I tried to use basic and advanced forms inside a wizard without success.
It’s that possible to accomplish?
If yes, how can I do it?

Yes, it is possible of course.
I received your email and just answered it.
If you have any additional questions feel free to write.

Regards, Damian
When will be avaible the version 1.4? We can wait for the long time review process take for {Wrap}bootstrap.

We plan to release versions 1.4 in early August. In addition, we are building a small support platform wher buyers will able to download latest updates and fixes as it takes a while for marketplace to adding them.

Best regards, Damian
I've been blown away by the attention to detail shown in Inspinia. It looks more like a Photoshop rendition than working HTML/CSS. The author has done an awesome job of styling not just Bootstrap, but also a disparate bunch of JQuery components and made them look like they've come from a single source. This theme will give my projects the leg up that they so badly need.
Thank you,
I hope you will like the new version - it will have many new views as well as elements.

Regards, Damian

If i purchase, when can i download version 1.3.1?
i know its demo is available on your website but when can we download it and use it?
Hi Jonathan,

For now just send me a email and i will send you package of 1.3.1 version. Please write your License ID received at purchase.

We wrote a few days ago to wrapbootstrap for update but we are still waiting. Soon will be a special platform for buyers with the latest updates.

Best regards, Damian
When will be available the version 1.4? and it has the option to save the theme color, draggable_panels position?

The new version will be released in next week. Theme color are built on class so all you have to do is to add interesting skin class to body element. For draggable panel please send me email and i will send you function to get current position of panel.

Regards, Damian

I am looking for angular version of inspinia , is it there in your roadmap ? if yes , when can I expect it to be released ?


Yes, angular version is our main point in roadmap. I can not give you a specific date but it will definitely be this month.

Regards, Damian

We are close to completion AngularJS version, in next week we will release new version to the market.

Best reagrds, Damian
Hi Damian,

We are very impressed by details of this theme! But I have several questions regarding the different licensing options before we can proceed.

1. We are building an SASS admin portal that will be used by our clients and employees. Do we need a single, multiple or extended license?
2. The application itself is one instance, does giving clients access to the application considered redistribution/resale?
3. Does the licensing price change with number of users?
4. Do we need separate license for the same application but different environment tiers or one license would cover them all? (Development, QA, Production)
5. Is it required to have a disclaimer on the application site to state something like “Powered by Bootstrap”
6. If we make modification on a theme component to fit our design requirement, what’s the implication on the licensing?

Thank you!
Hi Joseph,

probably a better detailed response you will have from wrapbootstrap support but i can answer as much as I know.
Ad. 1,2 - For SASS portal you can use Single application as long as it is one instance and you and you client not redistribute or resale app.
Ad. 3 - No, price depending of instance - not users. So you can have one instance and many users as you want.
Ad. 4 - No, you have one instance so you need Single application. If you have two apllication for example CRM for clients and CRM for employees than you will have to buy Multiple License. But if you have one apllication for clients and employees you can use Single License.
Ad. 5 - I'm not a lawyer but no. All you have to do is to include the license and copyright notice in your works - in css files.
Ad. 6 - Modifications are allowed. As long as you use it in one instance and not redistribute or resale you can modifie all you want and you can use Single License.


Best regards,
banzinho PURCHASED
Do you know when the new version will be released? I would like to start a project on it.


new version 1.4 will be released this week. Next stop 1.5 with Angular - at the end of the month.

Best regards,

When clicking on a little triangle image to sort by a header in the dynamic table, the image becomes bold, and thus larger, pushing the header text a bit sometimes. It would be nice if this image was not changing its size. Only changing the color would be enough. You have done a beautiful job anyway :-)

Kind Regards,

Stephane Eybert

thank you for pointing this. I will implement it in next version. If you don't want to wait just send me a mail and i will send you that improvement.

Thanks and regards, Damian
Hi. Just about to purchase - how long will it take for version 1.3.1 / 1.4 to be ready for download? Also, if we purchase 1.2 today, will we be able to download next update for free?


version 1.3.1 is ready for download. We just wait for wrapbootstrap to update it. As it takes a while for marketplace for update you can always send me a email and i will send you latest package of 1.3.1. Please also write your License ID received at purchase.

Best regards, Damian
And of course yes, once you purchased INSPINIA theme, you will be entitled to free download of all future updates.

Regards, Damian
Hi Damian,

We have purchased theme and Happy with decision :). Like to upgrade to new version. As per your post I need to send email to you. But not able to find your email anywhere. Is there any way to know email address.

Best Regards
Dinesh Sonsale
Harry Viet

Yes, you can contact on our profile page or direct via [email protected] Please contact us if you have any questions about theme.

Regards, Damian
Hello Damian!

