GLWS, love the minimal design
Thank you!
great work Good luck for sale :-)
Thank you!
Hi, i am not to sure to understand how to use those themes. If i just want to sell 3 products, do i really need to hook this up to a wordpress webssite with woocommerce or the files are including a cart and so on ?

These themes (including M-Store) is just Bootstrap skins with additional elements. So there is no back-end at all. Meaning shopping cart won't work. As you have correctly noticed you need to hoop this up to wordpress (or any other CMS).

Hope I answered your question.

Best regards
Hi, this is a lovely design. Is this template Shopify friendly?
Thank you! This is not Shopify theme just HTML.
Bug: form-select is not working when click on custom contol http://prntscr.com/ck4k6v
Thanks for the feedback. I'll take care of it in the next update.
Hi There

I just wandered what the complexities are with adding the currency Rand into the theme?

In terms of the payment gateway can we also merge it with Payfast?

Chelsea Evans
Hi There

I just wandered what the complexities are with adding the currency Rand into the theme?

In terms of the payment gateway can we also merge it with Payfast?

Chelsea Evans
Well, this is static HTML template meaning you can add/remove any component but it doesn't have any back-end code to process payments. You need to code it from scratch.

Best regards
codesnap PURCHASED
Loving the design, but it has issues going back through pages. Pressing the browser's back button results in a blank page. Works on Chrome, but not on Safari or Firefox. Thoughts?

This can be easily fixed by removing js code in js/scripts.js line #58 (// Page Transitions). Simply remove this snippet and browser buttons will work as expected.

Best regards
I love the template, do I need to know to code to hook it up to wordpress?
Hi, thank you! Yep, you have to know how to code. This is static HTML version. Regards
Good day :)
I've bought this template and it looks so good.
But could I ask one question for <a href> tag?
Actually, I using angular js so the anchor tag(#) does not work properly.
And there are some #tags in template like below(navbar in index.html) and it doesn't work.
<a href="#menu" class="toolbar-toggle"><i class="material-icons menu"></i></a>
<a href="#account" class="toolbar-toggle"><i class="material-icons person"></i></a>
<a href="#cart" class="toolbar-toggle">

I know the it is just template and work correctly in included HTML environment but could you let me know if there are any way to running # tag in angularjs?

Thank you
Hi, answered to your email. Regards
Hi, I have two questions before I paypal your theme.
1.) Does it have a customization manual included?
2.) I write CSS directly and learned LESS 2 years ago. But I notice your theme use SASS, where should I get start with SASS in order to do my customization? Do you suggest any website / YouTube channel for me to jump start SASS?

Thank you for your interest in M-Stroe.

1) Documentation is included in download. It's more like general guide with no deep details. Assuming you know how to edit HTML/CSS/SASS/JS files. Though it has instruction about how to set up SASS environment. More specific questions you can ask via e-mail as part of M-Store support.
2) You can still use CSS with M-Store. It's just SASS is faster and more convenient way of customizing template. Please take time to learn official docs at http://sass-lang.com/ As I mentioned earlier included documentation will help you to set up sass environment (what file to edit/ how to compile to css).

Hope you find my answer helpful.

Best regards,
Hi, thank you for your quick respond.

And my last question is: will this theme update to Bootstrap 4 after it gets into stable version? Will we get the updated theme as well?
Thanks for purchase. Hope you'll enjoy it.

I will think of upgrading M-Store to BS4 when it's out and included in the list by WrapBootstrap. And yes, you'll get all future updates.
Has it right to left version ?

Unfortunately, it doesn't support RTL.

Hi, Purchased your template and really enjoy working with it. Having a small issue presenting a standard bootstrap modal though. Do you have any samples showing one working? Or if not a BS modal one thats working with the JS lib's you included etc?
Sorry for the late reply. I'm glad you like template. I'm releasing update next week which will include bootstrap modal as per your request. Best regards
Hi, please download latest update. I incorporated Bootstrap Modal as per your request. See demo on Elements Page. Good luck!
Hello, just want to know. Can this theme be upload on Magento?
I really love the design and I really hope this will be available for Magento :)
Hello, I would like to know if this template is compatible with bootstrap v3.3.7? Thanks!
Yes, it's based on Bootstrap v3.3.7. Please note: not of the Bootstrap default components are supported. To see the list of the supported components see http://themes.rokaux.com/m-store/v1.5/header_1/elements.html

Best regards

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