will there be a boxed layout with top navigation like in the INSPINIA Template?


Yes, we will add boxed layout wit top navigation in future version. For now if you are interested in simple boxed layout you can wrap all code with extra div like: <div id="container"> {content page} </div> and add this extra style:

#container {
width: 1200px;
margin: 0 auto;
position: relative;
overflow-x: hidden;
box-shadow: 0px 0px 6px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.4);

It depends on your layout options but for simple layout it will give you boxed view.

Best regards, Damian
Thanks a lot.

I am interested in the box layout mainly because of the top navigation. If you just have a fee navigation entries, its looks a bit empty on the left.

So i am looking forward for the new version.

Ok, if you are interested in top navigation with boxed layout it will be available in future released.

Best regards, Damian
I am using this template on a project at work on an intranet network. Sadly our users are forced to use IE9. I noticed in IE9 that the left menu dropdowns don't work as intended. You have to click twice to expand the menu and then the open/closed icon is backwards. Is that something that can be fixed without upgrading the browser? Other than that, great template with lots of features. I will be using the MVC version.

Thank you for contact. About twice click. It is happen in browser that doesn't support transitions. I think that in latest version of metisMenu it was fixed. You can check it - we will also upgrade it in next release. In current version you can try this simple fix:

Best regards, Damian
1.7 congrats!

One issue: the footer on the Meteor version doesn't show until you click on the page somewhere. Can you make it always show, like on the other versions?

Thank you for report this. Yes of course, I will check it and fix it for next version.

Best regards, Damian
Hi guys, i think you have said you will complete the mailbox feature to bring it inline with Inspinia with compose and read features. Could you also add email templates in the next version. What week in August will 1.8 Homer be released? Can you also add notes feature please?

Yes, exactly, in next version we will add rest of the mailbox view as well as email templates. Homer 1.8 will be released in the middle of August.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian thanks again. And what about adding a notes section/page in 1.8?

Yes, we have it on our todo list.

Best regards, Damian
Hello, do you have documentation or a tutorial that i can view, on how to setup this template, Database used etc.. any links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated..

You have to note that this is front-end interface, so it is not a full working app that you can connect to database. We don't provide backend service. If you are interested in documentation of Homer before purchased, feel free to write to me on support email and I can send it to you.

Best regards, Damian
thank you am very new into this and would to understand how to make use of your beautiful APP front end and establish a website for users, i would like to have login, chat room etc. where can you email you?

You can contact with us on [email protected]

Best regards, Damian

Will there be a landing page with slider/carousel and a small/popup chat window like in INSPINA template?

thanks, Tiago
Hi Tiago,

Yes, it can be. I will treat your comment as suggestion and I will add this feature to our plan for Homer.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian,

Do you have any documentation for the form wizard? With the Inspinia theme, you used jQuery Steps and I was able to adapt it from there but I don't see anything about what's used in Homer?

I know I could always revert to jQuery Steps, but to be honest what's in here looks much better and less buggy!

Hi Dave,

Yes, it is less buggy and looks a little better because in Homer I don't use any external library (to simplify it). In Homer I use a tabs mechanism from Bootstrap. So you have all available tab events and almost fully freedom to style and work with. You can call any functions or custom validation on step change by simple events.

If you will need any help feel free to contact with me on support email.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian,

Can you please tell me when you are planning on releasing the page builder, for an example users can go on the backend and drag and drop the components so they can build the front-end using the backed.

Some thing similar to the http://demo.cs-cart.com/admin.php?dispatch=block_manager.manage

Hi Mel,

We are currently working on new versions and page builder feature. For sure it will be not so much advanced like in your demo but it will allow you to build landing page with drag & drop. Once this feature will be liked by the users we will develop this feature and expand. First version will be available in September

Best regards, Damian
Thanks Damian!
Terrific design. I have only a few suggestions.... please..

I enjoy the flexibility of min / max of a div / panel / dialog , etc like with :

And during your style / skins exploration can we have something along the lines of :

Your fluid functionality is superb and the skins of desktop feel of super admin to yours would be WOW to me. But either way Great job ;)

Thank you for your suggestions. About min/max feature - we will add it in next version. About similar skin to super-admin we will probably not going with it but we will provide more skins in future releases so you will have more options.

Best regards, Damian
Again great work.

Here is what I have discovered after installing the latest version.

1. Under chrome: When you do a fixed small header. then attempt to click and see the info from let's say the mail icon.... the result appears behind the fixed small header.

2. I tried meteor and angular versions on IE 9 ie 9 compat and ie9 standards set.. The results come back a little laggy (this could be just good ole ie9 causing problems) and the left side nav will not drop down unless you click the button twice.

Again I am loving this work..... Thank you

Thank You for your kind words and all reported issue. I will check it all and provide improvements in next version. Thank you.

Best regards, Damian

Your template is very complete, I'm very pleased for what I've seen in the demo.

I have a question, is it easy to simply not use a given plugin?

For example, x-editable, can I avoid including it so the browser won't download something he won't use? (just an example really because it is useful)

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad that you like Homer theme. About your question - yes, it is possible. You can easily avoid including plugins that you will not use in your app.

Best regards, Damian
I have another question, is there any other color scheme?

In current version there is only one color scheme but of course you can use LESS variables to easily and quickly change main colors. In future version we will provide more predefined color scheme.

Best regards, Damian

Could you give me AngularJS version?

Yes it is in package, you can find full AngularJS version as well as other: Meteor, ASP.MVC and pure HTML/JS version.

Best regards, Damian
Sorry, I was referring to AngularJS version not Homer.
Sorry, but I don't understand. Can you elaborate what you are looking ?
It is a Homer admin theme and in package there is special Homer AngularJS version.

Best regards, Damian
HOMER in the wild! White Rabbit Express launched a new web application built using the Meteor flavor of Homer

Home page is here
clicked get started for the Homer-themed app


Thank you for sharing this. It is great to see live example app based on Homer theme - great work.

Best regards, Damian
I'm going to buy this theme, but I'd like to buy the latest version. Do you know how far are you to release the 1.8 version?
Thanks a lot in advance

We are working on new features, views, psd files and we plan to finish it in next week. Probably few extra days for test and documentation and new version will be released in early September.

Best regards, Damian

I'm trying to decide between your Homer and Inspinia Templates. Both of them are fantastic, and both have Meteor versions, which is what I want.

I prefer to look of Homer, but Inspinia gives more features/pages etc.

When is the next version of Homer due? And will it include:
> Colour schemes
> More components / pages etc similar to Inspinia
> A "mini" menu
> Off canvas menu option

Many thanks,

PS. Would you say Homer is a "better" template, because it is newer (ie better code, structure etc ??)

If you are interested in Meteor version then probably Homer will be a little better because it has more modular. About new features, for sure we will add new components and pages, color schemes we will leave for future version and some options also. Now we are more focused on provide more pages design.

Best regards, Damian

Love the template. Works really well.
Quick question.... on form fields - I'm been looking to go back to the standard textarea focus blue. Where would I find this?


If you want to have base Bootstrap colors for form controls you can remove our style for it. Please check the various.less file in 789 line. You can overwrite it or just remove it.

Best regards, Damian
Hi, I want to buy Your theme, i'm .NET developer, so i need to know the .NET internals that were used(how theme basically implemented)), approaches, etc. Please describe how ASP.NET MVC version is implemented.
1. What about MVC views(cshtml), some html helperrs?
2. How new pages can be added(using boostrap conversion(adding mainly html/css or using .NET helpers)?
I need to know does it will be usefull and easy to integrate with my new .net app and then reuse thi theme in other MVC4 app. Does it will be easy enough to change smt? Thanks!

Thank you for consider Homer theme. About your questions. For .NET MVC version we use of course Razor engine. There is only one additional helper for menu handle. We not incorporated any extra helpers. New page can be added by adding html/css markup appropriate to Bootstrap convention.

Additional plese note that we provide ASP.NET version with MVC5 (.NET 4.5.1).

Best regards, Damian
I had purchased this theme. Its nice in all way. But i am getting this error.

Dropdown buttons are not working properly.

It is going behind the module.

See below image

Thank you for report this. You are right, it is caused because of stagger animation. We will fix it in the next version - thank you for pointing this out.

Best regards, Damian

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