Hi Thanks for the theme. It works very well on all devices and I'm extremely happy with it.

When I change the src path of images on the gallery-text.html file to a new image, it does not show the image on the page. What am I doing wrong? The new images are jpg filetype and are in the same img folder as the previous ones.
Even if I rename the image file to match the name in the code it does not fit?

Need your help.
Hi, thanks for your comment!

Please make sure you are not using and additional slash "/" before the "img/" forder tag, e.g. "img/about.jpg" is right, when "/img/about.jpg" is wrong.

Also it seems to be a cache issue, i.e. you need to clear your browser cache to see the results. Please try to do a force refresh by pressing "Ctr + F5" to ensure you see the latest version of your page.

Best regards,

Yevgeny S.
Is there instructions included in the download file?

Highland is a standard HTML5 template, so you need no more than basic HTML knowledge to work with it. However, do not hesitate to contact me via email should you have any questions.

Best regards,

Yevgeny S.
If I buy extended licence, can I change this theme and sale it via market place?

According to the WB Knowledge Base:

Extended License:

3. You may license, sublicense, redistribute, or resell the item in the following circumstances:
- the item is incorporated into a larger work you have created; or
- if you modify the item and resell the end product.

However, the final work should not resemble the original template.
Does in work with Bootstrap 3.2 ?
Yes, you can safely update the current package with Bootstrap 3.2.
Hi, I am interesting in this template for one of my next webapplications. But while previewing it on my iPad, the menu is not showing all buttons? See https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1g7GO2_rjZRaklWaVRyeENKRjg/edit?usp=sharing for an example.

Sorry for the late reply. Some buttons are hidden because of the lack of space on small devices like iPad. You can easily show/hide any button on small screens by removing/adding the "sm-hidden" class. Please read more about it in the official Bootstrap documentation: http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities.

Currently I'm working with your template and I found an interesting case with the gallery-text.html page. Here on this page you have the filter options at the top, and that's ok BUT... I noticed that you're using a regular number outside the span class "hidden-xs" like this:

<a href="#" class="btn btn-default" data-filter=".cat1"><span class="hidden-xs">Category</span> 1</a>

What happen if I don't use my categories numbered?

Lets see my category names are: Web design, Printing and Logo

I don't want to have/use my categories like: Web Design 1, Printing 2 and Logo 3 as this will not make ANY sense at all.

Any solution for this particular case?

Thanks for your help!
Hi, thanks for your message.

Never mind about the numbers. They are numbered for a demonstration purpose only. Just make sure that the data-filter value matches the isotope-item class.
I understand that, the thing that worries me its the hidden class you're using here:
<span class="hidden-xs">Category</span> 1</a>

Right now, my code looks like this:
<a href="#" class="btn btn-default" data-filter=".<?php echo $categoria['num'];?>"><span class="hidden-xs"><?php echo $categoria['categoria'];?></span></a>

and I'm able to display with no issues on larger screen my categories, but when I go to a smaller screen, it hyde the category name.

On your code, the class=hidden-xs its the one that remove the Category name, I also understands that but if I write my category name outside the hidden-xs class it looks bad on smaller screen resolutions (because of the category length). So I was thinking if there's a way to implement a select box or something for smaller screen resolutions.

I hope it can be done and that I explained myself properly to define this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, I've got your point now. Well, I suggest you to get rid of the hidden-xs span classes and hide the whole button group on extra small deviecs, e.g.:

<div class="btn-group hidden-xs">
<a href="#" class="btn btn-default" data-filter="*">All</a>
<a href="#" class="btn btn-default" data-filter=".cat-1">Category #1</a>

Then create the same list with btn-group-vertical visible on extra small devices only:

<div class="btn-group-vertical visible-xs-block">
<a href="#" class="btn btn-default" data-filter="*">All</a>
<a href="#" class="btn btn-default" data-filter=".cat-1">Category #1</a>

Thus your categories will be stacked vertically on extra small devices with normal layout on bigger screens. Do not hesitate to email me if you have any other questions.
Thanks, email on its way
Hey again,

So earlier I was asking about instructions and I was totally over-complicating the methods I was using to incorporate your template into my website.

I'm sorry but I'm asking just one more thing :) I decided to use a CMS for my website and I wanted to know how I can change some of the templates into a Drupal theme and use some other templates for sub-themes. Thank you so much! You have no idea how beautiful the website looks with your help!
Hi, ehazard!

