Hi there!
Thinking to buy Kanzi but have a doubt.
How to install it ? Wordpress ? Normal Web Hostings ?
Thnx and cheers
I just bought and downloaded the template. However, what I don't understand is that there is no Master layout file. If I have to update the logo, menus and footer, I have to apparently do it on every page. Is that correct, or is there a universal include file that I can update and it will change the common elements.
For this you would need a CMS of some sorts. You can't do that in plain HTML. I've also just purchased this theme and will be implementing it in a CMS! :)
even I had this observation. You could have used html5 import tag to keep all common headers, navigation etc.
Is it possible to have a static header here with this template?
Hi. Thanks for the great template. I'm having trouble using the Bootstrap modal within this template. It seems the style.css stylesheet might be where the issue lies. When I remove that stylesheet, the Bootstrap modal behaves as expected. Would you have any recommendations?

I had the same issue with modals - try remove the z-index in the header_wrapper.

.header_wrapper, .top_wrapper {
width: 100%;
height: auto;
position: relative;
background-size: 100% 1000px;
/* z-index: 1; */
I tried that but still couldn't make the modal to work. Anyone else had luck on making modal show?
Hi everyone, Sorry for this but I didn't get a notifications about these comments.
Do you have a PSD layout of this template we could get? We just purchased this template and we wanted to use it during the design process prior to uploading a test site.

Yes its included
Clean and corporate design. Like it!
thanks a lot
Just worked on this template for someone (it had already been installed) and was VERY impressed at how simple it all was.

Question is; how do you install it?

Thanks very much,
Oh, and happy Thanksgiving
I like this template, very neat. Is there an option to freeze the header nav bar?

Hi Sentha,

you just comment one line in javascript and the header will be sticky
How can I put a video in the background of the revolution slider? I want a 100% width video.
I will upload in the next month new version that includes the new revolution slider inside it
Hi, do you have an estimated date on when would you update it to the latest bootstrap version (3.3.1) ??
Hey, Yes next month there will be so many updates on the template.
Nice and clean. Liked it, however there appears to be a bug on home pages. The 4 icons below top slidebar doesn't appear till the page is scrolled once.

This happenes in home version 1 & 3.
Hi thanks for the comment, the problem with the icon is the animation won't start until the scroll is ready, this can be fixed by removing animation from the element
That's not a solution and moreover there is no animation there. The page looks incomplete without those bottom text blocks. If you are not sure, I am talking about where four text block (RESPONSIVE DESIGN, VERY FLEXIBLE, UNLIMITED SKINS, etc). I like to buy buy but this is a blocking issue for me.
This is pic describing the problem, see the area marked with red arrow

Excellent product. Just one question: How can I add google maps into an accordion?

When I add a map only the first "according-row" is showing up the map properly.

Thanks in advance!!
Hi, Thanks for purchasing our template, can you give more details about what you want to do
No offense to the author, but the code contained in "_scripts.js" and "jquery.themepunch.revolution.js" is broken beyond belief. If you attempt to combine and minify the required assets for the template these two scripts cause serious problems due to a slew of missing ;'s throughout multiple places. Also, it's a good thing this isn't C because there volume of re-declared "var" statements would cause some serious memory leaks. :)

Like I said, not trying to be rude, just annoyed that I'm having to clean up these files so that I can take advantage of a feature everyone should use to speed up server performance.

Can you please fix these two files and re-publish this template to save other people some trouble?

Thanks again.
BTW: Aside from the issues with the script files, the template looks fantastic and works quite well. Sorry I clicked Add comment before finishing my comment.


Missing semicolon. _scripts.js 1661 29 - over and over and over... this is the root cause of breaking bundling.

This is also concerning:
eval can be harmful. _scripts.js 1654 119 - yikes, there are several of these in this file.

Confusing use of '!'. _scripts.js 1654 100 - indeed, this line of code is hard to read.

'e' is already defined. _scripts.js 1695 32 - This is what I was referring to in my previous comment about leaking memory if this were C...

Only I actually stumbled on a real leak:
You might be leaking a variable (c1) here. _scripts.js 557 18

Can we get these cleaned up?

Thanks again,

Hi Eric,

I'm sorry for this trouble, I will update it soon with bower with all dependencies, and _scripts.js is not necessary.

its the same as kanzi.js

activeaxon - Thank you for your reply!! I look forward to the update. I didn't realize that _scripts.js wasn't necessary, I appreciate it! :)

Thanks again very much!!
on footer HOME I need call to twitter for showing last two twits. How can I do it?
Documentation only show me how I configure twitter account.

Hi felixmaestro,

Twitter widget on footer is only static html and you cannot configure it right now, because you cannot do it in javascript that's why you need to do it in server side.
yes, I have my site on server and I need knowing how can I configure "jQuery twitter feed plugin" on _script.js or configure that you talk on Kanzi-Documentation.pdf about "Configure Twitter Account"!!!

Can you show me any site where I can see Kanzi template working, please?


the idea is you cannot configure twitter on javascript anymore because of twitter services, that's why the twitter widget in this site is just to use the style and html markup from it, so you need to use another server side plugin and then use the html and css for this plugin.

What is the language you use in your server side?

and here is some sites using Kanzi
Thanks for you reply.
I found one plugin for add tweets n footer. Forget it, thanks.
Any of sitse you send me is working with some blog!!!!

To admin blog.html and blog-single.html is manually so I have to edit html code, etc. Is there any plugin for admin blog?

I see admin a blog on Kanzi template isn't easy. Can you recommend me any Wordpress theme similar to Kanzi template style, colors, etc, please?


You can convert the HTML files to php files containing wordpress functions for blogging functionality, and about the theme that is similar to kanzi maybe this would be good:

but you have to change the colors in the theme to match kanzi color
Hi there!!!
any answer here?
Is there any forum where can I ask to the admin theme?


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