Does this template have a "tour" feature, that basically shows popups at specified places and gives the user a tour of the page? I don't see it in the demo...

Current version don't have a Tour feature. New version 1.4 which will be released in next week will have a Tour as well as other new features, so please stay tuned.

Best regards, Damian

great theme, already purchased it. I have small request for the new version if it's possible, I think they will be useful to all.

1. Fix the bug with the notifications popup - it appears behind the panels (currently using safari, not sure about the other browsers)
2. Select2 support (i noticed you already mention multiselect in the forms)
3. Reduce the margins in the mobile version because too much space is lost.
4. In the mobile version and perhaps in the full version too it will be nice if the left panel is separated from the content with own scrollbar because on phone it stutters.

Thank you in advance.
Nevertheless great theme.

Thank you for comment and these suggestions. You are right about margin in mobile version - we will reduce it. About notification, we can't reproduce this bug right now but we will check it more. And yes, we will add a more form controls in next version and consider some changes in sidebar to avoid any possible stutters.

Thank you for these suggestions.
Best regards, Damian
This is a screenshot of the problem, perhaps some z-index missed.


Thanks for the fast reply.

Thank you for the screenshot, I thought you are writing about notification under alerts page. Yes the z-index is missing here, we will fix this for next version. Thanks for pointing this out.

Bet regards, Damian
hey guys bunch of problems with 1.4 which makes it hard to compile in Meteor (node.js)

While building the application:
lib/vendor/jquery-ui/themes/base/theme.css: property missing ':' near line 19:30
lib/vendor/bootstrap-touchspin/demo/demo.css: missing '}' near line 101:94

you close <a> twice

components.html:742: Expected "li" end tag

<li><a href><i class="fa fa-paste"> </i> paste</a></a></li>

forms_extended.html:460: Expected "select" end tag

forum.html:418: Expected space
...ls.html"" >

modals.html:410: Duplicate attribute in tag: class
..." type="button" class="btn btn-primary" d...

overview.html:283: Character reference requires semicolon: >
...;div class="element"></div>

big problem here
<div class="animate-panel" data-effect="zomeIn" data-child="element">

<div class="element"></div>
<div class="element"></div>
<div class="element"></div>

</div> </pre>

Thank you for report this. Unfortunately we don't implement it to MetroJS so it is hard to tell about most of this issues. One issue that is see is related to Homer is double close 'a' markup - and we will fix it for next version.

Please note that for example <pre> is for demo purpose only to show a code preview. It can't be a subject to validation. If you look at the select it has a close tag. If you look at the li it also has a close tag.

About build process. Do you run grunt build ? or do you run some Meteor build ? if you have any problems feel free to write to us on support email we are always available.

Best regards, Damian

Does the AngularJS version have any jQuery dependencies, or is it purely AngularJS without any jQuery?

The AngularJS version has jquery dependencies as we use some jQuery plugins. We have in plan to provide separate version free of jquery dependencies in future releases and this version will have only native angular code.

Best regards, Damian
Thanks for the response, this is good to know! Any idea of when this is expected to happen?

Also, it would be really great to see a full profile app view added to this. A cover photo, and then the social posts, etc. Things you would expect to see on a social profile. That's one of the few things missing to make this really useful as a complete webapp framework.
jpollone PURCHASED

I am getting started into JS frameworks with HOMER as my first template, so I don't have much experience with the process. Can anyone comment on the development process?

My application will consist of many static front-end pages for most users, while a few administrators will manage the content and enter statistical data, which will be displayed in graphs, charts, and tables. I am considering Firebase or MongoDB and have tested both AngularFire and the two MEAN stacks, so I have a little experience with the backend.

Also, aside from the statistical data, I would like to create a mini CMS in a future release so content can be changed by administrators.

Since HOMER provides two versions, would it be a good approach to first mock-up all pages (20-30) using the jQuery/HTML version? Next, I assume I would model the data, then transition the pages to the HOMER AngularJS version, and finally create the appropriate connections for each field/element to the database.

Thank you. I appreciate your ideas.

