On your File upload example in your theme we can select multiple files on drop zone BUT WHAT IF WE WANT TO SELECT MULTIPLE FILE on file upload WITH button example or input grp example.

Thank you for contact. Currently I dont have multiple files upload by one button but here is some quick example code : http://jsfiddle.net/a0h1chdv/

Best regards, Damian
There is only single lavel TOP menu on your dashboard_4. how can we add 3 or 4 level menu on top for your dashboard_4

Thank you for contact. In Top menu I use simple Dropdown feature from Bootstrap. There is official way to multi level menu for dropdown but there are many examples how to achive it, for example: https://goo.gl/HyVV8u

Best regards, Damian
Is there a way to make the iBox title clickable?

Thank you for contact. You will need to write custom script for this. I don't have any prepared functionality for itbox title click event. If you will need any help feel free to write to me.

Best regards, Damian
i so sorry for stupid ask, i pay for this admin panel, but i looking the documentation and dont see nothing for install, i dont see any query for database, and dont see nothing comment for integrity with what or something else. why is the function for this template, how i do with this? how i install? what is the next? (check, i pay for this and dont know what i do)

Thank you for contact. Please firstly note that Inspinia is a admin template. It is not a full application with database etc. I dont provide bakcend service so there is no documentation on how to install it with datatables. Admin templates are used for building front of web application.

Best regards, Damian
In a forum post from about three years ago, you indicated potentially adding Gantt chart functionality to a future release. If I'm not mistaken, this hasn't happened so far, hence I'm wondering what your plans are and how difficult it would be to integrate something like https://github.com/robicch/jQueryGantt/ myself. Thanks.

Thank you for contact. You are right, I not added Gantt chart to Inspinia because of complexity. Thank you for suggestion, I will check this library as see if I can integrate it to Inspinia.

Best regards, Damian
Great template! I have been building the prototype of my application, and I am really excited to start 'actual' development.

I am wondering if there is an idea as to when the Angular 2 or 4 version will be ready?

Thank you for contact. Unfortunately no, I dont have any specific release date for Angular 4 project.

Best regards, Damian

Thanks for the response. I understand that a specific release date cannot be set, but I am wanting to know the following:

Is Angular 2 or 4 actively being worked on?
If so, what is the general timeframe as to when it will be available?

If I build my application using the current AngularJS version, then switch later, it may be more work than holding off until the Angular 2 or 4 version is ready.

Is there going to be a React version of this template? Any way to use it in its current form with React? thx

Thank you for contact. Right now there is no React project. I would love to have full React version but becouse of some features Inspinia has it is not that simple right now. Once I will have it fully working I will be able to say something more about.

Best regards, Damian
when are going to add bootstrap 4 ?


Thank you for contact. Don't have specific release date yet.

Best regards, Damian

I would like to purchase this theme and use it with a Laravel project. I read that since version 2.6.2 it is possible to create a New Laravel 5 Starter Project. How does this actually work? Also, do you have plans to provide a vue.js version?


Thank you for contact. Please note that I dont have full project for Laravel. I only added simple seed project to the package. If you want I can send it to you before you decied to purchase license. Feel free to contact with me on support email, but please note that I'm outside the office, so my response time may be a little longer then usual.

Best regards, Damian

thanks for your fast answer! It seems I need to check if that seed project fits my needs. I'll write to the support email so you can send it to me.

Big thanks in advance!

Kind regards

I just sent you access to the seed project.

Best, Damian

I am trying to use the seed project of ASP.NET MVC 5.
When i try to open the solution and compile and run it, the loading and refreshing of the login page takes good 30 seconds and the network log show DOMContentLoaded takes more than 30 seconds.

any idea how to fix this ?

Thank you for contact. I never had such an issue and no one reported any similar problem. Do you have disabled BrowserLink ? Do you have intelliTrace disabled ? There could be also something with IIS. If you can please do a screen record and send to me on support email.

Best regards, Damian
Please, can you let me know when update the Jqery Version to 3 and Bootstrap v4?

Thank you.

Thank you for contact. Current Static project use 3.1.1 jQuery. What project you are interested ? For Bootstrap 4 I don't have specific release date.

Best, Damian
Hi. I just upgraded to 2.7.1 and immediately noticed something I can't seem to get around.

In the config.js, if I want to call a specific controller, the lazyLoader will load the controller file but the controller isn't registered. It used to work in earlier versions of this template but I can't seem to make it work now. Here's the code:

.state('login', {
url: "/login",
templateUrl: "views/login/index.html",
data: {pageTitle: 'Login', specialClass: 'login-bg'},
controller: "loginController as vm", //<--- This doesn't work any more???
resolve: {
loadPlugin: function ($ocLazyLoad) {
return $ocLazyLoad.load([
files: ['views/login/indexController.js']
FYI. I installed your full AngularJS version on my server and ran it to ensure it all worked like your demo. It did. Then I modified the login to add a controller to it and that's where I see the problem. No other route in the config (except one) uses a controller so it's hard to troubleshoot with a working one.

