Which version should be the most usable for a Meteor app? I am guessing the clean jQuery, right?

Yes, the jQuery version will suit better for Meteor project. By the way we are also working on Homer MeteorJs version and official release will be available soon.

Best regards, Damian
This is seriously good news. Probably quite a lot of us are interested in the Meteor version. At this point it's a bit tedious to make it work.
Any estimation on when the meteor version will be released?
Yes, I know. Many users ask about Meteor version. Probably the first beta version we will have in next week. So official release in the first half of May.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Vicusbass, I got it working in Meteor (perhaps you saw my post about Homer on forums.meteor.com? ;) I used files from jquery version by also LESS files from the seed project.

Homer x Meteor

I sent some tips and a zip of my early integration work to WebAppLayers team to help them get started. Basically you want to install the nemo64 bootstrap package then set the HOMER theme styles to load AFTER your custom bootstrap less files. Many of the javascript plugins can be installed separately. Just load the plugins you need as you need them or you can really get bogged down trying to get everything in place. I only have a few of the 'vendors' scripts installed so far. You can see css pattern here
Hey Max, sure I remember you, that's how I found this awesome template. And I owe you several beers for this :)
I managed to load some stuff, I did not use LESS version (not familiar with LESS... :( ), I just added the CSS and some js files from jQuery version. Actually I used meteor packages for most of the things (not installed everything, at least yet). It's working nicely, but I still have some problems. I added homer.js file to Meteor client/lib folder, it's definitely loaded, I added an alert() after the $document.ready() part and is trigerred. However... the rest of the script does not seem to function properly. For example, the .hide-menu button does not do anything when I click it, it should hide the sidebar, that's the first jQuery event in homer.js. I have no clue why this is happening. Did you have this problem?
Oh, and BTW, if it's not a secret, how did you do that lovely table having Delete and Edit buttons? reactive-table? dataTable? bootstrap table somehow linked to a Colllection?
Hi @vicusbass,

About the table, as a base it is a fourth table from table design page with buttons with btn-default class. About the hide-menu. If you create a separate template for this the code to hide menu should be in js file for this template as a helper.

Best regards, Damian
Hi, thanks for the suggestions. The thing is, if you're going to release soon the Meteor version, I don't think I should spend to much time trying to fix some things which are not working (like the hide-menu), because most likely some will be fixed already by you :) I would gladly try even the beta as soon as is available.
Yes, that is correct. You don't have to struggle with this - I already did. Next week I will release Full and Seed Meteor versions.

Best regards, Damian
Great news Damian! Not sure what do you mean by Full and Seed, but I am anxious to try it. Even though this means I gotta cleanup my workarounds :)
jpollone PURCHASED
That's fantastic news about Meteor, Damian. After reading through the comments, I introduced myself to Meteor and even purchased a book at Discover Meteor. I am still in the learning process for my hobby project, but Meteor is very simple to use.

Throughout my full-stack/semi full-stack Javascript learning process for the past few months (post HOMER purchase), it seems that Meteor is where I will call home. It appears that there is a good amount of Meteor support and excitement.

Thanks for your work in this area. We all know it's a very meticulous task, but appreciate the proper examples.
Hi @jpollone,

I have similar feeling. After working with many different javascript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS and technology like asp.net mvc5, Ruby, PHP, I found Meteor and I was suprised how great and fast is building webapp with it. I'm curretnly working hard to provide as soon as possible Meteor version for Homer so please stay tuned, in the in next week it will be avalible.

Best regards, Damian
Hi... I have a question about some of the form functionality... specifically the wizard:

Is there a reason you didn't use tabs, like in on the profile page (i.e. Project - Messages):

Incorporating tabs in to the wizard would be a great UI improvement. But I'm wondering if you went that route initially then pulled back because it was more complicated. I guess there might be a visual CSS tweak that would give it the same effect.


You are right. There are many ways to build wizard: with tabs, with ui-router mechanism or with ng-show/hide feature. I can try to add wizard with tabs in future version.

Best regards, Damian

will HOMER have the same features as INSPINAin the near future? So far, it has much less features...

Mainly yes, with each version I will add new features like in Inspinia. But Homer is a separate theme so it will have also own new features.

Best regards, Damian
Thanks for putting in draggable widgets: http://webapplayers.com/homer_admin-v1.5/draggable.html

What is required to get this to work? I see there is a col-lg-4 ui-sortable on the columns and panel-body ui-sortable-handle on the widget body?

I was able to sort of get the widgets to slide around but there were some weird behaviors going on. Is there anything else that is needed?

Yes, draggable use ui-sortable directive and basically you need to define ui-sortable with options. Options are defined in controller and as a handler I add .panel-body but you can easily change it and for example use a panel-heading to handle draggable panels. If you have any problems feel free to write to me on support email and i can send you some example code.

Best regards, Damian
Hi... searched through the comments but didn't' find anyone asking about form validation. I purchased Inspinia because you had form validation listed. On a side note... very interesting to see how you've improved on the build process and structure with Homer.

Getting to my question... do you have any "immediate" plans to implement some cool form validation for Homer. Or, have you already made plans to leverage some 3rd party code / techniques (i.e. Scotch, RealCrowd, etc). Checkboxes and selects are always the tricky ones for me.