BTW, very nice job, WebAppLayers! HOMER is beautiful and lightweight. You should also know another factor that sold me on HOMER was that I discovered that you are the same group who brought us the top-seller Inspinia.
Hello @jpollone,

I'm glad that you like HOMER. We know that some users built a really great app with Homer so I'm happy that you will also build your app with it.

About development process. Great that you have experience with Firebase and Mongo. Of course it depends on functionality of your app but if you will have most of the page static you can consider open source Mongo. Probably you don't have to mockup pages in jquery version. You can do this as well with Angular version and prepared componenet. At the end you will have to write your rest services to fetch date from database and you will skip the transition from html to angular directive markup.

Feel free to write to me on support email and we can discuss this a little more.

Best regards, Damian
korn_bo2 PURCHASED

Bought a single licence and I'm loving it.

A few question with regards to color scheme, etc.

Are we able to change the colors via the style sheet as we need to use company colors etc

Also, what the limitation with regard to modifying things like layout, borders, etc
Hi @korn_bo2,

Thank you for comment and I'm very happy that you like HOMER.

Yes of course you can change color palette and there is no limitation, you can change and modify anything. One that I may suggest is to write modification styles in additional less/css file, this allows you to keep compatibility with newer next/version of HOMER.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian,

Are you planning to implement an image gallery for the next update as well?


Yes, primary we had a plan to add gallery in future release but if you want we can move it and add to next version 1.5.

Best regards, Damian
Oh Damian, please do that :)

simonw88 PURCHASED

I purchased a single license for this beautiful design (and I must say it's by far and large the best I've seen out there). As the license dictates, I will be using it as my personal CMS for my website. The CMS is what I will give to my clients, as a just starting freelance developer. However up until today I had no interface. It was just textboxes on the page and the raw application running behind it. The license however specifies this:

3. You must not incorporate the item in a work which is created for redistribution or resale by you or your clients.

This seems to contradict the following:

2. You may use the item in work which you are creating for your own purposes or for your client.

Bearing in mind I hope to build up a client base and use my CMS as the back end for whatever website they want me to build, does this mean item '2' is applicable whereby I am using this item in work which I am creating for my client, or item '3'? Am I allowed to use this design for each of my clients, if I buy a multi license?

Many thanks and keep up the great work Damian.

Cheers, Simon
Hi Simon,

In short - you can use the Multiple license to create websites/webapps for your clients. The paragraph about redistribution means that you can't resell the code of theme.

We are working on new version so pleas stay tuned.

Best regards, Damian
Hello, nice work on this theme.

Will be possible to configure the sidebar (menu) if I want it fixed or not? Right now every time that I am on the bottom looking something, I have to scroll up to see the main menu (If I use this theme in a smartphone). In the desktop version is OK. Also, will be cool change the color of the sub menu of an option, because all looks the same and is kinda confusing sometimes in what section I'm looking at.

Thank you.
Hi Simon,

Yes of course it is possible. Sidebar has option fixed-sidebar. You can see in documentation more about this. Feel free if you have any question.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian,

How to get the user-submitted data from the "TEXT EDITOR" because I only see the <div class="note-editor">


You just need to use a code() method from summernote api. For example:
var sHTML = $('.summernote').code();

Best regards, Damian
Thanks Damian.
Awesome work. I have already purchased this theme. Any plans for new features/pages?

Thank you @consigliory.
Yes, mainly: project detail, email view, new analytics view, new chart plugin and in addition to new views we also want to add some draggable features combined with some new views, such as connected list, sorting etc.

Best regards, Damian

Very nice work :-)

I've tested the preview on Chrome/Firefox on my Galaxy S5 and the iCheck library doesn't seem to work, I can't see any radio or check boxes.
I went to the author's website and everything is working fine.
Did someone else bring that up to you ?

Also, the left menu is a bit heavy and the sliding animation is really slow on my Galaxy S5.
Did you use Hardware-Accelerated CSS for transitions ?


