my navbar-brand disappears on mobile devices.

All images are not showed on mobile devices.


do you have retina display on mobile?

Hi Michal,
the solution you gave me by email was perfect!
All images needed @2x vesion and all works fine!

Nice project and fast reply!
Hi Michal,
navbar fixed="true" works well only in home page for me.

In other pages if there is fixed="true" directive, works scrolling down but is hidden coming back to the top of the page.

I sent you email with instructions.

I'm thinking of purchasing this theme and I have a quick question:

Would I be able to change the color of the theme to a different color (not included in the style switcher) or am I limited to the those colors only.
Of course, you can change it. Just replace hex color in .scss/.css file.

Nice theme!
I purchased it a little while ago and am using it on my Rails project. I have pretty much everything working but can't change the navbar font color. I added text-contrast to the ul but it's not working.

<div class="collapse navbar-collapse navbar-header-collapse">
<ul class="nav navbar-nav navbar-right text-contrast">

you have to use this class on <span> in specific link in navigation.


I'm looking to purchase this template. I liked it the most among all I've seen so far. It has a very modern look but not too flashy at the same time. However, I find one thing annoying and that is the drop down menus at the top. The styling on those drop-downs looks very dated and completely out of place in this template. I can't fully describe the problem - may it's the center aligning of the text, and those thick semi-transparent border and the light-colored background, or the font. There's something that's not clicking. In fact, the styling you have in the compact (mobile) view (with a dark background) has a much more polished feel.

Is there a way to easily change the style of the drop down menus?

I'm really hoping that you can help me overcome this issue (through a quick configuration) and proceed with the purchase.


you can change everything you want in css. It depends on your demands.

Dear Michal,

I am using v 1.7 and I can't make the navbar collapse at MD by setting the class to "navbar-collapsed-md". I noticed that you have fixed that a year ago. Is it possible the bug is back? Or is it my mistake - can you please help me?


maybe the update v1.7 is wrong about this. I will check the issue and I will let you know.

Thanks for message

I released new update so your issue is fixed in this update.

Dear Michal,

unfortunately the update didn't help at all:( Can you please fhelp me?

Hi, The parent (top level) items in the navbar wont work unless I remove the link to bootstrap.min.js - but doing this will stop the mobile menu and testimonials etc. from working.
Resolved it by removing class='dropdown-toggle', data-hover='dropdown' and data-toggle='dropdown' - An awesome theme so will purchase as soon as client gives my proposal the thumbs up!
Hi Michal,

I have purchased your template and i think it is terrific.

I would like to have a fixed navigation bar along the top, and when the user scrolls down the navigation remains at the top and the background becomes white. Is there anyway to accomplish this at all?

Thanks again,

look into this part of documentation http://jednotka.michalmarek.sk/docs.html#fixed-header.

Hello, I already have WP installed on my host, but when I try to upload/install the theme I get the error:
Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.
This theme is not prepared for using with WordPress. This is static html theme.
I just bought this theme and am trying to insert it into my rails application. The font, images and icons are not working.help
Check your path to assets.
Hello, I´m using McBook Pro and Safari, I don´t have access to the preview.
Hi, it works for me. Not sure what can be wrong on your side.
Hey People, i bought your template, Yes it did not come with any images, No Problem...
but the problem i have right now is that i cant get to set the background image to work, its still showing 1920x535 no matter what i do

if you want to confirm the email i bought it with this is it "[email protected]" but that email belong to my brother, is not around(He move out) so contact me here [email protected]

Please, This is Urgent!!!!
Hi there!

Check this out http://jednotka.michalmarek.sk/docs.html#carousels-how-to-set-background-image

I'm having trouble with the font-awesome.
When I enter an icon, it shows me another one.
Fa-suitcase should show me a suitcase, but show me a mouse

Do you know how to solve it?

check http://fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/ for icon references.


We would like to buy this template. Within implementation of website based on this template can we use photos that are delivered with template?


you should buy them(license) for using. You can find image references in documentation.

oliverw56 PURCHASED
I recently bought this theme and I just realized it expects rails 4. I am running into dependency issues on rails 5. Is the theme still supported?
Theme supports Rails 4.
seedware PURCHASED
Where are the PSD files, I'm unable to locate them in the download. Are they available somewhere else within the documentation?
Try to download theme again.

Hi, just bought this theme and set it up.
Having some trouble, the top part of each page doesnt load.
I see the navbar, but then nothing under that, like where says "form.. or blog...", and then the page resumes later?

can you send me more information about this issue into email like screenshot or something like that?

Great theme. I did struggle a little, however, with figuring out how to get the background image behind the navigation and heading on sub-pages in place. I ended up assigning a background-image to the 'wrapper' div. I didn't see that anywhere is the documentation...just thought I would leave a note here in case people are looking for the same answer that I found. Thanks.

Many thanks for your observation. I will add it into documentation in next update.

Hi there, I'm using the README doc to get the theme to work, but after running through the installation steps I get nothing when I deploy. Can anyone bother to help?

contact me via email and provide me more information. I'm not sure what you are struggling with.

ok nvm sorry, I got it running locally, but as many have said there's no images or font. is that correct?
yes, images used in demo are not included in downloaded package.
Compass is no longer supported. There is a common error I see and others see here about sass

Is there an easy way to switch from Compass to another library?

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