Just came across your design - looks quite nice.
Before buying I wanted to know - if there is done any backend examples? eg. how you load the data from a database into the different graphs? Further more is the user hooked up in anyway with a database - or is it only skin?

The resoson for the question is - that I'm looking for good examples on how to do the admin part of my application and structure my app.
I'm currently using Laravel together with Angular and of course bootstrap.

Hi fnigl,

Inspinia theme is a full front-end solution (theme). Curlently there is no backend services, but in AngularJs version for all charts (and others) there are directives and controllers example to help you start and show how to pass data to charts. But you will need your own server, database and services. You will need to write also some factory services to get data from backend.

If you need help or example how to write factory and get/handle data from server, manage in controllers and show in view please write to me at [email protected] I will be happy to help you. In next realese i plan to add some examples with RESTful services.

Best regards, Damian
englep10 PURCHASED
Hello, I am having some difficulties. Placing a Jotform code that I built into my pages. I am using Dream Weaver and I want my form i built with jotform to be as responsive as possible. What I envision having is being able to place my form into one of these floating boxes from this theme. ( I am using this theme, and do like it) However whenever I enter the code the form is too large or is not responsive how I want to be.

Any help will be greatly appericated!!

Please, I am running close on a deadline and want to get this finished soon.

Best Regards,

Hello Philip,

I do not know Jotform. But if something goes beyond the box, probably you will need to add container div with 100% of width. I do not know also whether the Jotform components are responsive. Send me a screenshot and maybe some example code and i will try to help.

Best regards, Damian
englep10 PURCHASED
I have made progress: http://imgur.com/6lN2XmC

I have a problem with the icon.
In local, when i open the icon.html on my browser, there is no problem, all icon are presents.

But when i upload all the directories on my server, i don't have icon.
Do you know what happen?



Maybe a matter of capital letters ? Check do you have copied the font-awesome folder and also check (maybe) you make some change in link element in meta data. And finally check case sensitive for folders. All folders names begin with a lowercase letter.

Regards, Damian
i just bought the theme and i want to integrate it with asp.net mvc 5.
could you help me?

Yes, just send me an email.

Regards, Damian
This template is well designed and very clean. The few questions I've had with my personal integration have been answered quickly by the developer - and he's even gone out of his way to add in some functionality that didn't exist. If you're looking for a template with good support you probably couldn't do much better than this one.
Hello Geoffrey,

Thank you for your kind words.

Best regards, Damian
I had the same experience as @Wolfnbasti. Support has been incredible and on going, always super fast to respond with always the accurate answer you were looking for. The support on this theme is A+++, I can't recommend enough.

Future suggestions, being able to add dates with a dropdown calendar.

@WebAppLayers, I saw the dropdown calendar already. I thought it didn't existed. Thanks.
Btw, is it possible to add a feature that when you add in a text field, it becomes a label or tag. Just like the multi select, but not using an option, using text field instead.
Found this, you can use this for my suggestions: https://github.com/timschlechter/bootstrap-tagsinput
Good luck and great work!
Hi Michie,

Great that you have found dropdown calendar and thank you for suggestion about tag input. I will definitely add this functionality i new releases.

Best regards, Damian
Hi, i'm having problems with dynamic datatables when they are set as scrollable. The header is being duplicated and with some space between them. This happens only with scrollable datatable. I'm using this code to startup the datatable:

<table class="table table-striped table-hover dataTable"> ...

$("table.table").dataTable({scrollY: 300, scrollCollapse: true});

You can see the table here: http://img42.com/7zWfb

I just check this and it is caused because we are replace .png icon from dataTables to font-awesome icon, and hidden row with scrollY option just show up. Let me know on email and i will send you working example with scrollY option.

Best regards, Damian
You can send the example to [email protected]

Thank you

First, great theme! Very clean and consistent looking. We will be using this template for a large stock trading web app and look forward to working with this theme very much.

We encountered an issue with the ibox css style.


Screenshot: http://img42.com/4mGgm

The drop down menu appears cut-off.

On IE v11

Thank you @art_vandalay. We are constantly try to improve Inspinia theme so in new version there will be an option to chose side of control box or turn on auto detected side. (it also fix your problem). For now you can just add ".right" class to config box, and to css file add: ".dropdown-menu.right { left: auto; right: 0;}" and it will open to the right.

This will be automatically detected in new version.
Best regards, Damian
Awesome theme! I will be buying it shortly! I just have a quick question: When will the frontend theme be done for this? Thanks again!
Hello @ryorsm,

Thank you, currently working on the next version also with FrontEnd website. I have plan to release it in October.

Best regards, Damian
Awesome thanks! Sounds good to me! :)
Just purchased! Thanks! :)

Would you be able to send me instructions for integrating the AngularJS version with an MVC5 project?


Yes, no problem, just send me an email and i will send you project example.

Regards, Damian
Hey Damian,

does your template include any popups as confirmation dialogs / modal dialogs / error messages etc.? I couldn't find any in the demo. Great looking template!

Hi @Bapp,

Yes, Inspinia include Gritter plugin for notification. It also include modal view. As theme is based on bootstrap you can call modal with same method like it is in bootstrap. Example you can find at basic form view. Please keep in mind that there is small fix for this as I describe it in previous comment, it will be added to new version. If you need some special example how to use modal don't hesitate to send me an email.

Best regards, Damian

Is there a mailing list we can subscribe to so that we can get notified when new releases are made? This would also help in being notified of any security issues in one of the javascript plugins (if and when they are found).


If you are a member at the Wrapbootstrap marketplace and you purchased Inspinia theme, you will be notified through email when an update becomes available.