Yes, next version will have validation features. We don't have listed validation but already had it in plan so yes, it will be available very soon.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian,

Could you take a look at the left menu issue in Homer on IE9 ?
It seems that first click is not registered and then arrows do not reflect right state of the menu.


Thank you for pointing this. I just checked it and saw that this is a metisMenu know problem. More detail: it doesn't support old browser that doesn't support css transition. There is a official issue: https://github.com/onokumus/metisMenu/issues/7 - I will implement the fix for next version.

Best regards, Damian
Theme looks great. I am considering a purchase. Will you be adding a theme styler / color changer capability? I'd like to explore different primary colors other then the default shade of green. Also, do you plan on porting the following capabilities from INSPINIA - thank you!

1) "Outlook view" (or similar) whereby the entire page is used without padding between the grid columns.
2) "Agile Board"
3) "Chat view"

Yes, we are working on some more color variations. About features, yes, with each version will add new features like chat or outlook view or other similar to Inspinia. But you have to note that Homer is a separate theme so it will have also own new features.

Best regards, Damian
Great theme! But I do need some help on something. How do I load panels closed by default?

Thank you. Great suggestion about initial closed panels - we will add it to next version. For now please write to me on support email and I can send you example code.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian,

If it's possible can you please release a theme builder like this http://themastermail.com/envato/avero/demo/

Hi Mel,

You think about theme builder for Homer Landing page or for admin ? We are building it for Inspinia, will see the interest of this feature and decide about eventually implement it to Homer.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian,

I'm thinking for the Landing page.


Yes, we consider this. Don't know exact time for it but we will try to add such a builder for landing page.

Best regards, Damian
Is there a possibility to overwrite/change the maincolor (green) ?
I have to set the color per PHP->CSS, this means after the HEAD in DOM.

Yes, you can change green color in variables in less files.

Best regards, Damian
Does this theme has Frontend designs just like Inspinia theme?

You mean landing page ? Yes, demo is available here: http://webapplayers.com/homer_admin-v1.5/landing_page.html

Best regards, Damian

are you guys planning support for RubyOnRails like in the INSPINIA theme?

Thanks for making such great themes. Like+

In next version we want to provide Meteor version. Next we can consider Ruby on Rails if more users will ask about it.

Best regards, Damian

Wanted to build a quick pdt prototype for demo and need reusable angular controls.
Is there a list of angular elements?


Feel free to contact with us on support email and we can list you all controls we used in Homer AngularJs version.

Best regards, Damian
Hi ,

i've a problem with the z-index notification (top right) and SAFARI .

how can we change that one ?

Thank you for you're job.

Thank you for report this. This is know issue and we will fix it in future release.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Guys,

Great work !

I'm waiting for the meteor version, could you please tell us when exactly the meteor version will be available.

(I need to do a fast prototype using meteor and I want to integration homer design in my prototype - I know, as you promised, it is a matter of days, maybe hours :), I need just to check if I can wait till the end of the week ? )

Many thanks

Meteor version is almost ready. Tomorrow we will write documentation and add some custom helpers and on Saturday we will release Meteor full version for Homer.

Best regards, Damian
I need a way to create a widget page that allows a user to drag a widget onto the page, move the widgets around and have the browser persist the changes when they come back for that user. When a movable widget is dropped, is there an event I can catch to save the change to localStorage?

Yes, it can be done with special method serialize (http://api.jqueryui.com/sortable/#method-serialize) that will give you current order. Then you can store it (database, cookie, localStorage) and use it in render/update list.

Best regards, Damian
Hi WebAppLayers,
I have big forms to collect data from user. Is there any tabulated form functionalitys within forms to structure the data collection in a better way, as just make the form 2 miles long?

by the way thanks for your nice template, really happy with it.

Hi Gregor,

What version are you using ? AngularJS, Metero, ASP.NET ? The best will be use some wizard form and split data form to smaller views/tabs/steps.

Best regards, Damian
korn9537 PURCHASED

How can i fixed topbar and leftmenu.

Thank for beautiful theme

You can add fixed topbar and fixed leftmenu by adding .fixed-sidebar and .fixed-navbar class to body tag.

Best regards, Damian
Hey Guys this is a great template, i'm working with MVC version of this template, could you please help me to fix on top the header and fix the side menu bar?, congratulations.

To add fixed topbar and fixed leftmenu you need to add .fixed-sidebar and .fixed-navbar class to body tag. Homer options and instruction you can find also in documentation.

Best regards, Damian
Wow, this theme looks really nice! Great work! I'm thinking about buying this (and probably will do anyway, as it's just 18$), but have some questions before.

- How is the Meteor version structured? Is it a package I can add to my app?
- I'm on a Retina MacBook and some of the elements, mostly fonts are blurred, which looks bad. Are you converting them to images using JS or why is that?
- Like the "bug" above, is there a way to open issues when I notice mistakes, have feature requests or so?
- Will you add new layouts? (like menu on the top)

I have some more questions but maybe there is a better place to ask. Love the design, well done! :)

Thank you for contact. I see that you already purchased our theme. If you still have any questions feel free to ask us.

About blurry fonts. This is general case for render transform (animate.css use transform property) fonts in Mac. When you remove animation you will dont see this effect. We will check if we can do something with this.

About eventually issue, we provide full support under support email.

About new layouts, yes, with each version we will add new features as well as some new layouts option.

Best regards, Damian

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