Can you provide me with some information how this theme gets implemented? Is it just one css file?
Can you message me?

Hello John,

Basically to use this template you can start with dashboard page or blank page provided. Then you can pick contents/elements such as chart, form, metrics or others to be added to your newly created page. It's like copy and paste, more or less. Yes, it's a single css file, but with separate Sass file (.scss) if you use Sass.

The theme provides documentation to get you started.

Thank you.
This is a great admin theme!

May I ask how can I edit this theme?
Which Editor do I use for this theme for my site or application development?

Thanks for answering!

Thanks for your interest in KingAdmin.
You can start from blank page provided and take the elements such as forms, charts etc you want from demo page to your blank page. It's more like copy-paste job. Moreover, we provide you with theme documentation for guide and reference.

Sublime text is so far our favorite editor, it's simple and fast.
Thank you.

Hello, how can i add datatable export html5 buttons?


Thank you for purchasing KingAdmin.
Datatable demo can be found here http://demo.thedevelovers.com/dashboard/kingadmin-v1.6.2/tables-dynamic-table.html, it requires Flash plugin however.

Open file assets/js/king-table.js and find '#datatable-data-export', you can see an example of configuration where you can apply export buttons. Also, mind the datatable extensions needed dataTables.tableTools.min.js

Hi Ted,

I like the dashboard a lot and very pleased to be able to apply into my new project easily. One issue I am having at the moment is I am not able to render select elements the way it is shown in form-elements page. I only get html plain native select box. What are scripts and css required to beautify these select elements. I tried all the script in the page and I couldn't get the expected.

Kind regards

Hi Imraaz,

Glad to know you like KingAdmin.
Regarding your problem, you need to include plugin bootstrap-multiselect, also don't forget to configure and init the plugin, you can see the scripts at king-elements.js.

If you still have an error, please open your web development tools to see if there are any other javascript errors that break the plugin.

challgren PURCHASED
When ever I print a page using the theme, this includes the Live Preview there is a line where the nav menu is displayed that is printed on the paper. Also the invoice prints with the same line.

PDF prints are at



If you want to style certain elements in printing media, use @media print at css.
So, left border shouldn't be displayed when you want to print the page.
@media print {
.content-wrapper {
border-left: none;

Thank you for reporting this.

I discovered ur template and I very interesting to install it for my company.
But I've question before, I've few data from SharePoint or Excel Files, do you know if possible to convert data from Excel files on this template in order to centralise data with ur template.

Otherwise, I think I need to create database on MySQL to translate it on Ajax right ?
Sorry for my English, I'm French user :)

Thank You
Hello Mickael,

Thanks for your interest in KingAdmin.
As far as I know, there's always a way to connect from/to data file, in this case Excel. However, I didn't know what part of the template that you mean for this requirement. Anyway, take a look at this PHP library to read and write spreadsheet files https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel


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