I've purchased this beautiful template, but I'm working my ass off to be able to make something similar myself. Mad respect to the creator.
Thanks for your words! Good luck!

Your template is very beautiful, perfect for me but not is responsive :(

Would you like to fix it so I can buy?

I need a fully responsive layout.

Thank you!
This template is fully, completely and 100% responsive.
When you see the live preview just remove the WrapBootstrap top frame pressing the button. Then you can check the responsiveness.

If any questions - feel free to write me.
Sorry, you're right!

It's fully, completely responsive!

Very good.

Thank you.
Alex, few questions. Is drop down menu available? Is it possible to convert this template to asp.net mvc template? I like this template, it's different. Really would like to adopt it for the school. Pages will be classes, single class page, teachers, single teacher page etc. any suggestions? Thank you, Michail.
Hi Michail.
This template goes without drop-downs. Basically it is the simple personal html template. All that you can see on the live preview is in the pack. But you are free to modify it as you wish and to add your own extra functionality. I think it is possible to convert it to asp.net but i can't help you with the details because i don't have an experience in asp.net.
Good Luck!
Thank you!

Could you tell me how to configure different flaticons to the ones provided?

Kind regards

1. Find the icon class in html code for change to another one. For example:
<i class="flaticon-insignia"></i>

2. Go to assets/vendor/flaticons/flaticon.html and open it in browser. Now you can see all the flaticons in current set. You can simply replace the icon class in your page code to desired. Or you can go to http://www.flaticon.com/ and create and download your own icons set.

That's all. Good luck!
Hi, I purchased the template and would like to know, how to set the default color scheme to blue, in case I have disabled the style selector. Your documentation PDF file seemt outdated.

Best regards,
Just replace the css link on top of the page:
<!-- Custom styles -->
<link href="assets/custom/css/style.css" property='stylesheet' rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen"/>

from style.css to blue.css

Good luck!
First of all, thank you for your work! This is the best template I have seen so far!

I just have a little issue with it (the issue is present on your "original" unmodified files).
If you check "Wide" instead of "Boxed", than your footer gets weird.
A strange line appears. The problem gets worse if you try to resize your browser window.

Do you know what that could be?
Do you know of any "work arounds"?

Thank you!
Hello. Thank you for your kind words about our template.
Could you please provide your browser type and version.
I see in Chrome, Safari and Firefox and it is all ok.
Please send us some details and screenshots on [email protected]
and we will make a fix shortly.

Nice template. Having an issue with loading the map when trying to publish. I apparently need a Google API which I know how to get but I can't seem to find where I could place that within your code.

Any ideas?

Here is the solution:

Thank you for the link. I have had a read through it but cannot find where this code should be placed within the existing Google Maps script code in the Custom.js file.

Could you provide me with a more accurate placement based on your existing template?

Thank you in advance for your help.

First of all, thank you for your work! This is one of the best template I have seen so far!

I just have a little issue with it (the issue is present on your "original" unmodified files, offline).

Loading time on browser Google Chrome, Opera and IE is VERY long. Mozilla Firefox however loads files nearly in real time. Any idea how to fix this problem?
Thank you for the kind words.

The reason of your issue maybe in the Google services like Map and Analytics.
The simplest fix is to comment or delete it's sections in

We will fix it from our side too.
The template uses online Google Fonts, it may be reason too.
Try to be online or exclude online calls.
Hi there,

two things:

Missing Newsletter "Save me" button! Do I have to do it on my own (including PHP)?

File debug.log has showed in my /html folder, with that message. Any idea what it means?

