The ecommerce is working? I mean there is a backend included?

No, there is no backend. Just HTML, CSS.
Where can I see the new features and the specific updates of the new version (5.1)?
In Changelog
There's no information about version 5.1, Only Version 4.1 (and prior) change log is visible there.

In the other hand, in mobile view when you select the "Navigation" option and you try to scroll down the pege to see the entire menu options, the menu disappears...and not allow to select the bottom menu item.
Did you have identified this behavior?
I mean the MacAdmin theme.

V 5.1 is common for all 3. Each one has different changelog. Check them.

The navigation bug is fixed in latest version. Check it out.
"The navigation bug is fixed in latest version. Check it out."

Please, can you tell me where exactly you did this change? I have a customized version allready in production and I just can't replace all files to see the bug fixed...

It will be fixed in style.css...
Home page #2 and #2 are not displaying properly in Macbeath. The format is distorted and the slider in both of them are gone. For example compare this http://imgur.com/geU1ghl to the live preview.
It is displaying fine here. What browser you are using? If you are using old version of IE, then it won't display properly.
I am using Firefox 36 in Linux Mint 17. But anyways it's not a problem for me anymore. What I am struggling most with right now is using both the Front End and Admin Panel in my app. How does one go about integrating the two in Ruby on Rails without them overlapping? I haven't found a useful article on the web on the matter. I was thinking about extracting the the navbars, content, sidebar and footers into partials. Then in the application.html.erb rendering the admin panel if signed_in or else rendering the home page. Let me know if there's a better way please.
They are three different themes comes in same package. Moreover i don't know nothing about Dev stuffs like Ruby or Rails.
Okay thanks. I will figure it out soon.

I have bought this package, but now I found out that there is no "item grouping" side bar (like other e-commerce sites), is there any samples with added side bars (for grouping the items in a tree or for showing ads)?
I found it on items.html :)
Hi, first of all, thanks for your themes. But I have problem with Noty plugin. How can I remove this from template? When I comment link to .js file no changes, when I write my own text no changes appear on page. Is there any other place then js/custom.js to edit? Thanks.

First remove the linking code from all html files..

<!-- jQuery Notification - Noty -->
<script src="js/jquery.noty.js"></script> <!-- jQuery Notify -->
<script src="js/themes/default.js"></script> <!-- jQuery Notify -->
<script src="js/layouts/bottom.js"></script> <!-- jQuery Notify -->
<script src="js/layouts/topRight.js"></script> <!-- jQuery Notify -->
<script src="js/layouts/top.js"></script> <!-- jQuery Notify -->
<!-- jQuery Notification ends -->

Then go to custom.js file and go to "/* jQuery Notification */" section and remove both sections.

Dear Ashok,

Thanks for your great design,

Could you please give me a hint about changing page direction to RTL?
I'm looking forward to find a clean-way (e.g. add some customizations a new css file) for all three themes (Admin + Front End + E-Commerce)

Thank you for your time

In my career i never did a theme with RTL. So i can't help you in this. But i hope you can change the text direction by adding "text-align:right" in css.
I didn't expect this response

1. Here is an 'international website' with customers from all of the world

2. adding more features (like RTL) can bring more profit
and also shows 'your responsibility'

Thank you
Then you should have spend some more time checking out features and asking pre sale question.
Hi. How I remove Sidebar and expand Matter like this screen http://prntscr.com/700dcd
Add display none to the sidebar. For mainbar add margin 0 and width 100%. Just simple CSS properties work.
i have a question regarding licensing. if i bought this theme for a single page in my server and ill charge my clients on a monthly basis for its use, what kind of license do i need? is single application license ok?
Multi site license since you have multiple clients.
I can't believe I paid money for this. If there any way I can get a refund?
None of the e-commerce stuff is working. How am I supposed to run a shop, if the e-commerce part is not working? Neither is the newsletter subscription, literally nothing. Its just a design.

if you have no idea how to program php or develop, don't get started on this stuff...
Can you show me anyone in the world who sell the complete working ecommerce site for $4? More than 4000 people bought this and i never had such complaint.
Visual Studio MVC Solution Avaliable ?
Hi, I want to know that will I get the updates of new versions for free if I pay for this version?
I can't promise anything.
Hi, can you help me with sidebar nav menu.
I am using Laravel 5 for my app.
Im my code i add class Open for li, and class current for ul. But then ul nas class current, class open was removed. Why?
<ul id="nav">
<!-- New spares -->
<li class="has_sub" @if(Route::is('admin_new_spares.new_spares.*')) class="open" @endif>
<a href="#"><i class="fa fa-cogs"></i> {{ trans('main_new_spare.New spares') }} <span class="pull-right"><i class="fa fa-chevron-right"></i></span></a>
<li @if(Route::is('admin_new_spares.new_spares.index')) class="current" @endif>
<a href="{{ route('admin_new_spares.new_spares.index') }}"><i class="fa fa-angle-double-right"></i> {{ trans('main_new_spare.NewSpares') }}</a>
Your code is different than what you are saying. Class "current" is only for "li" tag when you are in the page of the specific "li". And also your <li> tag has two "class" attributes (class="has_sub" class="open")
Thank you. I got it

I want buy this theme, but i have a question, can i use this with asp.net mvc without problem?

This is just a static theme. It is not specifically designed for any frameworks. It will work, but you may need to do some edits.

I'm trying to use glyphicons but is showing blanks instead.
Need I a custom configuration for this? Should not be this working automatically with bootstrap?

I removed gluphicons and replaced it with fontawesome icons. You need to download bootstrap for it to work.
What an absolute bargain!!
This theme is so easy to use and understand thanks to your excellent code commenting.
This is my first theme purchase from here but i assure you I will come back to you for others.

Thanks again!!

Thank you
I've purchased this theme long time ago. Themes are perfect for me. Thank you.
Thank you.
What's in the update? :)
There is nothing new. I just updated the plugins.
Why does the versions say v5.3 but the change log is still listing v4.3, 4.2, etc.? Is the change log not updated? Are the version numbers wrong?
There are 3 different themes inside. So for each different version. 5.3 is the overall.
in page mackart/theme/view-cart.html have little errors:
Discount Coupen
Gift Coupen
I don't see any errors. Can you please be more clear?
What is the difference between Single Application and Multiple Application?
All have 3 in 1 - Admin + Front End + E-Commerce?
In single license, you can only use it for single client or single end user.

In multiple license, more than one end user...

Both have same product but usage is different...

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