Is the whole template supports angular 5. want to understand the level of support and feature available in this template
Hi, mkranjan

Yes, the whole template supports the Angular 5 version.

About our support -we provide guaranteed 30 min technical support at 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM IST Time.

Wish you happy to purchase it.
Thank you :)
Hello, a quick question.
Do you provide a starter Angular5 project with the package?

Thank you
Hello, nbaxevanis

Yes, we provide starter Angular 5 project. Purchase it first and then drop mail us on codedthemes@gmail.com

Thank you :)
First i would like to Say so amazing template and i would ask you if you can make this template full support RTL I saw the RTL but unfortunately its not full support
waiting your feedback

My Best Regards
Hello, DiaBader

We consider your request for full support RTL template but it may take time to complete. But do not worry you just need to add a class for RTL and your layout automatically converts into RTL.

Happy to purchase it :)

need the .angular-cli.json

to compile, seems like you did not included in the zip...
Hi, mmayorivera
We will check it from our end revert you as soon as possible. If it's not in the package then we will update the package.

Thank you for purchase our product.
Same comment as mmayorivera. Your package seems to be missing the .angular-cli.json file
Hi, laurentmarlein
We will check it from our end revert you as soon as possible. If it's not in the package then we will update the package.

Thank you for purchase our product.
does this template provide typescript for angular 2/4/5?
Yes it support typescript for Angular 5.

Happy to made purchase.

Thank you :)
Very nice template and I do like it. Just bought this template and saw *.ts file... Thanks for a quick response

Is the package include both versions (Angular+HTML) once we purchase?
hello barani

Yes, both versions(Angular+HTML) include in package.

Wish you happy to purchase it.

thanks :)
Noted with thanks! I already purchased. The most wonderful featured rich bootstrap theme I have ever seen. Really love it! (y) (y)
Thank you for your kind words.
I have purchased few Angular 5 + BS4 templates from wrapbootstrap for evaluation before I start my project developments. This is the best template among of it.
Strengths of the template :
1. Angular version is 1.5.5 which is quite recent version (current version is 1.6.7)
2. Bootstrap 4 beta 1. (current version is final release 4.0.0).
3. The angular template is using SCSS instead of css.
4. The code structure of angular template is following Angular best practice:
a) Lazy loading of module and shared module - increasing 1st time javascript / css loading.
b) Rich Angular libraries in used.
c) Most of the Components are using ViewEncapsulation. Emulated which is best practice.
good for those who new to angular (like me)..

By the way, can you upgrade the template to Bootstrap 4 final release?

Great job and worth for money.

Hi, Kamhon.

thank you for your kind words on our product and It's really appreciated moment for us. Thank you again.

Yes, we will release BS4 final release soon in next 2 days.
this angular 5 package, contains any Jquery code or is totally typescript?

Hi, The theme is almost 95% typescript version and remain 5% for some of the Graphs & charts where we added jQuery.

Thank you :)

I was looking at your template and features and noticed that drag and drop doesn't work in chrome (Version 63.0.3239.132). Do you think you will have this fixed soon?

Hi, Thank you for noticing the issue on Draggable. It will be fixed soon and give an update on it too.

Thank you :)
optimus3d PURCHASED
Do you have the structure documentation of Angular 5 template project ?
Is there an Angular 5 starter project included?

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Uses Sass:Yes
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