"[1016/223646:ERROR:process_reader_win.cc(142)] SuspendThread: Access denied. (0x5)
[1016/223646:ERROR:exception_snapshot_win.cc(87)] thread ID 5704 not found in process
[1016/223646:WARNING:crash_report_exception_handler.cc(56)] ProcessSnapshotWin::Initialize failed
[1016/223646:ERROR:scoped_process_suspend.cc(38)] NtResumeProcess: An attempt was made to access an exiting process. (0xc000010a)"
The "Newsletter" widget is only the input style example. You can find and setup any plugin you want.
About the debug.log i do not know what is it. I think you can delete it.
Hey! I've just launched my website and I have noticed that sometimes some content doesn't loads or loads twice (content of the website is duplicated when I scroll down). I've investigated that and I think this issue is related to waypoints.min.js - included version is obsolete. Check this out (your link included in waypoints.min.js): https://github.com/imakewebthings/jquery-waypoints/

Can you help (update files?) with that?
The issue is fixed, waypoints.js removed completely. Replaced with another plugin.
@ UP - "sometimes" = when I hard refresh my browser (CTRL+F5).
Hello. Thank you, we will make a fix and update ASAP.
I just purchased, but I am having a lot of issues getting this to work locally.
It is running very slow, so I removed the calls to GoogleAnalytics. But, I am still getting an error with the SVG.

Unsafe attempt to load URL file .../images/grayscale/.svg#greyscale .... 'file:' URLs are treated as unique security origins.

I am trying to make modifications locally this is causing the page to load slowly or somethings the spinner image stays up and the page does not load at all.
We will publish an update in a next few days.
This issue will be fixed.

Thank you.
How to update a published site?
Hi. The changes are so massive that we do not recommend to update it online by simple copying any files. Try to rebuild the site locally.

It seems like your demo is broken.
The blocks are not aligned properly.
Hello. Please clean a browser cache and try again.
Please tell me your browser type and version.
Thank you.
Hi alexeyka, my compliments for this beautiful template!

I would like you to report a problem with safari (Version 10.0.1 (12602. and the last update 1.0.9 of your template.
The right sections (ie "personal info" and "my professional skills") go under the sections on the left and do not remain on the same row

Can you help me?

Many thanks
Hi. Thank you for your message. Will fix it in a nearest update ASAP.
It might be helpful to include a simpler sample page that has a lot of the extra bells/whistles removed (like animations, pjax, flaticons, google maps, etc). Just Bootstrap, JQuery and Font Awesome. No extra custom JS/CSS included.

Maybe I'm overly simplistic, but I'm not crazy about seeing images loaded from custom CSS.
Hello. Thank you.
Of course you are generally right.
The idea is to show all possible features and the buyer's business is to cut all unusable things.
Anyway we plan to add some extra-simple layouts.
I just purchase this theme, but I didn't found on the documentation how can I intall it on wordpress ?
Hello. You have bought not a WordPress theme but HTML template.
You can not install it on WordPress.
Oups so I made a mistake, can I ask for a refund
WrapBootstrap Support https://wrapbootstrap.com/support
how to edit the menu icons?

1. Open assets/vendor/flaticons/flaticon.html in browser.
Now you see the whole flaticons set with classes.

2. Open the desired layout's html, for example samuel/home.html and find "Main Navigation" section in it.

3. Find the line like
<a href="home.html" class="hvr-sweep-to-bottom"><i class="flaticon-insignia"></i><span>home</span></a>

the "flaticon-insignia" class is what you need to change. Change it to any icon class from step 1.

You can make and download your own flaticon set on http://www.flaticon.com/
and replace the default assets/vendor/flaticons content. Make note the filenames have to be same.

You can change the icons to Fontawesome or another too. In that case you ill need to define it's style in css.

Good luck!
bander80 PURCHASED
This may be a simple question, but I only want to use the Samuel layout.....How to I get rid of everything else without breaking the site? It only seems to want to run if I keep the file structure as delivered. Is there a quick method of clearing out the other layouts and the as-shipped index page so i can make the Samuel layout my new index?
bander80 PURCHASED
Nevermind, I think I got it;)
Quick question about the Flat Icons Used in the menue ...

Do i have to place a Attribution as i dont't have a subscription?
Hi. Yes, right. You have to place the Attribution somewhere on your website.
You should mention this... As this cause additional costs if you want to use this template without contribution!

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