Awesome theme!

I've bought this template to use in a ruby on rails project. I've copied the files from 'ruby-on-rails' folder in the zip to the app/assets folder in my project.

When I visit the webpage, I get the following error from Sass - File to import not found or unreadable: compass. Which refers to the @import "compass"; line in the _Jednotka.scss file.

Can you please explain what's going wrong ?

have you installed compass?
Hi michalmarek,

Yes I have.


Any thoughts please? I'm assuming i don't have anything else to do to configure.


as first you have to add this line 'css_dir = "../html/assets/stylesheets/"' to config.rb in sass-compass directory and then from command line in sass-compass directory execute this command 'compass watch sass/jednotka_green.scss' ... it should work correctly, please let me know if you solved this problem.

Many thanks

Sorry that didn't work. Is there a better forum for you to manage support requests - don't want to clog this comments page with issues if you don't want to ?

The error is :
write c:/Sites/Resources/CSS Templates/Jednotka/jednotka-wb/html/assets/styl
NoMethodError on line ["402"] of C: undefined method `join' for #<ConditionVaria
Run with --trace to see the full backtrace
E, [2014-11-19T14:01:13.395479 #10084] ERROR -- : Couldn't cleanly terminate all
actors in 10 seconds!

Does that make sense ?

Yes, contact me via email and send me your files please.
Good theme :) Good luck with sales :)
Many thanks :)
mking333 PURCHASED
Hi, I've just purchased and I'm working on installation to my Rails 4.1 app.
I'm having the same issues as snobeaver above. Can you give me an updated rails installation doc based on the results from snobeaver?
I really love your theme! Just have 1 query before I can buy it.. will it be possible to keep the top-menu stick on top when you scroll the page? Really need this for what i'm looking for.

Let me know and I'll purchase it right away :)
Hi, I wrote you an email.
Hey Michal,

I am also wondering like mking333 about an updated rails installation doc. Please let me know if you got back to him and if so, where such information exists. Thanks!
Contact me via email. Thanks.
Hi, It cannot work on My Ruby on rails file. can you give some help?
Hi, I wrote you an email.
Hi everyone,

if you want to use this theme for Ruby on Rails app just follow instructions on this page http://jednotka.bublinastudio.com/docs.html#ror.

I hope it’ll be helpful.


Bought your theme a couple of days and have a question about the Flexslider in IE10. When switching slides the next slides flickers briefly in full before the elements animates in. Is there a way around this? First I thought I implemented the theme wrong but then I saw the same thing running your demo.

Otherwise, great theme! :)

Best regards,

sorry for late response, I'll check it.

Hey! Nice theme! I just bought this today. :)

May I ask you a question: it's necessary use the ruby on rails framework to run the site? Can I just copy the html files and edit images as I want?

Thank you again and congratulations for your work.

sure, you can use this template without ruby on rails framework.

cselling PURCHASED
I purchased 1.5 and downloaded the 1.6 update and noted that several files we older versions. I have listed below what I have found to this point.

* Bootstrap v3.0.2
* bootstrap.js v3.0.0
* jQuery v1.10.2

Please advise.


I'll check what's wrong. Thanks

cselling PURCHASED
Hello, any news on v1.6 containing code pre v1.5?

Don't know if this is a bug, but in the portfolio.html file, in mobile view, the collapsed menu is unclickable because it's behind paragraph text.

yes it's bug really sorry. I'll fix it in package. For fixing just remove position: absolute property from the element(class="sidebar sidebar-fixed"). This should resolve the problem.

chopanda PURCHASED
Hi Michalmarek,

By removing "sidebard-fixed", I can fix the mobile view. However, when changed to wide browser view, the menu on the right no longer stays when scrolling down. Is there a way to keep the side menu visible in wide browser view and fix the menu in mobile view together?


in this case don't remove this class 'sidebar-fixed' but only define 'position: relative' for this class for mobile in media query.

Is there any way to make a fixed or shrinking navigation bar?
sure, just follow these steps http://jednotka-v1-6.bublinastudio.com/docs.html#fixed-header.

Loving the theme. How would I go about updating font-awesome from 3.2.1 to latest 4.x version?
I actually just created a login to ask this same question. I just downloaded Font-awesome 4.3.0 from their website. I can't just throw it into my fonts folder with the name 'font-awesome' because the jednotka stylesheet doesn't have class fa, just fa-icon
I think I have got it, almost. I deleted old font-awesome from sass-compass and copied over new files. To FA's mixins file I added similar method from older version (see below). After that I had to replace all old icon name variables with new variables (fa-var-iconname). In new FA core change font file path. Lastly change fonts and places where icons were used (icon-name to fa-name). Kinda works, but I am getting squares instead of actual icons. Will update once figure out the issue

@mixin icon($icon) {
@include fa-icon();
content: $icon;
To make it finally work, one must replace every instance of "fa-icon-" with "fa-", and then add "fa" class for icon to actually work. After those edits compass seems to compile everything with no issues. If seller wants to contact me I can forward the sass folder to check out if it is any good.

I will update Jednotka to Font-awesome 4.3.0 this week.

I didn't think I needed anything from sass-compass. I don't actually even know what it's for. I just used the resources in the html folder.

I just re downloaded Jednotka assuming font-awesome has been updated.

What I'm really not sure about is what do i need to copy over from the latest 1.6 folder to my current site to use the fa class. Becuase it still only recognizes the fa-icon class. Which doesn't work for the new icons obviously
Hello michal,

I purchased your awesome theme last night via paypal directly (without register a user at this site at that time). I hooked it with Rails follow the instructions in the document, it almost worked perfectly, the problem I got is none of the images can be displayed, get images 404 looking at the chrome console, but they're all there in the app/assets/images. Could you please kindly help me out here? Thanks.

Hello michal,

The images that not get displayed are the ones like scroll-to-top, flex-prev, flex-next, fa-icon-angle-down, fa-icon-twitter...basically the icon ones.

contact me via email please. Thanks

Hello michalmarek,

The navbar breakpoint seems to be broken.

This can be demonstrated by going to the demo page : http://jednotka-v1-6.bublinastudio.com/, then inspecting the navbar with the browser, then replace

<nav class="navbar navbar-collapsed-sm navbar-default" id="nav" role="navigation">


<nav class="navbar navbar-collapsed-md navbar-default" id="nav" role="navigation">

Could you have a look please ? My guess is the file theme/structure/_navigation.scss needs to be updated.

thank you for your attention. I will update it asap.


I updated Jednotka so please download updated files.

Michal Marek
Dear michalmarek,

Getting back to this 3 months later, I seems the problem is still not fixed.

Going to http://jednotka-v1-6.bublinastudio.com/ and modifying the navbar with the browser's dev tools gives me the same result as previously.

When I apply the `navbar-collapsed-md` class to the nav element, the menu still collapses at 768px instead of 992px.

Would you please have another look at this bug? Thank you.

check http://jednotka-v1-6-1.bublinastudio.com/

Great theme - got me from zero to great looking finished website in under a week. Cheers :)
I'm glad that you are satisfied with the template and thank you so much for your feedback :)

readme.txt says: "Documentation is located in html/docs.html. Images are not included in the main download."

But there is no html/docs, and I'm not sure I understand -- are the images available for download elsewhere or not? If yes, where?


images are not included in download folder. Documentation is also available here http://jednotka-v1-6-1.bublinastudio.com/docs.html.


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