You say that in the upcoming 1.3.1 version, the less files are going to be included. Does this mean that the current version is just a regular css file compiled from the bootstrap library?

If so, would this new version contain the source files? For us important to have access to them so we can override the variables if needed and load the bootstrap components selectively.

best regards,


Yes, version 1.3.1 has LESS files. The previous version had regular css files from the bootstrap and css files responsible for Inspinia theme. Of course ever version include all source files. New version include all structured LESS files (with variables etc.) to easily use selected components from theme.

If you would like to get some detailed information about the LESS file structure or get some example feel free to write me.

Best regards, Damian

I got presales questions:
1. how can I add a footer?
2. is there a way to permanently toggle sidebar/menu via JS?

thank you,

It depends on what type of footer you want to add: fixed or normal. Email me and I will send you example of both. About menu you want to remove small version and toggle via js only ? It is possible, I will show you how to do it also via example, it is best i think, just email me.

Regards, Damian
Ver1.4 is good update, I really appreciate your great works!

Then, I'm sorry for asking after your update work.
What kind of schedule to release is the version included SASS?
I want to try it.

By the way,please rest fully.When you have time, please reply.
Thanks so much!

Thank you and glad you ask. SASS files are also ready. We just decide to move it to the next version. If you want to try it now just send me email.

Best regards, Damian
I am eagerly waiting for SASS version of the theme. Any timeline for SASS version release?
It would be much helpful if you could send me the link for trial.

Kamal T
Hi Kamal,

Yes, SASS files are ready and wait to include in next version. If you want to try it now you can just send me email, i will send you it.

Best regards,
I just purchased and downloaded your theme, and I am having problems with form validations. Specifically I am trying to create a form where a password confirmation is required. Working with the login form I see some validation but I don't see any refrences to the jqueryvalidation plugin. For example, on the log in page if I leave the fields blank and hit LogIn a popup occurs with the following text "Please fill out this field" but I can't seem to find a script or location to change the text.

Q1: What is the best way to validate two text boxes such as a confirmation password?
Q2: Where can you change form validation text values such as "Please fill out this field"


Yes, two users report me this error. It is fixed and will implement with new version. It is a problem with lib and simples way to fix this is to download latest jquery validation .min file and overwrite with existing in js/plugins/validate folder.

For exemple of password confirmation just send me a email and i will show you how can you do this with jquery validation.

Best regards, Damian
the modal-form is not working since Version 1.3. The Dialog fades down, but is not editable. Same behaviour on all browser. I have tested it on your page and found out that 1.2 was still working. But all later versions not. Please give me some advice how to solve the issue.

Cheers, youssef

Yes, It is fixed and will implement with new version. It is a problem with lib of jquery validation plugin. The simples way to fix this is to just download latest jquery validation .min file and overwrite with existing in js/plugins/validate folder.

Regards, Damian
Do you have another advice?
I changed the validation plugin and had the same result.
Hi there.

I really really want to buy this theme but my employee requires a minimum IE8 compatibility because there a still a reasonable amount of corporates using our app with that browser.

Do you know what elements of the theme will not work in IE8 and if it is possible to get around this problem?


We have in the back support for IE8 but this is a minor point in our roadmap. With supporting for all major browser and their version we are more like to focus on development new views, plugins and improvements.

Yes I know what elements need improvements on IE8 so If you want detailed information about it just send me a email.

Best regards, Damian
kibitayo PURCHASED
What is expected release date for the angularjs version. If I initially purchase the single application version to try it out can I later upgrade to the extended version

thank you
Hi Kemi,

Initial we want to release angular version at the end of august but we have to test some plugin and we plan to release new version this week so stay tune.

About license, probably more detailed information you will get from wrapbootstrap support but from what I know if you buy Single version and you want to extended version later you will need to buy extended version alone. So it is better to buy target license in order to save.

Best regards, Damian
hi, the skins other tahan default have broken paddings. mainly skin3 which i like to use. but the footer is covering my elements above. please take a look at it. you can also see it on the dashboard1 page when you change skin
and it's this rule .skin-3 .wrapper-content {
padding: 30px 15px 0;

Thank you for pointing this. You are right footer cover minimal elements above. For quickly fix this you can just remove last 0 from style. So it will looks like this:
.skin-3 .wrapper-content {
padding: 30px 15px;
This will give a booton padding 30px for space between footer and elements above.
Thank tou and this small fix will be added to new version.
Best regards, Damian

Can i use last jquery version (2.*)?

I see only jquery 1.10.2 in the js folder.

Yes, you can. We tested plugins and working properly. In the new version we will also update jquery to v2.1.1.

Regards, Damian

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About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running:

  • Responsive 12-column grid
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  • CSS styles for forms, navigation & more
  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation