Thank you for contact. If you have any question feel free to ask with whole words :)

Best regards, Damian
Tomorrow we'll have the 'b' :-)
How can I edit the inspinia to get fixed-nav-bar in mobile browsers?

I added on body fixed-nav and on views/common/topnavbar.html navbar-fixed-top and work only on Desktop large size browser. When I opened on the smartphone browser the navbar didn't fixed.

Thank you for contact. Fixed navbar works on desktop as well on mobile. If you correctly add class name and make a changes in top navbar file then it should work. Please contact with me on support email with your code. I can help you debug it.

Best regards, Damian
mschembri PURCHASED
Hi, we purchased the theme a while back. I am trying to include Datables in my project. My first question is to see whether it is possible to install your datatables package using bower. Secondly when I try to include the css and js from the static full version I get the error - datatables.min.js [sm]:28Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'pdfMake' of undefined. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Thank you for contact. Yes, you can install DataTables via bower. Here are official links: https://datatables.net/download/bower. Please note that you need to have Bootstrap version. If you need any help what package you need to choose, please contact with me on support email.

Inspinia example of Datatables has a PDF export button. To use this feature you need to include http://pdfmake.org/ library. In Inspinia this library is included in the bundle file - datatables.min.js.

Best regards, Damian
I have a problem using full screen ibox panel on mobile devices, I absolutely love that i can use datatable inside ibox panel and expand it to Full screen when i have lots of records, but it doesnt seem to work on mobile devices, i tested on iPhone, iPad and Android tablet, not sure how to solve this since i cannot even debug this to see why exactly it is not working.
The problem is when i click expand icon on ibox-header the panel doesnt cover the entire mobile device screen, it covers only part of it... It doesnt look good and table is half cut...
Any ideas how to make this work, i was looking on Inspinia 2.7

Thank you
BTW even if you open the inpinia DEMO on your website using mobile device and go to panels section, and try to expand the ibox panel it doesnt work, so you can try yourself and see what i mean

Thank you for contact and bringing this to my attention. Content height of fullscreen ibox is set by css function calc(). I see that I don't have all prefix to support different browser engines. I added all prefixes and prepare a test page: https://goo.gl/dCKKg5 Can you test it and confirm that this fix your issue ?

Best regards, Damian
Hi Damian,
IT IS Working now perfectly, so what should i do to fix it? how to add that prefix and where?

Thank you very much
Oh i see you added this to the html panel page

.ibox.fullscreen .ibox-content {
min-height: -webkit-calc(100% - 48px);
min-height: -moz-calc(100% - 48px);
min-height: calc(100% - 48px);

is this it? anything else?

Yes, it is only this additional css rule.

Best regards, Damian

I have been experiencing an issue after upgrading to the latest version (might have been there in previous versions, but did not notice)

When the nav bar is in full width + the navbar content is longer that the page content: The page will jump approx 10-20px up and down indefinitely when using the mouse wheel to scroll to the bottom of the page. The footer is not fixed. (checked this in chrome and IE11)

I have fixed this by removing the fix_height() function from the inspinia.js file. Is this a behaviour you have experienced ??



Thank you for contact. Can you please provide instruction how to reproduce this issue ? If you can, please contact with my on support email with instruction how to reproduce.

Best regards, Damian
Hi sir,
Can we use nested list without drag drop option, I want to only collapse and expand features. When i exclude update method from javascript codes , + and - icons are unvisible and i cant collapse and expand items. Thank you

Thank you for contact. The whole nestable list mechanism is handled by one library. You will need to modify library to remove drag and drop feature.

Best regards, Damian
Angular 2 full project Please Please Please Please Please

Thank you for contact. Yes, I know that it is very anticipated project. But I will release it once I will be sure I have full working and tested version.

Best regards, Damian
Can you please give some detail on what is (and isn't) done for angular 2? whether it uses angular-cli or webpack? and whether it's been forked from angular-2-webpack-starter or some other starter?

Thank you for contact. Angular starter project is based on angular-cli. Angular-cli is built with webpack.

Best regards, Damian
cbonillap PURCHASED

Thank you :) If you will have any questions, feel free to write.

Best regards, Damian
I want the activate the Top navigation.layout.
Where in the configure options are located?

Thank you for contact. Step by step instruction you can find in documentation. You just need to add one class and rename the other. If you will need any help, feel free to contact with me on support email.

Best regards, Damian

I'm having problems like that " error The dashboardFlotTwo controller should follow this pattern: /[A-Z].*Controller$/ " in my Gulp version when I tried to use components from Angular Full Version.

Do you have any Full project using GULP ?

Thank you for contact. No, I don't provide full version for Gulp. If you use eslint then you need to follow the restriction and controllers should be named like: MyController().

Best regards, Damian
Hey Damian,

I am trying to use vuejs on the laravel seed project without any success. I keep receiving a message that says require() is not defined. I don't understand as on a fresh project I can get it working easily. As soon as I copy your files to the project and install, this stops working. Do you have any ideas on how to solve this?

Hi Enrico,

Thank you for contact. I don't use vuejs in Inspinia so it is hard to tell something about it. I will suggest to create new Laravel app with vue on board and then copy only necessary files like html/css, scripts and third party libraries.

Best regards, Damian
The version made in Angular is only running in Firefox. When I run in Chrome my browser crashes. Chrome starts to consume 700 MB of RAM and 40% CPU and crashes. How can I resolve this? (The problem occurs in any version: Full and Seed)

Thank you for contact. Please note that Chrome restrict all xhr calls on file:// protocol. So you can't just open angular app on index.html. You need to have server. It can be local or hosting but at least simple http server.

Best regards, Damian
Great template!!
I'm really looking forward to the full version of Laravel! Is there a possible release date?
Hi there!

I've just installed the template and started a ReactJS project.

When running in local as dev build I get many errors on Helpers.js stating the same thing all the time:

var navbarHeigh = $('nav.navbar-default').height(); Error: navbarHeigh not defined.

Please let me know what I need to change in order to clear those messages. My guess was to add class="nav" to the navbar, but I do want to be sure of the change that is needed and apply it to the correct node.

Thanks in advance!

it is because some of them go with 't' at the end and others don't. I will go on and change it in my project.

The fix needs to be done in:

Hey. Why did you remove this line of code from Angular seed in your new version ?

//Append config box / Only for demo purpose
$.get("views/skin-config.html", function (data) {

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