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Good morning.
I have a couple of doubts.

1º How can I justify a text?
This does not work:
<p style="text-align: justify;">El año 2014 hemos realizado una renovación de todo el local, modernizandolo y dandole un ambiente muy agradable.</p>
2º How can I put an icon inside an input text
you can use:




...and don't use style attribute!
Hi @kuntasev,

Thank you for contact. As @epl76 wrote, you can just use special helper css classes instead of inline style. Unfortunately there is no class for justify but you can simple add one: .text-justify { text-align: justify;} Icons in input are only available via input groups component: http://webapplayers.com/inspinia_admin-v2.7/form_basic.html

Best regards, Damian

I have tried to build angular 4 seed project, I installed @angular/cli of latest version(it does not working with rc4 version too), typescript and executed npm install (inside project folder)
But when I have tried to run 'ng build' I received this errors https://lut.im/HlcfWF5Dbk/ZfH1sgWukAagtKAR.png
(trying to help here)

I tried the angular 4 seed project myself on a Windows 7 and a mac OS X systems, and it works fine, both "ng serve". I tried "ng build" on my mac os x and i have no error. I noticed though that I don't have the warning you had at the end of your npm install. Could it be because of that? Didn't you had any errors during the install of the packages?

Also, did you check that your global installation of @angular/cli is also v1.0.0 ?
Or double check if you probably you have some missing files in your folder. When I ng build, my chance for main is 310 kB while yours is only 308 kB:

chunk {1} main.bundle.js, main.bundle.js.map (main) 310 kB {4} [initial] [rendered]

if these component files are missing, try downloading again from wrapbootstrap.com.
sorry, my system wrongly autocorrected some words in my previous comment :-/
yes, @angular/cli is also v1.0.0 installed globally
I am using ubuntu 16.04. Is it possible to build this project with linux?
I have tried nodejs of v6.10.2 and 7.9+, no success
I don't have a linux so I don't know.
Ha!! Actually I do have one! I have a could9 account \o/. I'll try on my cloud9 and let you know.
Hi. I checked on ubuntu I have the same issue. I checked on github the issue tracker of angular/angular-cli, and there are some issues relating to that problem (they are still opened). You can can check and read them to see if the community propose some fixes.
Hi @togobananas

I will try to test it also on Ubuntu to reproduce it and see what may cause this. But as far as I see @AlainD has right that there are still few open issues in angular-cli that could be related to this. I will also monitor them.

Best regards, Damian
Hi again.
-_- We were so fooled! (probably my fault who went in wrong direction). Actually, all the 3 of us cannot read properly (let's say it's because of the approaching week-end :-) )
OK, the error was just right. The component was not found because it really did not exist. Not written like that at least :-) oO
Yes, in the code the references were to a file named "topNavigationlayout.component.ts" (or .template.html) while the real filename was "topNavigationLayout.component.ts".

See that. Capital "L" versus lower case "l" in the word layout. So to fix this replace in your code all occurrences of "topNavigationlayout.component" by "topNavigationLayout.component" and "topNavigationlayout.template.html" by "topNavigationLayout.template.html" and it will be fixed. Apparently linux distribs are more strict that the other OS on that.

Damian, in order to avoid this kind of issue in the future, maybe for the next time, you should kebab-case name your files instead of using camelCase names (it's also the guide lines of the Angular team).

Hi @AlainD,

That's so embarrassing - camelCase issue. Thank you very much for checking this and bringing to attention.

Best regards, Damian
I had the same issue, developing under osx but build failed under Linux. Thanks guys for reporting this here, is saved me time
Hi there,

We started to use your mvc seed project, with the regular authentication from .net mvc5.

As we are building our landing page, we are not sure of the best approach for this, should we create a LandingController with Index, Login(GET), Register(Get) and Forgot password(Get), to be our home and the rest of the application will be a dashboard(your template itself) only shown to authenticated users, the way we are trying to do this is on the Layout.cshtml inside of body we check if IsAuthenticated then we show the Navigation and so on, if not redirect to Landing, the problem is when user is authenticated the landing page shows elements of the dashboard.

Is there a best way to do this? thanks in advance.

Thank you for contact. I dont have any prepared code for your purpose but I can suggest that if you use Angular inside MVC then I will stick with the Angular front-end and all layouts and restrictions have on Angular part - of course checking backend for user permission for specific state.

Best regards, Damian
Dear Webapplayers,
our company has bought your template. We are facing issue in the full screen mode of text editor like the full screen mode has some issue in greying out and also it gets fixed on top. Please help us fix this issue.

Thank you for contact. Feel free to contact with me on support email with step by step instruction how to reproduce the issue. You can also attache some screenshot. I will check it right away.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Professional, im new on Angular. and now my company want to develop web application in angular 2.
and i want to propose this template. is it this template with angular 2?
full example for angular 1.5 and some skeleton for angular 4.