I am afraid, Drupal experts will be of a better assistance in this case. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues with the template itself.
Thank you YevSim! I really appreciate it!
Hi, YevSim!
Thank for great theme, now i want to add more FontAwesome Icons but not working, please help me!
Thank you!

Simpy upload the latest set of the FontAwesome icons into the current fonts/font-awesome folder to use new icons.

Best regards,

Yevgeny S.
Any chance you have LESS or Scss files for the style?
Hi, lemieux. Sorry, but Highland doesn't make use of CSS pre-processors. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

I purchased Highland template 3 weeks back and so far it is looking awesome. However I will like to know how we can filter the Items in Accordion when user clicks on various categories in the RHS in FAQ Page.

Thanks in Advance
Amber Aggarwal
Hi, Amber!

The idea was to create a separate page per each category with a different accordion.
On tablet kind of devices, the links on the front page disappears.
Some of the links in the navbar are hidden on small devices because of the lack of space. Please remove the ".hidden-sm" class to make them visible.
On tablet kind of devices, the links on the front page disappears.Please contact me if you need details . Unfortunately , I cannot post here a screenshot
Hi, I've sent you an email. Please contact me with a screenshot of your issue.
Thanks for a great template!

Quick question, is there an easy way to change the number of items in the "services" area on the index page? The template currently has 5 and I would like to have just 3. I realize that I can simply delete two of the items, but then the remaining items are not centered across the page.

Thanks for the help!
Hi! Thanks for your question.
Yes, you can easily change the number of items in the ‘services’ section of the homepage. Please follow the steps below:

1. Delete the two items you don't need from the .html file.
2. Open /css/custom.css, go to line 239 and change the width of a ‘.services__item’ to 33.33% (100% of the parent container divided by the number of items you need, which is 3 in your case).
3. Go to line 260 of the same file and change the width of a ‘.services__item’ in a hovered state to 46% (you can play with this value to find the best fit).
4. Go up to line 257 and change the width of a “shrunk” item to 27% (100% of the parent container minus 46% of the expanded item divided by the number of items left).

Feel free to contact me via the WB contact form if you need a ready code.

Thank you for the quick response. It worked perfectly, and taught me a little something too!
Thanks for a great theme! :)

Feature Request: Events pages, so that you could for instance list usergroup meetings, where users could register to attend :)
Hi, thanks for your request!

I think this would be useful for other users as well! We will consider to include it into one of the future releases.

Excellent theme!

I.m hoping you would consider adding a single video page to the gallery views. So that those who want to use it for video site can also have something to work with.
Hi, thanks for your comment. We will consider including it into one of the future releases. Feel free to contact us should you have any other comments or questions.

Great theme. Is there a basic guide that gives a general instructions on how things are setup? The readme file only shows a couple of features. thanks..

Thanks for your message. Highland is built with Bootstrap, so the most comprehensive guide can be found on the official Bootstrap website: http://getbootstrap.com/. Feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions or misunderstandings.
mfeltman PURCHASED
I just purchased this template, but the Home pages are missing from the download. All the other pages seem to be there.

How can I get the Home pages?

Not sure what happened to the package. I've sent you an original file via email.
Do you have any intention to update this theme at all? I miss some bootstrap components like Tables, Badges, Lists and etc.

Thanks for your message. All of the original Bootstrap components are already included into the template, so you are free to use tables, lists, or any other components you would want. On the UI elements page I've only included those components that had been enhanced, i.e. those which appearance had been changed. I don't think lists or tables require any special look at the moment.
Hi, I'm having trouble getting the contact page to work, if you could help me with that I'd appreciate it!
1. I got my reCaptcha and private keys and inserted them into the config file..
2. Inserted the public key into the contact form as shown in the readme.
3. inserted my email into the $to-mail in the config file.

And yet, the reCaptcha is not displayed on the contact form and when I click to send a message the page just reloads without a message or anything, and no email is sent.


Thanks for your message. The fact that the page reloads means that contact.js is not loaded. Please check that <script src="assets/plugins/contact-form/contact.js"></script> in present in the script. Otherwise, please contact me via http://simpleqode.com/index.html#section_contact so we could resolve this issue.

I would like to use your template for a school project. There are four students in the group project. My question is am I allowed to share the updated template with them so they can edit and add their codes?

Also, I would like to add my own logo, is that difficult? I have some experience with HTML 5

Hi, yes you can share it with them (unless all four sites will go live. You will need need a multipurpose license in this case). As for the logo, you need to insert an image tag inside .navbar-nav and adjust it's size and position with css.

Write a comment

This is a great way to give the seller feedback and ask them questions about their item.

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