoicing/Invoice'
-import Compose from '@/views/ui-kits/Email/Compose'
-import Inbox from '@/views/ui-kits/Email/Inbox'
-import Message from '@/views/ui-kits/Email/Message'
+import Invoice from '@/views/ui-kits/invoicing/Invoice'
+import Compose from '@/views/ui-kits/email/Compose'
+import Inbox from '@/views/ui-kits/email/Inbox'
+import Message from '@/views/ui-kits/email/Message'

EMail template please!
I've been parsing your code and I came across with the ReplaceDirective. That is causing a mess when I use ngIf. I removed and all still working fine. So what it does exacly?
This theme have Clock Picker ? I can't find !!
No we don't have clock picker
After buying this template, do we get PSD files also?

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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