Thank you for contact. In current release only starter project is available for Angular 4. It is a project setup, core Inspinia style and few example views like login or dashboard.

Best regards, Damian
Hi, I have a problem with the download file. I have tried to download but failed and could not find the download link anymore. could you help me? thanks

Thank you for contact. Please remember that you can get link to the latest package on this page: https://wrapbootstrap.com/support/download-resender

Best regards, Damian
I am very new to angular, previously used to wordpress 1 click install. Is there any guide to start directly install in linux hosting ???
the installation is OS independent, and the process is the same on all the operating systems. The installation process uses npm from NodeJS. This is not specific to Angular. The application is written in Angular (supposing you are interesting in the Angular version of this template), and uses NPM as a package manager.

Also, if you are very new to Angular I strongly advise you to train yourself to Angular before you use this template, as this is just a template, a skeleton which can be used to build your app upon it. All the business logic of your app still need to be implemented. So if you don't know Angular yet, you might be lost with the Angular version of the template.

If you are more familiar with PHP, there is also a basic Laravel seed project available, which you can use as a start for building your application.
Hello, how do I display a label / tooltip of the menu name when it is in compact mode?
Hello, I have a question - do you plan to support vue.js? If so, how can I subscribe to know that the vue.js is supported? Thanks!
Great theme and congrats on the sales!

Question... how does the menu work? I added 2 menu items and 3 sub menu items to the 2nd menu item. When I expand "settings" (see below).. it adds "active" to the "settings" LI but the main LI retains the "active" class as well.

<ul class="nav metismenu" id="side-menu">
<li class="nav-header">
<div class="profile-element">
<img src="img/mokumax-logo-white.svg" style="width:170px;height:32px;">
<div class="logo-element">
<img src="img/favicon-32x32.png">
<li class="active">
<a href="index.php"><i class="fa fa-th-large"></i> <span class="nav-label">Dashboard</span></a>
<a href="minor.html"><i class="fa fa-cog"></i> <span class="nav-label">Settings</span> </a><span class="fa arrow"></span></a>
<ul class="nav nav-second-level collapse">
<li><a href="graph_flot.html">Flot Charts</a></li>
<li><a href="graph_morris.html">Morris.js Charts</a></li>
<li><a href="graph_rickshaw.html">Rickshaw Charts</a></li>
hi i am using Angular_Full_Version and i have couple of doubts

1 when i click on the logout option it give she following error
angular.js:13236 Error: Could not resolve 'login' from state 'dashboards'
at Object.y.transitionTo (angular-ui-router.min.js:7)
at Object.y.go (angular-ui-router.min.js:7)
at angular-ui-router.min.js:7
at angular.js:18744
at e (angular.js:5804)
at angular.js:6081

2. how can i add my custom form and access the form data in my new custom controller i feel i am missing a link which is what making me lost.
Can you please help me please?
How to get this INSPINIA to work at least me and the team can manage the project: create, edit, and display in chart form.
There should be a step by step guide for beginners, the documentation provided does not answer.
Thank you in advance
I use this theme and I'm satisfied.

The only bad point I have noticed is the minimal and not updated documentation. And it's a shame to have nothing (except this comment section) for support and question.
@Opsse Can show link to the website, I want to see the results
@cekwebsite A link to which website ?
The documentation I talk about is this one : www.feroliapps.com/template-inspinia-documentation (the only one I found)
Just for information, the online documentation is outdated, but the delivered documentation, inside your "Documentation" folder is updated with every release (at least the changelog anyway). Maybe there is still a lot of information missing in it. I don't know... maybe there should be a repo or something where we (the community) would be able to contribute to the documentation to make it evolve :-)
Thanks for the information, I didn't notice this documentation.

Yes I think it's mandatory for this kind of project to have a bug tracker and features request. And it's quite easy to setup such tool.

Recently discussed the release of the version of vuejs.
How soon to wait for release of the version on vuejs?

By the way, inspinia skin: https://i.imgur.com/moOfEFe.png
(webpack, vuejs, material design icons)

button animation: https://i.imgur.com/BHBQ9rH.gif
Is it possible for content loading to stay the same as the LUNA theme? Inspira loading is a green bar at the top of the page but it does not hide content until it is loaded. Thank you
Does your template include PSD files?
Hello, can I put a custom preloader at the beginning and then open the login page?
We're all waiting for angular 4 please
replay +1 if you waiting for it too ^_^! come on
I understand your frustration but the author already explained himself several times on that subject.

Besides, there is no +1 button, or vote button, or other rate buttons here. It will be wise not to spam the comments section with useless +1s.

Moreover, they will make us, users and community members seeking for information, hard to search and find the information we need. So please don't call for such things :-)

Thank you
Thanks for the awesome work. Any plans to add a Ember js version? Would be much appreciated :)

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