Found out the problem. You have a bug in this version! ocLazyload is OLD! I upgraded to 1.0.8 and my issue was fixed. The 2.7.1 version of this template is using 0.5.2 which is buggy!

Thank you for contact and report this bug. I will remember to upgrade ocLazyLoad in future.

Best, Damian
Hi Team,

I got the theme from a github repository and used the colors and menu styles (left side bar) to create a theme for an open source application .

I want to contribute it to the open source community is that possible ?

Thank you for contact. Firstly if you download Inspinia code from Github then it is illegal copy of it. Secondly you can't just open source Inspinia theme, it is against the license. There is only two scenarios when you can do this - you need to build own app or theme much bigger then Inspinia or make significal changes to the theme itself. Please check license terms: http://support.wrapbootstrap.com/knowledge_base/topics/usage-licenses

Best regards, Damian
It's much bigger than the inspinia theme and only Colors and CSS used in the application not whole code of inspinia
Hi Damian,

Do you have a clean static html template for the design located here:

When the screen is showed on mobile, the navigation panel can be opened and will have a "hovering" look over the main screen without resizing the content. And i reeeeeaaaly love this design. But i can't find this design in de bought packaged unbder the "Static Full" site folder.

Kind regards,


Thank you for contact. You just need to add 'md-skin' to your open body tag. In documentation you can also find other available options.

Best regards, Damian
Hi, there is a bug on Firefox with select elements in forms (drop downs). It is a normal select under the Basic Form sub-menu.

The arrow is no longer visible, and background color of the drop down options is black.

I'm sending link with two screenshots.
In the first one you can see a black background in drop down.
In the second one you can see more clearly that the arrow at the end of the drop down is hidden. In Chrome you can see a full arrow pointing down.


Tested in:
Firefox Quantum 58.0.1(64bits)
Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu

Thank you for pointing this out. I will try to see why this is happen.

Best regards, Damian

I am using the INSPINIA theme and I am very happy with that.

But I see that when I maximize the browser (and also for some other sizes) with a page that does not have much content it still shows a vertical scroll-bar - this is the case in Chrome only (does not happen with Firefox, IE or Edge).

You can see this by opening your provided index.html in the Static_Seed_Project and you see the vertical scroll-bar to the right that is not needed.

I am running the latest version inspinia_v2.7.1.

Any input as to how I can sort this out temporarily until you pot. come with a new version (and a fix to this)? Any plans for new versions?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for contact. I remembar that thare was some bug with height in past versions but in the new versions it should work. I just tested it and I can't reproduce this bug. Do you have any warnings in console log ?

Best regards, Damian

Thanks for responding.

As stated I am using the latest version inspinia_v2.7.1, and I do not get any warnings or errors (looking in the console log).
I open the inspinia_v2.7.1/Static_Seed_Project/index.html and when not maximized it has no scroll, but when I maximize the scroll bar (vertical) appears.

Any suggestions?
I use Inspina v. 2.7.1 After loading a div via an ajax call, containing a collapse-link class, the collapse-link class does not work. I tried with $('.collapse-link').collapse(); but nothing. Is there a solution to this problem?
Thank you

Thank you for contact. Collapse feature fires on on('click') event so it should work with dynamic elements. Can you show me your code or some live example ?

Best regards, Damian
Thank you. Here is an example http://inspiniamvc5seedproject.azurewebsites.net/
Hi ,
i would like to ask about Angular 5 and bootstrap 4 support in inspinia.
i know from you reply to comments that no release date settled yet but is it something under work or just plans ?

Thank you for contact. Yes, unfortunately I dont have specific release date for Angular 4 project. It is because I can't build some of the functionality that Inspinia has with Angular 4. I'm thinking about some shrink version but it is not a perfect solution. For now I'm stuck with Angular 4 project.

Best regards, Damian
and bootstrap 4 ?
sorry i just saw your another comment about bootstrap 4 but any release date even roughly
Why you are taking so long time to upload a new version?
I'm looking forward to a new version with angular 5 with more integrated componets with styles of the inspinia.

are you working on some new version?

Thank you for contact. Unfortunately I have hard time with preparing Angular 4 project for Inspinia. I wrote about this in few comments. For now I want to have support for Bootstrap 4 to have mature and solid new version. New projects like Angular 4 or Vue or React has to wait.

Best regards, Damian
Maybe this is stupid or obvious question but I am not sure about this:

Is "Single application" good for this:
I am creating web service app (paid) which will be used by indefinite number of clients. They will register account on my server and use it on my server so there will be only one installation (on my server) but there will be lot of users that will use my service.

So inspina would be just user interface installed on my server and nowhere else but will be used by lot of different users.

Thank you for contact. In your case you are building SaaS (Software as a service) type app. And for this type of app you can use Single Application License. You can have as many users as you want and you can also have a paid access to your app. So Yes, Single License is good for this.

Best regards, Damian

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