Really an attractive theme
Hello guys!

I will be including the open cart version of this theme tomorrow.

So if you are an open cart user, or looking for an e-commerce framework to use with this theme, then have no fear cause I GOT YOUR BACK!
The installation instructions seem incomplete?
This like the other templates on Wrapbootstrap are just HTML files. You will have to intergrate the back end code yourself.

However as an added bonus I am currently porting Helena to work with the following ecommerce frameworks:

1. Opencart - complete
2. Magento - pending
3. Woocomerce - pending
I will post the opencart version later today.
How do you delete the preloader?
(1) Delete this block of html from every page.

<!-- Preloader
============================================ -->
<div class="page-preloader">
<div class="vcenter"> <div class="vcenter-this"><img class="anim" src="images/loader.gif" alt="loading..." /></div></div>
<!-- /Preloader
============================================ -->

(2) Remove the the "preload" class from the body element

(3) Finally delete the preload function in uikit/js/theme.js
But then the slider doesn't work anymore. Is that possible?
Only delete this section in theme.js

// -------------------------------------------------
$(window).load(function() {
$('.page-preloader .anim').fadeOut();
$('body').delay(350).queue(function() {

I think you deleted some code below this section. I tried all the instructions I gave you and it worked for me.
Check this link to see how it should look

Just added the opencart version. Enjoy!
Can I resale your theme under extended license ? (after some modification)
I'm not really sure. Contact support and ask if the license allows this.
Hey, there doesn't appear to be a H1 tag on many of the pages, using a H2 instead. Should there be a H1 tag on every page, or has the HTML 5 spec and SEO guidelines changed to not necessarily require this now? I know you can now have multiple H1's, but I'm not sure about having zero...
Having zero H1's is allowed. But you can swap the H2's with H1's if you wish.
Hello, i have a problem in chrome. the "always on top" nav , don't work properly
In firefox works fine.
there is a fix for this problem?

Found a fix!

Add this style to the .nav-bottom class

-webkit-transform: translateZ(0);

This will force chrome to respect the fixed positioning.

Hello! This theme is really great, clean and nice! So, if I purchase it, can I modify it a bit and use it for my website? Thanks!
Yes you can. Just make sure you purchase the appropriate license from wrapbootstrap.
Thanks! I just need to modify it a bit in only one installation and i will not redistribute nor resell it, so I think the single application is what I need. Is it ok?
Yes. Single app license is fine. Good luck with your project!
joeyherz PURCHASED
After using this theme in my opencart project the product thumbnail preview modal no longer opens. When you click on the thumbnail it now opens the image in a new window. Any help would be appreciated!
Hi there,

do you know if I can use your theme as frontend (storefront) and shopify as a backend?
You will still need to adapt into shopify's cms. I can port it to shopify in future if there is sufficient demand.
Hi, tell me please, how make home slider sliding images automatic?

Append the following option(without the brackets) either in your arguments or as part of the the data-options value.


For all the options please checkout http://bxslider.com/options
Thanks for quick respond.

One more question: In contact page got error:
Notice: Undefined variable: entry_captcha in /.../.../view/theme/helena/template/information/contact.tpl on line 166
Section Google reCAPTCHA - Site Key and Secret Key its already done.
Thanks again
Ok. Let me check it out on my end I see if it's an issue that affects just you or everyone else.
One more thing:
In: /helena/template/product/manufacturer_info.tpl
line: 93 add extra style:
<div class="product-layout product-list col-xs-12 col-sm-4 col-md-4 col-lg-3">

now is:

<div class="product-layout product-list col-xs-12">
It doesn't looks well on big screen.
Good morning, I purchased the template ... now how do I remove the switcher to select the layout and the color?
I purchased it with another account...
Open the uikit.js file (Templates\uikit\js) in a text editor and find the part below

var scripts = [

Now just delete the entry calling the style switcher i.e "js/style-switcher.js".

If you do not need any other script remove it from the same list. You can also ditch script manager entirely and just manually link to every script using <script> tags.
Rahisi, send FTP login details, could you help, please:

In contact page got error:
Notice: Undefined variable: entry_captcha in /.../.../view/theme/helena/template/information/contact.tpl on line 166


I fixed this issue for another user last week but It appears it may affect other users as well.

Let me upload a new version so that everyone can get the fix. Should not take more than 30 min.
I uploaded a new version of Helena that supports the latest Open Cart version

To just fix this one issues, simply replace your current contact file with the new one.

If you want support for popup images, then you will have to delete the old mod file(helena.ocmod.xml) with the new one. i.e

1. Go to the Modifications page in the admin area and delete the first mod file you applied.
2. Go to Extensions Installer and upload the new modification file.
3. Go back to the Modifications page and click the refresh button.
Very nice theme but I think it takes a little long on loading pages... could be?
Well, I think the loading screen gives that illusion. Not seeing the page load progressively makes it seem like it's taking longer than usual. You can easily disable the effect by deleting the loading script.
contact form fixed, thank you

Hi, i was trying to upload the theme to Wordpress, but it says it's missing file "style.css"
I can't upload without this file. Could you add this file to the theme?


Sorry, but Helena is NOT a Wordpress template. You will have to modify the templates files first, before you upload it to wordpress. I suggest you find a WP developer to help you out.

Alternatively, you can try contacting support and tell them you confused categories when making your purchase.

Does this work with the mobile module in opencart. It is important to me to be able to manage products from mobile, as I am running a small business literally from where ever I am.
FYI- I use opencart because to the mobile app that available. If you know of a better app that will work with your template please feel free to provide details:-)
The template only styles the front end. If you only use your mobile module to manage the back end, then there should be no issues.

What is the name of the mobile module you are using?

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