Thank you for report this. We will have to test it on Galaxy to see this issue. No one reported this. We will check it and let you know. About menu, we will also check the menu and animation on Galaxy S5.

Best regards, Damian
Just purchased a license. Its a wonderful theme and we want to incorporate in our web app. I have a few questions. Our app is scaffolded by angular-fullstack and we use ngRoute for routing. I see your theme uses ui-router. Do we have to change our app to use ui-router or can we incorporate using ngRoute? One of my main concern is if I also want to use your future updates to the theme.


I think this should not be problem if you will use ngRoute. Of course you will have to remember it with each version but each version has a change log with listing all new, changed files, and config.js file (responsible for route), will change probably only for adding new state and in future version for ocLazyLoad - which works well with ngRoute.

Best regards, Damian

I bought this 2 days ago and I am loving it!! A really great theme.

I am having a problem though adding a modal dialog to the dashboard page.

The issue is that the modal launches and disappears after a half a second.

I have seen online that this is due to two js picking it up. I am looking through the included scripts in the theme and I don't see any duplication. But your theme has no dialogs on the dashboard and the includes are a bit different on the modals page.

Any help appreciated.

I found a solution to the issue. Because I was placing the modal inside the animate panel .. it seemed to be fading twice.

By placing the modal OUTSIDE this panel <div class="content animate-panel"> but still INSIDE the wrapper .. it works!


Yes, the best practice for modal window is to place it outside the animated div, but still in wrapper. If you will have any problems feel free to write to us on support email anytime.

Best regards, Damian

Any ideas on a quick fix for the z-index problem in the navbar?


Can you send us some screenshot of this issue and report it to support email. When we reproduce it we can provide fix and full support.

Best regards, Damian
Hey Guys

Thanks for the fantastic theme. I also have INSPINIA which is great too.

When I add the fixed-sidebar class, the arrows move too close to the right hand side of the menu and the scrollbar is like 5mm to the right of the menu. This is different to INSPINIA.

This is literally as the files were downloaded, with the only modification being me adding the fixed-siderbar class so you should be able to replicate. (Chrome, Mac)



Is this a bug?

Hi Martin,

Thank you for report this. Yes, this is an issue and it only appears on Chrome on Mac system. We will fix it for new version. Thank you for pointing this out.

Best regards, Damian
I'm using angular-fullstack generator from yeoman and I find it hard to integrate the theme. The project structure is quite different than your seed project. I did choose less and ui-router as options. Any tips or anyone has integrated this theme with angular-fullstack generator?


We don't incorporate Homer into angular-fullstack so it is hard to tell something about it but please contact with us on support email and we can try to do it for you in some spare time.

Best regards, Damian
Does this Homer template have a way to get widgets (boxes) that can be dragged around?

In current version no, but we have in plan to add it to next version so please stay tuned.

Best regards, Damian
Please add a compose page in the Mailbox view and a chat view.

Ok, I will add those pages in next release. Thank you for suggestions.

Best regards, Damian
Hi... I see there was an update this morning. Nice work, it's great to see continued support for your product. I reviewed the change log and wanted to double check before I update my site.

I'm using the AngularJS version, which I purchased about a month ago. Do I just copy in the updated files listed in the change log, or should I copy over the entire build? I have everything checked into source control, and backed up.

Just wanted to chime in and answer my own question above.

I pretty much picked through and manually updated some of the things you've added to the AngularJS build. I noticed a few new views, along with some new dependencies. I renamed my app, so getting things to work properly required a bit of search and replace, but all is good now.

Love the new views! Project specific views and variations get a big thumbs up, and what is needed most IMHO.
Hi @mlaurel,

You could use a change_log file under documentation folder. But if you have a source control then it is also possible. I'm happy that you like new views, please stay tuned for next version and if you have any questions feel free to write to me anytime.

Best regards, Damian

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Need a front-end template?

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

Browser support

Bootstrap is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
  • Latest Chrome
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Features & includes

Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running:

  • Responsive 12-column grid
  • 12 custom, modular jQuery plugins
  • CSS styles for forms, navigation & more
  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation