Hi dear.

Purchased your few days ago to adapt your beautiful design for one of customer's project. Most of the things are going on smooth but I faced a trouble to refresh charts. I followed the source code and crated a pie chart successfully with my own data, but having a hard time to add up search term condition and reload the chart. If you can get me with a little advice it would be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.
Hi KarlJeong,

Thank you for purchasing and reaching out to us!

We used charts libs for charts and the best way to achieve your goals is to check their docs.

Have a wonderful day!
Sorry for the late reply.

Just solved it with jquery to empty the chart area and redraw.

Thank you.
Hi dear.

I have another question about pagination. I made a dynamic table with jquery and it works with client-side as default. Is there any way to use server-side feature? I tried it with normal jquery and datatable lib but it is not working. Please leave me a guide.

Thanks you.

What lib have you used for the data tables in your project, please?
Sorry for my late reply.

I included 'jquery.dataTables.min.js' for the server-side pagination but it didn't work for me.
Hi KarlJeong

What kind of LightBlue do you use?
Does the angular version support SSR?
Hi Jirungaray,

No, it does not support SSR at the moment.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I am planning to purchase this template (extended version). I wanted to know whether can I customize it according to my Client's requirement, for instance, customizing the scroll bar(adding color and style to it) or adding a collapsible sidebar menu.

Hi Jayati,

Yes, but, please, notice that you'll have to change theme's sass for it.

Happy Holidays!
Notice a bug in the demo @ mobile layout. The dashboard item will be overlapped by the nav menu if second level menu is expanded.
Hi Choi2k,

I tried to reproduce your issue, but it works fine for me. Can you add some details of your steps?

Thank you!
How can I configure angular app to use the html-transparent template instead of the dark one ?
Hi Cguerin

Unfortunately you have to copy all styles by yourself.
We are working on the theme support right now.

Thank you.
does this template support RTL? if yes I will buy it now
Hi Hamzehhirzallah

No we don't support RTL .

Thank you.
pupizoid PURCHASED
Hi! I'm running Angular-Seed version and it seem to lack Nested List component. Will it appear in future releases?
Hi, pupizoid!

We will discuss this feature
Hi, pupizoid!

We will discuss this feature
What is the .net template forecast?
Hi, jpdelboni!
We are going to develop .net version, but not in the near future.
wasim221 PURCHASED
I want to buy your template and I need timeline, chat, profile pages of your SING template, I mean social pages mostly. Is there any plan to include those pages here ? I want these features in angular.
Hello wasim221,

Thank you for your purchase!

Yes, indeed we are going to add these pages to Light Blue in the next release.

Best regards,
Hello. I have purchased this product and want to use react seed project provided in the package.
Can you please help me with how to change the theme from default dark version to white or light version.
Dear mithleshdhore,

You will have to manually copy scss file contents from light theme of html version to react version, since themes are currently supported only by html version.

Best regards,

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