Hello, Philip!
I bought your product (Light Blue - Dashboard theme) and i'm happy with it.
I have this question, how do i find out when you release an update? How do I download it?
Here in wrapbootstrap everything is confusing. They say my download link expires after 5 downloads.
Hi @latlov!

Thanks for purchase!

I'll recommend to attach an order to your account - https://wrapbootstrap.com/support/order-attacher
Then every time an update goes live you'll be notified.

I will buy light blue with Multiple applications lisense, how to get updates?? or how i would download??
i will work with PHP(symfony) any problems with that??
Hi @maurocaba!

Thanks for your interest and sorry for late response!

After you buy a template it will be displayed in your account. You will also be able to download it there.
Every time we release an update all customers get notified via email.

No, there won't be any problems when integrating it with symfony - that's a pretty common case of Light Blue usage.

Thank you!
Hi okendoken
where I find more documentation on light blue and libraries
There is a folder called "documentation". You can find everything here.

Hope it helps!
Hi okendoken
the select can only be white???
How can i make them transparent??, like the rest of the form elements
Hi maurocaba,
Thanks for purchase!

Are we talking about select2 or bootstrap-selectpicker?

Hi Okendoken,

I bought the product in 2013/11/02. I have been running a website with it and am looking to upgrade to version 3.1.

However I modified a few bits and bobs using the version I bought originally and stupidly have lost the original version.

Is there anywhere I can get old versions as the only download links I have are for version 3.0 and 3.1


Hi mikebywater!

Thanks for purchase!

Please ping us on [email protected] - we'll send you a copy of any previous version needed.

Hi okendoken,

I have narrowed it down to being v1.5 I need by looking at the changelog.

I have sent an email [email protected] and am awaiting a reply.

Thanks for all your help

Sent a copy via email.

Any plans to integrate ghost and also grunt-uncss? (http://addyosmani.com/blog/removing-unused-css/)

I plan on doing this myself, but it would be awesome to see this included in the template.
Hi zvxy,

Awesome plugin, man. Thanks for the feature request.
This will be included. Give us few days.

What about "ghost"? Any details?

Another thing, and this is a big issue (ignoring the obvious gzip part which is server dependant):


The production settings needs to be improved.

1) Library files need to be minified not just copied
2) Only the necessary libraries should be copied over (if possible)
3) All javascript files need to be concatenated using grunt-contrib-concat, this includes library files. Would be cool to see this include individual page scripts, not just dependencies / files required by all pages.
4) CSS + Html need to be minified

Again, I plan on doing this myself (I'm at 80/100 so far without gzip and concatenation) -- I need to do all this stuff before I can deploy, but just a heads up.

I'll keep all of your feedback in mind when making an update. You'll review then.

Hi okendoken,

We are using Light Blue with JSF 2.0 xhtml templates. When we try to load a page from a button click or a link (a href="page.xhtml"), the site looses the menu state, because with the template all site is reloaded.

There is a way to keep the menu state unchenged ?

Another question:

Wich is the best way to load a page when the user clicks a button or link? We try to use "onClick=JavaScript:function();", but doens't work.

We can use jquery click event instead ?
Hello mdsistemas!

Thanks for purchase!

Sorry, didn't get your first question. But I guess you talk about keeping active navigation item. If so then there is a chunk of code in app.js:110

PjaxApp.prototype._changeActiveNavigationItem = function(event, xhr, options){

this function looks for current active item in the menu and sets it. You may try to play around with it to adjust it for your needs.

The best way to load a page when the user clicks a button or link is to use default browser behavior for that: initiates a GET/POST request, server responds for that request with an html.
This changes, however, if you build a single page application (thick frontend). Then you'll expect all your links to be handled by javascript, which makes a request itself, and receives JSON in response.

So it depends :)

If you have more details, we'll try to help. Send us a note.

Hi okendoken,
We are now working in two applications with the template, one with JSP and another with JSF 2.0.

In the JSP:
We create page fragments with the common html code:


So in a specific page, for example usersCrud.jsp, we use jsp include page directive like this:

<jsp:include page='menu.jsp'>
<jsp:include page='header.jsp'>
<div> Page especific content </div>
<jsp:include page='scripts.jsp'>
<script> <!-- page especific scripts --> </script>

When the user clicks in a menu link the page is loaded with the <a> tag, i.e: <a href="usersCrud.jsp" /a>.
So, in every page call all the scripts and styles are loaded.
This works fine, but when we call a page from a link inside another page, like a Save button, some scripts stoped working, like onclick events, and jquery load functions, this is very weird.

Do you have any tips about this? We take a closer look inside app.js and PJax , and loadScripts function seems to work.

Another question, we don't compilate the template, we are using the code from "dist" folder:

It's necessary to compile?

Hola, yo compré este producto, mi pregunta es: ¿Cómo implemento esto en mi aplicación asp.net mvc?
mes13310 PURCHASED
Is there a way to stop the auto collapse of the sub menu on mouse out, when using on a computer? I want the sub menu to be continually displayed once the menu item is clicked on.

2nd question which is probably related to the first. When using on an iPhone it is impossible to use the menu without it auto collapsing. This renders the app useless for mobile devices, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of bootstrap? If the bottom item on the menu is below the bottom of the iPhone screen, it's impossible to tap on the menu item because it auto collapses.

So is there was a way to prevent the auto collapse?

Hi mes13310!

Thanks for purchase!

I guess we are not talking here about latest version, but some previous one. Which one?


I have issues when using Google Charts (https://developers.google.com/chart/) with Light Blue.

When I use the timeline or pie chart, the text color becomes white. The default color is black, but it stays white, whatever solution I try.

Example: http://fok.zevkiselim.nl/crew4.0/?p=user&id=151187

Please do a mouseover over the pie chart. Text color is unreadable (white on white), and I can't change it.

Could you help me with it?
Hi zarGon,

Thanks for purchase!

Google charts is a 3rd party lib which is not included into LB, so we can't help with integrating it.

Try to iteratively apply sass styles from LB - maybe you will be able to hunt out conflicting styles.

Hi okendoken,

we're thinking about buying your LightBlue Bootstrap theme.

I've got some questions though. Are all the components that you use ajax friendly?
We want to create the app complete ajax-based, loading all pages via ajax and so on.

Is there any way to automatically intialize the components after an ajax load? ( for example the statistic charts will need an initializing call after an ajax load i guess)

How did you manage it on the preview page?

Thanks in advance :)
Hello philf!

I apologize for a late reply

Yes, there is way. Even more in ajax version every page is initialized dynamically after pjax request completes itself.

function pageLoad(){
// page initialization code goes here


For example take a look at forms.js file.

Hi okendoken,

I just have bought your product, but I am facing some problems to build a package.

I installed node and grunt, but when I am trying to run "grunt --env=development --target=html-transparente", the "Warning: Couldn't find the `compass` binary." is shown in the terminal.

Do you have any idea of what could be the problem? Sorry for my english and for this simple quastion.

Hello carlosost!

Thanks for purchase!

Please find a guide on how to install compass in your documentation under "Scss" section.
In short, you need to install ruby https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/ and compass http://compass-style.org/ gem.

Hi Okendoken,

I am using almost the same code you did for the nav sidebar. Here follows a small piece of the code.

<body class="background-dark">
<div class="logo">
<a>WS <strong>RJ</strong></a>
<nav id="sidebar" class="sidebar nav-collapse collapse">
<ul id="side-nav" class="side-nav">
<li class="active"><a href="../OrdersController/index">
<i class="fa fa-shopping-cart"></i>
<span class="name">Orders</span></a></li>

<li class="panel"><a href="../ClientController/index">
<i class="fa fa-group"></i>
<span class="name">Clients</span></a></li>

The problem is when I alternate from one page to the other, some styles and functionalities just doesn't work and I need to reload the page to make them work again. Specially the styles of the Selects and the dynamic tables.

Do you have any idea of what is happening?
Hi carlosost!

Thanks for purchase!

Did you make sure that all your page initialization code is wrapped with pageLoad function?

function pageLoad(){
// page initialization code goes here


For example take a look at forms.js file

Hi Okendoken,

I was wondering if there are any samples in .NET MVC (or Visual Studio in general) which use your LightBlue templates?


Thanks for purchase!

Unfortunately no, there is no built-in examples of integration with MVC .NET

I have problem with Pjax Enable

I have disabled Pjax but sidebar menu not keep status active and collapse.

How to fix it?



thanks for purchase.
It's not very clear actually what is the problem you have.

After setting

window.PJAX_ENABLED = false

in app.js and recompiling dist folder it is all good in my environment.
Could you please explain in details what does "not keep status active and collapse" mean?

I don't think overwrite default style is the good way.

I suffer from the bug cause by svg {height: 100%, width: 100%}.

The bug make leaflet vector layer cannot display , because the parent dom of svg has style {width: 0, height: 0}

I debug this for 3 hours and finally found that it is the overwriete default style caused!

Thanks for purchase!

Yes, this is known issue for us. If you contacted us with a support request via email, we would assist you on this matter.

We will reset svg styles to defaults since next release.

Hi I have a question can you guide me on how would I go by to implement this template in a mvc project, I bought the template a couple of days ago and have no idea where to start.

Dear customers!

Today we have started to work on a Bootstrap 4 and Angular 2.0 update for Light Blue. The estimated release date is the end of January.

Please let us know if you have any proposals or bugs so we could improve our product further ;)


P.S. Wishing a happy new year everyone!
I just bough this theme, actually by mistake - I've sure there is AngularJS version is there, unfortunate no :(
When is the 1st release of Angular 1.x/2.x version is planned? and what's my eligibility for this update?


I bought the template a time ago and I have two problem.

1) In phones, when the menu shows and you try to scroll down to reach the lastest items, the menu collpases and you never can reach last item in the menu. I have version xxx but I can reproduce the bug in your live preview demo. I have seen in comments sections, a guy have the same problem ¿Could you tell me if the problem already have a solution? if not ¿Could you tell me where can I find some clue to fix it by my self?

2) I can't use the bootstrap tooltip, I follow the bootstrap official instructions and I checked that the tooltip scss is loaded in application.css and the tooltip.js is included in bootstrap.min.js. I Always get the same result: when I hover a tooltip element, the text of the tooltip shows in the left below corner without any css style but with the fade efect.
I tried to add jquery.min.js, bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap.min.js from their cdn with the same result. In the template I can't find some place where you use the bootsrap tooltip so I don't know if the problem is mine or yours. ¿Could you check if the bootstrap tooltip is working in your template? if not, ¿Could you give a clue to fix it by my self?
I have the 3.1.0 version, but as I said, I can reproduce the bug on the actual live preview page. Of course from a phone.
Ok, I can't wait more and I've fixed that, the problem is in the app.js on the $(window).resize code, scroll on mobile browsers fires a windows resize because the browser's toolbar hides on scroll down and that is certainly a resize of the window.


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