Alright perfect. Thank you. The module is installed by the app which costs 19.99 and is available for iOS and android. It is pretty basic but it works for updating products and keeping track of orders. The app is called Opencart Administrator.
Hi! How can I make the template responsive for mobile? If I go to the live preview of the template, i can't see it responsive. But if I resize the desktop browser, I do. Is there any problem there? Thanks!!
You need to close the wrapbootstrap bar that appears at the top in the live preview. This way your mobile browser will detect the correct screen size.
I have two issues which are:

Do you have any sample html code for the bxslider text?

I couldn't get the featured - latest - trending products in tabs section like you did on demo homepage? Am I missing some documents that all others have? Or is it just me having problem with this?

Are you using the HTML or OC version?
the OC
Most users just use the default homepage setup on OC. If you use OC's slider and just display featured products on the homepage, then the results are not that much different. However, if still want it to look exactly like the HTML version, then you can always copy the missing sections and paste them in the home.tpl file.

If you find this too challenging then contact me on my profile page.

Hi again, on product page, reviews -> write a review:

Notice: Undefined variable: entry_captcha in /home/marcin/domains/.../public_html/catalog/view/theme/helena/template/product/product.tpl on line 447

How it fix?
The error is a result of using the incorrect OC version. Helena is compatible with the last OC release i.e

What version are you using?
Using OC

Please, see: http://www.magpie-london.co.uk/products?product_id=71

Thank you
I have the exact same problem. I would be happy if you share the solution with me?
That's weird. Helena should not produce that error in version

I can help you resolve this, but I'm away from my house and I'll need to get to my laptop first. Do you mind waiting about 1.5 hrs or so?
Yes, sure.

OK. Found the bug and fixed it.

Contact me in my profile page so that I can send you the fix.
Rahisi, I was send you my email. Please replay.

Thank you
I got your message and sent you the fix . Check your email.
For the OC version, when in responsive mobile view. The small version of the logo is not clickable (the link with class navbar-brand visible-xs) I want to make it link back to my homepage. I have been digging through the code and can't work out why its not picking up clicks.

Do you have any ideas why?
All you need to do is change the href value from "#" to "<?php echo $home; ?>" so that the logo link looks something like this:

<a class="navbar-brand visible-xs" href="<?php echo $home; ?>"></a>
No that doesn't work. It doesn't even become clickable, there is something blocking the click event. The only way to actually 'click' it is to use some javascript such as "document.getElementById('test').click();"
Actually the main issue is that the z-index value for the header is not set, making the other elements stack on top of it. To fix the problem Just add the following to the .navbar-header styles:

.nav-bottom .navbar-header {
position: relative;
z-index: 100;

Sorry you had to write JS code.

BTW I'm doing a complete revamp of Helena's design and code. I will also be adding a wordpress(woo commerce) version in the next release. All these updates will be available for free. So stay tuned!
Thanks, that did it. I suspected it was something to do with the z-index, just couldn't find which one.

For others that have this issue, just modify the _header.scss file in uikit/sass/modules/layout and add
position:relative; z-index:getvar(z-layers nav) to the .navbar-header class.
Hey guys.

If anyone needs help adapting Helena to any ecommerce platform such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify etc, or just want some parts re-designed, then contact me in my profile page and I can help you out at an affordable fee.

I have already adapted Helena for a couple people and in some cases I had never heard of the CMS they were using. So don't be afraid to ask for my help if you need it.

Hi...i can not get link to download. I buy using paypal. This my id transaction 8JX93917JT826151S.
Please send link for downloaded.
Thanx you rahisi theme.

There’s an issue with the template purchased today: Item#: WB049G842

1. Issue is only on CHROME, works fine on Firefox
2. Screenshot http://demo1.webelementinc.com/image001.png
3. Various images from OTHER SECTIONS of the website appear over the CLIENTELLE section
4. Issue was fixed when we removed / hid the section
5. However, we may send the info to vendor for fix
6. Another issue is with the PRELOADER on CHROME. Though resource doc suggests a method to fox this issue on chrome, that didn’t work either and we’ve hidden this too
did anyone got the featured|Latest|Trending appear like in demo. I can only get them one after another on the homepage layout.

First to say this is one of the best themes I've ever seen. But, to the point - I have two questions:
1. Can you provide a functional OC demo?
2. Is the theme is compatible with OC 1.6.x. or only with 2.x.x.?

Can you please fix the issue where user can't update the item's quantity and remove items from the cart? Tried in default theme it working fine, but not in this theme. So far other functionality are working as expected.
Fixed the bug in the latest update. However you will have to upgrade to the latest opencart version

If you can't upgrade contact me I'll send you a fix for your OC version.
does it have an SQL? and can be run in xampp or cpanel?
Seems the views in product/product.tpl is different from the demo version.
Can you provide me the product.tpl with the accordion at the right-hand side?
mayseven PURCHASED
Hi there, great theme! But i have some problems. I have latest version of OpenCart and latest version of Helena, but still can't remove items from cart or change items quantity. How can i fix it?
Issue noted. I'll post update later today.
I am getting the following errors. I am using opencart as you have suggested. Can you help give me some direction

Notice: Undefined variable: icon in E:\web\adorabe1\catalog\view\theme\helena\template\common\header.tpl on line 20

Notice: Undefined variable: google_analytics in E:\web\adorabe1\catalog\view\theme\helena\template\common\header.tpl on line 46
I am getting the following errors. I am using opencart as you have suggested. Can you help give me some direction

Notice: Undefined variable: icon in E:\web\adorabe1\catalog\view\theme\helena\template\common\header.tpl on line 20

Notice: Undefined variable: google_analytics in E:\web\adorabe1\catalog\view\theme\helena\template\common\header.tpl on line 46
Apologies guys, I had travelled for the easter holiday and didn't carry my laptop with me. I'll post an update tommorrow morning.
mayseven PURCHASED
Hi, When can you post update to fix problems with cart (can't remove items from cart or change items quantity)?

Thank you
I am having issues with this as well. Can you post fix. Also would like to see if you can create modification for third level categories on menu. I would be willing to pay for this.
I fixed it. I'll work on the menu as well.
mayseven PURCHASED
Thank you!! :)

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