Hi there!

It's a beautiful theme. I've noticed that the nav is really buggy (when highlighting active states) in Chrome Version 37.0.2062.94 on OSX 10.9+. I am wondering whether the bug is easily fixable. I would attach a screen-cast to my comment if the facility existed.

Thanks for the theme and help

At The time of theme development & testing chrome 37 was not available. we will fix this issue in next update . thank you.
Hi, what about the next update to fix the problem with the portfolio in Chrome?

the current issue in portfolio is caused by css property "transform-style: preserve-3d;".
it was used to provide 3d animation in previous version of browser.
but now it causes a problem in current version of chrome.
theme will be soon updated with the fix.

for temporary fix you can do following

find this in css (line 981 in non-minified css)

.portfolio-container .portfolio-item {
display: none;
opacity: 0;
padding: 0;
width: 25%;
position: relative;
-webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d;
-moz-transform-style: preserve-3d;
-ms-transform-style: preserve-3d;
-o-transform-style: preserve-3d;
transform-style: preserve-3d;
-moz-perspective: 600px;
-ms-perspective: 600px;
-o-perspective: 600px;
-webkit-perspective: 600px;
perspective: 600px;
max-width: 350px;
font-size: 16px;

and then remove following lines form it

-webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d;


transform-style: preserve-3d;

the theme will be updated soon with bug-fix targeting latest chrome. thank you

I just checked almost all themes possible on the web and your theme is best.
I realy love it and its colours and i just buy it. but i am new for wrapbootstrap and i dont know stmg

How can i change the content and how can i add my logo ?
And what can i do with documentation folder ?

sir, the documentation for the template is provided in documentation folder, you need to open index.html in that folder.. all code is explained in documentation.

and you need to change html in order to change logo and content. use production folder as a start then edit it as you needed.

thank you..

- Maulik Anand (mbanandetoro6@gmail.com)
here is my email address if you need more help.
Helllo Sir,

please tell me how i get the documentation folder(Source code) for this theme.

Documentation is included. You will get it along with product. Thank you.

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