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Any Version for Android Studio???

No, I don't have plans to provide project for Android Studio.

Best, Damian
I am interested in purchasing this template. Is the React version almost completed?

Thank you for contact. Please firstly note that in current release there is only starter project available, there is no full version available yet. Full version is in development but I can;t give you specific release date for it.

Best regards, Damian
Is there any way to buy 2 single applications ?

Thank you for contact. I'm not sure why but yes, you can just purchase Single Application two times. For multiple application please consider Multiple License.

Best regards, Damian

i am working on footable, however i do not understand the code in Tables/Foo Tables tab. for example class="footable table table-stripped toggle-arrow-tiny footable-loaded default breakpoint". is there any document that i can refer to?

Thank you for contact. Please firstly note that you are looking on the css classes that are rendered. The initial classes are: 'footable table table-stripped toggle-arrow-tiny' First class is for table selector to initialise Footable. Second and third is from Bootstrap - it is used for styling. Last class is used in Footable for styling toggle row icon. More about Footable options you can find here: http://fooplugins.github.io/FooTable/docs/getting-started.html#examples

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian,

thanks for speedy reply.

for footable library in inspinia is Version : 2.0.3 however in the given website the version is version 3.1.4. i just encounter an issue which is, the component data-page-size is used but data-paging-size in the website. will inspinia upgrade to latest version? where can i search for support for version 2.0.3?

Thanks, Jacky

You are right, current documentation is for latest version. Place where you can check previous documentation is Github and 2.0.3 tree: https://github.com/fooplugins/FooTable/tree/2.0.3

Data attributes demo: https://github.com/fooplugins/FooTable/blob/2.0.3/demos/data-attributes.htm

Best regards, Damian
cristojvt PURCHASED
Hi in angular gulp seed, test give me this error (gulp test):

[14:02:19] Finished 'scripts' after 701 ms
[14:02:19] Starting 'test'...
23 05 2017 14:02:20.121:WARN [proxy]: proxy "\base\src\assets\" normalized to "\base\src\assets\/"
23 05 2017 14:02:20.200:WARN [watcher]: Pattern "D:/wamp64/www/cepyme500_front/src/**/*.spec.js" does not match any file.
23 05 2017 14:02:20.207:WARN [watcher]: Pattern "D:/wamp64/www/cepyme500_front/src/**/*.mock.js" does not match any file.
PhantomJS 1.9.8 (Windows 8 0.0.0): Executed 0 of 0 ERROR (0 secs / 0 secs)
[14:02:23] 'test' errored after 3.33 s
[14:02:23] Error: Failed 1 tests.
at D:\wamp64\www\cepyme500_front\gulp\unit-tests.js:41:22
at removeAllListeners (D:\wamp64\www\cepyme500_front\node_modules\karma\lib\server.js:336:7)
at Server.<anonymous> (D:\wamp64\www\cepyme500_front\node_modules\karma\lib\server.js:347:9)
at Server.g (events.js:291:16)
at emitNone (events.js:91:20)
at Server.emit (events.js:185:7)
at emitCloseNT (net.js:1558:8)
at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:77:11)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:104:9)

I did´nt add any line of code, only de folder from inspinia 2.7.1 (angular-gulp-seed)

Node v6.10.2
Gulp version 3.9.1
Windows 10

Thank you for contact. Please note that we don't provide test files for starter projects. You have message: 'spec.js" does not match any file' You need to create test files to have tests.

Best regards, Damian

We are looking to build an app using Angular 2. Have you migrated all components to Angular 2?
If so, can you please share some documentation for using these components.


Thank you for contact. Unfortunately no, I did not migrate all component yet.

Best regards, Damian
Do you have release date for Angular 2(4) full version?

No, because I don't have all wrappers for third party libraries yet, it is hard to estimate release date right now.

Best regards, Damian
infolabs PURCHASED
Why should I use "vertical-timeline" id to use the timeline?

Thank you for contact. That's a great question. Of course you don't need to use it. You can easily change this css rule: #vertical-timeline {...} to this .vertical-timeline {...} and add 'vertical-timeline' class to the container div of timeline component.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian, I am using this with Angular 2 and ng-bootstrap. The side menu having issues with the collapse. Default is collapse,when I click once the menu expand (expected) but when I click again the menu collapse and expand. I check the source, the aria-expended didn't change at the first click. Is the menu working with ng-bootstrap?

Thank you for contact. Do you use the latest version of Inspinia starter project for Angular 4. You can find there properly functioning menu. About ng-bootstrap, I don't use it in Inspinia so it is hard to tell something about it. I will try to implement it in some spare time so I will check possible issues.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian, can you share the starter project for Angular 4 to me? So that i can see how it work with ng-bootstrap. Thanks.
Yes, it is available in the latest package. Did you download it ?

Best regards, Damian
flavonese PURCHASED
Hi, do you have a Sketch design file for download?

Thank you for contact. Unfortunately no, only Photoshop files are available.

Best regards, Damian
First of all, i want to say that this theme is really amazing, I'm very anxious for the complete version in angular 4.

Thank you for contact and your kind words. I also want to have full version ready but because I don't have all wrappers for third party libraries I still have gaps.

Best regards, Damian
what Rails version does this themes sample app us. It is already Rails 5?
Thank you

Thank you for contact. In current release Rails project support Rails 4.2.3 version.

Best regards, Damian
I want to buy this template but I want to know the first one that is compatible with the code igniter frame or not, thank you
Yes, I am using Inspinia with codeigniter framework using archives of "Static_Full_Version" folder. Cheers!
Thank you very much fabianbarriga for your reply and I wish you a good following in this field.
Hi @ibtissam_1986,

Exactly like @fabianbarriga wrote, for Codeigniter project you can easily use Static Full Version. Thank you @fabianbarriga.

Best regards, Damian
Hello Damian, two questions please.

I'm using Inspinia with box design + MD Skin + static sidebar + static top navbar + static footer.
Now, I want to change the static top navbar to the fixed top navbar v2 (width equal to the content section). How can I make it work well?

Even better, if it is possible to change too the static sidebar to fixed sidebar, but only one scrollbar (scrollbar of the content section). Because it is uncomfortable to have one scrollbar to the sidebar and another one to the content section. I am thinking in a funcionality like Facebook timeline (with one scrollbar you can move the sidebar and timeline). It's possible in Inspinia? How can I make it work?

Thanks in advance!
Hi @fabianbarriga,

I think that the closest solution for what you are trying to achieve will be outlook view: http://webapplayers.com/inspinia_admin-v2.7.1/full_height.html (of course with only one scrollbar for content) Unfortunately it is not exactly like Facebook, I will try to add more simple feature to achieve it in future versions.

Best regards, Damian
Thank you very much fabianbarriga for your reply and I wish you a good following in this field.
Also thank you @fabianbarriga for your support for @ibtissam_1986.

Best, Damian

Can you help me, I tried to make my Insipinia to fixed sidebar + top navbar v.2, but the result is different with your demo site. Here is my Inspinia after change the class



Thank you for contact, I think you forgot to change css navbar class from static to fixed. Step by step instruction you can find in documentation. If you will need example code, feel free to contact with me on support email.

Best regards, Damian
chunk1ty PURCHASED

Why "Material design" skin is not working when in ASP.NET MVC template ?
The rest of the skins are fine.


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