Good morning -

How can increase the width of the left side bar? let's say to 240px;


Thank you for contact. The best way to do this is to use css preprocessor. In main style file you can find variable @menu-width: 180px;, you can change the value and compile your new style. If you will need any help, feel free to contact with me on support email.

Best regards, Damian
Do you have any plans to release Google material design for the same theme, if so let me know the timeline you set for release,
and I love this theme...


Thank you for contact. Unfortunately no, I don't have any plans to add Google Material. Homer has some own unique style and I want to keep it.

Best regards, Damian

Does the current release has a way to show the menu (navigation bar) while collapsed?

Some of the templates I have seen when the menu (navigation bar) is collapsed I still can see a smaller menu showing the icons and when I hover the icons I can see the menu items and navigate. In this template the menu is completely hidden when collapsed.

Is the behavior I describe available in this template and I am missing it? If it is not available, would it be available anytime soon?


Thank you for contact. As I understand correctly you are looking for some small menu state with icons only yes ? Unfortunately in current release I don't have such a version for menu. I don't have also any plans for it but I can add it to my todo list and consider in future to add it to the theme.

Best regards, Damian
lindgren PURCHASED

Probably a bootstrap problem but when i´m opening a modal dialog it causes the scrollbar of the main page to disappear and the content on the main page will move to adapt to the new width (without scrollbar). How can I fix this issue?

Thank you for contact. If you want to show scroll when modal window is enabled, you can add this extra css rules to do it:
body.modal-open { overflow: inherit;}

Best regards, Damian
How to change the color theme for the complete template, can you explain in detail.

Thank you for contact. The best way to change the accent color of theme is to use css preprocessor. I will recommend to use SCSS files, in the main style.scss you can find all major colors defined. You can change their value and compile new style. If you need any detailed help please contact with me on support email.

Best regards, Damian
There seems to be an issue with the modal when the page does not cause the body to have a scroll bar. If the page content does not pass the bottom of the screen, when you open a modal it will cause the body content to get squished to one side with a large empty space beside it. I've managed to fix it with the following CSS but I'm not sure if this would break anything else:

body.modal-open {

Thank you for contact. Yes, this is the correct solution. I tested it and I have not found any side effect.

Best regards, Damian
Is this having Angular JS 2 support

Thank you for contact. No, current release don't have Angular 2 project yet.

Best regards, Damian

Recently I started some projects using Meteor and I had problems applying a pre-build template.

I would like to know how was developed the Meteor version to decide for buying this theme.

Is there a way to check this?
For example, a 'mini' HOMER theme, with a basic template, one or two components, to preview how it works with Meteor?


Thank you for contact. Yes of course. feel free to contact with me on support email and I can send you some example code so you will be able to decide if it will suit your needs before purchase.

Best regards, Damian
in layout.scss/less

html {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
height: 100%;
overflow-x: hidden!important;

causes the content to scroll to the top when you open and close a modal window. removed it and the modal window works ok again
just to add.. its the height:100% part that needs to be removed. the rest is quite important it seems

Thank you for contact and sharing this. I will test it and implement this improvements in future version. Thank you.

Best regards, Damian
really not a fan of the hpanel stuff etc.

.hpanel.hgreen .panel-body

really should just be .panel.green .panel-body

Thank you for contact. I fully understand your point but I just wanted to distinguish from native Bootstrap panel, so users can still use Bootstrap panels if they need.

Best regards, Damian

I can´t use de jquery autocomplete. How can I be able to use it?


Thank you for contact. In current release I don't provide autocomplete feature so It is hard for me to say something about it. If you are interested I can add it to future version.

Best regards, Damian

I have some questions before purchase

1. Will your project work with Meteor v1.4.1.3 and next releases?
2. Is there Reactjs or Angular2 for Meteor or only Blaze? If no, do you plan add?
3. Do you plan add some e-commerce pages? (like in INSPINIA admin theme)


Thank you for contact and considering Homer theme. Answering your questions:

1. I did not test it yet with the latest Metero version. I have in plan to upgrade Meteor project in next release.
2. In current release there is Blaze template engine.
3. Not now but I can consider to add similar views in future releases.

Best regards, Damian

I've just purchased the HOMER theme and it's very cool.
However, i desperately need of an RTL view.
The thing is, with no RTL view I'm forced to look for some other admin theme and I rely like this one.
Is there some file/script/css that I can manipulate so my layout would show RTL (menu to the right etc.)?

Hi Uzi,

Thank you for contact. Unfortunately Homer does not have support for RTL. I never worked on RTL for Homer so it is hard to say something about it. For sure it will required some custom work and new style to handle all right directions.

Best regards, Damian

I'm useing Homer Theme with Meteor JS.
I added alonw:bootstrap-rtl package and now, most of the pages looks good with RTL support.

There are two main unresolved issue:
1. The left side menu is still at the left side instead of right side
2. On a small screen (phone) the left side menu is overlapped by the main area

Any advice on where and what should I change?

Hi, how can I make a dropdown menu for 2 and 3 level? I'm interested in is the mobile menu (.mobile-menu). Sorry for my english. This is Google translator.

Thank you for contact. In current version there is prepared option for multi level mobile menu. Mobile menu use simple collapse feature from Bootstrap, so it is possible but it will required some styling work to handle all second and third level. I can try to add this in new release if you are interested.

Best regards, Damian
Any update on version 2.0 timeline?

Much appreciated

Thank you for contact. Yes, it should be ready in coming weeks.

Best regards, Damian
In "Homer_Seed_Project_ASP_MVC_5" with "Visual Studio 2015 Community" without any changes:

// Initialize iCheck plugin
checkboxClass: 'icheckbox_square-green',
radioClass: 'iradio_square-green'

Ausnahmefehler in Zeile 26, Spalte 5 in http://localhost:51307/Scripts/homer.js
0x800a01b6 - Laufzeitfehler in JavaScript: Das Objekt unterstützt die Eigenschaft oder Methode "iCheck" nicht


Thank you for contact. I just checked project and it works without any issues. Based on your message it seems like you forgot to add iCheck library to your project. For sure there was some changes becouse oryginal project has it in BundleConfig.cs as a part of homer.js file.

Best regards, Damian
I will buy this theme but i have always same problem when using themes because i am using telerik components.

Is there any support for telerik components ? If not, may be it will be good if there. Other way, i need to change telerik theme to suit in your theme :)

Thank you.

Thank you for contact. Telerik is a whole different frameworks that's why Bootstrap styles has issues with Telerik styles. I dont know Telerik well but as far as I know there have some Bootstpra support. I will definitely suggest to check it.

Best regards, Damian

I am trying to use the modal in an MVC6 application with the following code.

var modalInstance = $modal.open({
templateUrl: 'views/modal/modal_example2.html',
controller: ModalInstanceCtrl,
windowClass: "hmodal-success"

I get the following error
$modal' is undefined

I guess I am missing a script library but in the example you do not have any additional references on the page I tried adding the following it does not work
<script src="~/lib/jquery-ui/jquery-ui.js"></script>

What am I missing?

Thank you for contact. I'm not sure what you are trying to do but this is not a code from Homer MVC 6 version. This is a code from Angular version. And in Angular version if you want to use modal then you need to add UI Bootstrap library to your project and then you will have $modal service avalible. No jquery-ui is required.

Best regards, Damian

Thank you for your reply. What I would like to do is call a modal dialog when a user clicks on a certain item in my grid to edit a customer. So I would like to load a partial view or a view in the modal?
Also wanted to know if you could add a search on the bootstrap comments page to make it easier to check if any has already ask a question similar to the one I just posted

Thank you for contact. Please note that I'm author of theme. I don't have control over marketplace feature. If you have any questions you can always write to me on support email.

Best regards, Damian
I tried the demo at http://webapplayers.com/homer_admin-v1.9.1/.
In Layout Options, the following two buttons are not working: Fixed navbar and Fixed sidebar.
Would you please let me know what is wrong? Thanks!

Thank you for contact. I just checked and it works. Please elaborate a little what you mean by "not working".

Best regards, Damian

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