Best regards, Damian
Hello Damian,

great looking template! I have three questions before I want to buy:
- Do you have any other form validation features than the changing border color for the input field? A nicely styled error description underneath the input field would be great or maybe an icon inside the input field.

- I've found the alerts but I haven't found a place where they are used. What I would like, is that the user would see the alert in a corner, for example when he has saved something, and after a few seconds it would fade out. Do you have something like this built in? Even better would be if the alerts would detect each other and not overlap but rather move position. You can see what I mean in this template, when you tap on the buttons at the top ("info message", "success message"...): http://iarouse.com/admin-transform-alt/dist-v1.3/index.html#/ui/components

- Do you have any dialogs? A modal dialog is a must in my opinion. Even nicer would be if the dialogs are stackable.

Thank you for your answer!
Hey Damian,

please ignore my two questions about alerts and the modal dialog. I got confused by looking at too many templates and didn't notice that I already asked you this question above. :) An answer regarding form validation would be great.

Thank you for your quick support here. This is inspires a lot of confidence for future buyers.

Hello Bapp,

No problem, I assume that you have found modal dialog and alerts. About validation it is a great suggestion. Yes, in 1.5 version there are only validation features than changing border color and add label info. But you're right, it could be more examples of styling validation. I will add some of new features in next version as i have in plan to add special view for validation examples.

Thank you and regards, Damian
HI, I would like to know if you have an option of doing "Editable Table in- combination with jEditable" using this tool? If yes, I am interested with getting this component. I would like to get data from backend and populate in a table where we can edit it and submit back to backend to update the data in the database. If this can be done using with this theme, I would be interested to get it. Thanks, Ravi
Hi @ravikirankethe ,

Yes, just look at the DataTables page, second table in static version, is exactly what you're looking for: DataTables with jEditable example implementation. If you need this in Angular version just leet me know. If you have any other question feel free to write to me.

Best regards, Damian
I'm have a few question.
1.Is there big diffirent between static vs AngularJS version ? Because , AngularJS version without ajax, it' seem similar with static version.
2. This template can intergrate with SpringMVC (java) ? And have any some demo to that ( working with backend) ?
3. The source code when i buy will look like the Preview version, or start with basic application. And the template can be easy editing ( because i'm study AngularJS , so have very much problems i'm don't understand to edit )
Thanks very much. ( Sorry for my bad English)
Hi thanks for asking.
Between static and AngularJs version there is a huge difference.

Firstly yes, it use ajax to load all page content as Angular itself use ng-view directive with injection page mechanism to include the template of the route. Additional we use ui-view directive for simple manage nested view.

Secondly AngularJS version contains a number of controllers example and directives written specifically to support angular framework. So for all charts, jquery plugins like datatables, calendar and many more there is written and implemented special directive that helps you start using it in angular way.

About Spring MVC, it can be easily implemented with Spring MVC as it is a frontend theme. Just include the required assets and use templates HTML and some factory to get data from backend. Let me know on email and have online article about this and code example.
About package. In package you will find core AngularJS version exactly like in preview with all examples, additional you will find a Seed Project: skeleton for a typical AngularJS web app to help you quickly start building with a prepared configuration.

If you have any question feel free to write to me.
Best regards, Damian
Hello Damian

About this statement:
"Let me know on email and have online article about this and code example."

Could you send me this article as well?

Best Regards

This is the best article we have about compined Spring MVC and AngularJS. http://uaihebert.com/complete-web-application-angular-twitter-bootstrap-spring-mvc-data-and-security/ To include Inspinia just include required assets from Inspinia (styles, scripts).

Best regards, Damian
I love your theme, what a great job.. I am looking for 2 specific features, a tree view and nestable lists..

I was unable to find these in the demo, any plans of adding them in a future release??


Thank you, yes we have in plans. Nestable list and other new features we have completed, we're finish tree view in both version. Still some work on the new views but I plan to release a new version this month.

Best regards, Damian
Is the AngularJS in JavaScript or CoffeeScript?
Is the project layout modular or sock-drawer (all directives in one folder, all controllers in one folder, etc).?
Hello chimmelb,

Yes, the AngularJS version is in JavaScript. We consider the CoffeeScript in future versions.

About the structure. As it depends on application (small app - flat structure, medium app - partition by controllers and services, large app - partition by features) we decided to give a starting flat structure and let users to choose and organize their own way as their app will be develop.

Best regards, Damian

I'm really considering buying this theme but something occured to me. Where do we put the logo?

Do you have something planed for the logos like a small logo or a big header logo?

Best regards!
Hi langel,

Yes, logo is planned to place in the upper left corner (please look at this example: http://webapplayers.com/logo.png) If you need any help with that just write to me and i will send you example.

Best regards, Damian
That looks really nice. Any change you add a header like this -> http://vitaminac.sdpjleiria.com/
I think that there will be no problem to add that kind of header. If you will need any help with that just write to me on [email protected]

Regards, Damian
claudioct PURCHASED
@WebAppLayers ​I am not able to put the logo as you ​demonstred.
​Can you guys help me?
@WebAppLayers. I've tried to put Logo, but it only shows when it's in the mini sidebar mode, and it disappears when I expand the sidebar.

Can you please advise.
Hey, this is one good looking theme. I am about to buy the same. However when i try the demo and make the sider fixed from settings, its getting vanished in Safari Version 7.1 (9537. OS X Mavericks.

Otherwise, its working great. Could you help?

Hey Anand,

Thanks for report this. I will check what cause that and let you know.

Best regards, Damian
Hi Anand,

I checked described effect on Safari 7.1. To fix it just set "height: 100%" on initialization slimscroll plugin. That will fix the problem. If you need any help with this just send me an email on [email protected]

Regards, Damian
Thanks a lot Damian. Purchasing it.

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About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running:

  • Responsive 12-column grid
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  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation