other pages are included?
like a post page.
Thanks for you question. Sorry details page are not included.
The detailed documentation was not included in the download
Thank you for purchased our theme. BTW, pls give me your mail id, I will send you.

The scrolling goes past the hash ID...is there a fix?
Sorry I can not understand your question. Pls give me clear information with screenshot.

Congratulations on the nice theme, but there're a few doubts hindering my purchase:

1. It seems that when the top navigation is clicked the scrolling went beyond the section it is suppose to land (on Chrome) - top part of the section/page gets cut-off, I believe that is what ljohnson1025 was trying to point out above. Are you able to fix it?

2. With this theme, will I be able to duplicate the first page to the second, third pages (and so on...) such that every page has a full screen background, and with slider control on click, instead of autorun?

Thank you.
Thank you very much for your question. But sorry to say that your first question is not clear to me. Could your please send me a screenshot? Because everything is showing Ok from my end.

And your second question answer is yes. Its possible duplicate the first page to the second, third pages (and so on...) also all slider section can be control click instead of auto run.

Hi, thanks for your email reply. When will you be able to fix the 'cropping-off' of the page when navigation menu is clicked?
Thanks. I have already make update on our demo site. You will get updated version very soon.

Hi, can I have the detailed documentation too please?
Hi patrickjg,
Thank you for purchased our theme. BTW, I have got your mail, I will send you as early as possible.


Really nice template, btw.

But one question: How can I change the inicial loading message "Humanity is loading..."?

Thanks in advance.
Hi lilianams,
Thank you for purchased our template. BTW, if you know basic html/css, you can easily change it from

If you don't know html/css, you can contact me for custom work through mail https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/ThemeRegion

Hi, I want to purchase this theme.

1. In the current theme, there is only one CTA (button) above the fold. Can I reduce the height of the image carousel so that the donate button can come up?
2. Can I also remove certain sections, re-arrange order of sections?

Hi Jhon,
Thanks for your interesting. BTW, Yes you can reduce carousel height using your custom css and remove or rearrange any section.

As compras no site tem que ser cartão de credito internacional?
meekbran PURCHASED
Hello, Can I get the details documentation please, and also is there a way I can disable the color switch button and only use one color of my choice thanks
Hi meekbran,
Thank you for purchased our template. BTW, I did not make details documentation for this template but I will help you any problem of this item. It is very simple to remove color chooser. Open index.html and go to line no 1570. and remove preset style chooser. Just see my screenshot- http://prntscr.com/6cv9er

However, if you have any more problem, you can mail me directly.

Hi, i just have a couple of questions before I buy your template :)

1. May I see a screenshot of the files I will receive?
2. In the "CAUSE LIST" area, I have to put a video in there, is there a way to do it?
3. In the "News and Blogs" area, I want to replace it with the title "SPOT LIGHT" and remove the "EVENTS" area and replace the "RECENT POSTS" area with pictures of people -- is there a way to do it without ruining the code completely?

Thanks, hoping for a fast reply
Thank you for your interest.
Here is the screenshot http://prntscr.com/6g7868

Next answer are... hopefully you will not face problem. But if you face problem, I will help you. Any further query, please feel free to mail me directly.

Hello, just wanna ask..

Is there a way to make the transition of the pictures in HOME area FASTER?

Hoping for a fast reply. Thanks
Yes its possible. Just add below code in main.js
interval: 1000

You can change interval as you want.

sosy2001 PURCHASED
I just purchased you design. I really like but I would like to get the documentation.
Hi sosy2001,
Thank you very much for purchased our template. BTW, I did not make a details documentation for this HTML template but I will help you any issue of this item. It is very simple to modify.

However, if you have any more problem, you can mail me directly to [email protected]

This theme is really nice. Good job on that!
is it possible to use it on Wordpress?

Thank you!
Hi reghi,
Thanks for your nice comments. BTW, yes it its possible to use on wordpress. you can covert it to wordpress for your personal use.


I just bought the theme, is there a special tools if I want to convert it to Wordpress?
Hi reghi,
Thank you for purchased our template. BTW, I am not clear about your question. But if you want you can convert it to wordpress for your personal use.

I mean do you know a special converter that I can use to convert it to wordpress that could help me go faster?
Thank you
Hi reghi,
Till now you did not purchased. However, I don't know special converter system.

Yes I did, I bought it on another account with paypal
here is the Item# WB07J7L1S and Transaction ID: 1C112576MS9294221
Please can you send me the documentation. Email is [email protected]
Please check your inbox.

Good day,,
Could you please send me the documentation?

i need to run this theme on AngularJS. do you know any way to convert the main.js (JQuery) to directive or so.

i have some concerns but let me read the document first, if i did not find any, i will let you know.

Hi Mohammed,
Thank you for purchased our template. However, I did not make details documentation for this template. And I don't know how to use AngularJs. Also I don't have knowledge to convert the js to directive or so.
I am sorry for my inconvenience.
Hi, I bought your very nice looking theme a few days ago and have been testing it. I noticed, that it takes a very long time before anything is seen on the screen. On my 5Mb/s DSL connection the browser window is white for *a full minute* before even the "Humanity is Loading..." animation appears. Then it takes another 15 seconds for the page to load fully. I suspect, that this is an issue with the preload javascript. Tested with your demo page and on my own site.

Here is what I would expect it to do:
1) "Humanity is Loading..." animation appears immediately (<2 sec)
2) preloader loads the top portion & main-carousel of the page (<8sec) and displays it
3) the rest of the page is loaded (with or without a pre-loader)

Here is the setup I used, if you'd like to reproduce this:
* Chrome on OS X 10.10 with Developer Tools & Disable cache, Network Tab
* load http://demo.themeregion.com/humanity/index.html
* or my page http://main.lightinasia.org:8005
* it loads a full 8 MB of page data (about 80% of page data) before "Humanity is Loading..." appears
* then it shows "Humanity is Loading..." briefly while loading another 2 MB (20% of page data) of data
* Average Network: consumer DSL 5Mb/s ping 250ms - 60 sec blank + 15 sec full load
* Fast Network: 35 Mb/s ping 150 ms - 15 sec blank + 5 sec full load (this one was tested via crossbrowsertesting.com)

The problem is, independent of network conditions: "Humanity is Loading..." only appears after 80% of the page is already loaded. On a slower network as here in Asia, this make the page unusable. Could you fix the script, please?
Thank you for purchased our template. However, I hope, I will be able to solve this issue. I will send you a mail.

Note: I could not found any PURCHASED icon with your user id. Please send me your purchased details.

Hi, thanks for looking into this!

I noticed, that the page on your demo site loads much faster now. What did you change? If you have an update version I would like to redownload it.

I contacted support, as I was not able to attach the purchase to my account.

Here are the Transaction Details: The PayPal account used is: Adela W.
Web Accept Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #45P4272342715753S)
Sep 30, 2015 Payment To WrapMarket LLC Completed ... -$12.00 USD
Humanity - Non-Profit Charity Theme (Single Application License)
Item Number: WB07J7L1S

Hello Chris,
I will give you solution but I need to see purchased button. Because I did not find your transaction. or please send me your licence ID through the contact mail. I will replay you as early as possible.

Thanks for your co operation.
All right, I was finally able to attach the license to my account, you should be able to see it there.
Thanks for your nice co operation. I am sending you a mail.

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About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

Browser support

Bootstrap is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
  • Latest Chrome
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Features & includes

Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running:

  • Responsive 12-column grid
  • 12 custom, modular jQuery plugins
  • CSS styles for forms, navigation & more
  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation