Nice work, I love it.
Can you make this theme full screen instead in box?
Are you planning to do an angulr or meteor version?

I have added full width layout option with the new update and will be published by WrapBootstrap soon. I do have plans for Angular and Yii variants for upcoming releases. Please stay touched....
remove the container class that work well:
<div class="container">

Good work! and all same questions- fullscreen and angular?
Hi, Thank you for the kind words...

I have added support for full screen browsing and working on Angular variant. Please stay tuned...
This is so great!!!

Commenting to let you know that when you switch css over to the unminified app.css the best sellings panel's css breaks.

There are also some minor font size differences between the two.

Thanks again!

Thank you for the point. I'll work on this...
good work .. just one thing / a little bug on the login /signup page on safari

Thank you for the point. I'll work on this and push an update ASAP. By the time you may apply the following fix,

Please add the following CSS properties on respective classes in login.less;

.login-content:before ----- z-index: -1,
.lc-block ----- position: relative

is there a changelog somewhere?
nvm found it.
I would like to note that when clicking the "Melinda Hollaway ^" in the sidebar to show profile,logout etc links really fast the sliding isn't consistent. I know that most users would not do this but it is just something I noticed.

Thank you for pointing out the issue. I'll fix that and push an update ASAP.

Nice work.
Plans to do SASS version?

Not at the moment, I will consider in the future.....
Impressive work.
I've a presale question. Is it possible to insert a background color in every form 'heading' and widget ? For example in the widget page ( http://byrushan.com/projects/ma/v1-1/widgets.html ) the last one (Sample Form) is completely white; I'd like to use a background color under the title "Sample Form" . Is it possible already ?

Thanks in advance.
I noticed that the "card div" has the class "card-header", so my question is : does already exist a class with different background color for the card-header or I have to customize it by myself ?
And another question: still in the widgets page the card div occupies the content with 3 columns; is there a way to have 2 card div occupying 50% of the content and 2 card div occupying 80% and 20% of the content? (I mean like using the default bootstrap grid).

Thanks again in advance

Thank you for the feedback.

There is an alternative header class at the moment which is a light gray color header and you can get it by applying '.ch-alt' alongside with '.card-header'

For custom material design colors, I'll update my codes as you mentioned above and I'll push an update soon (may be today itself....).

You can use any Bootstrap grid classes to get custom columns. In the demo i'm using .col-sm-4 to get 3 columns. You may use .col-sm-6 to get 2 columns.....

Let me know if you need any assist...


Thank you very much for your kindness. I'm really gonna buy it, but I'm not sure if I will receive free updates then ? If it is so, I'll buy it right now.

Updates are absolutely free. You'll get notified with download link whenever new updates are available.
Can't wait to see the update!

Keep doing your great job! Thanks
Updated to version 1.3 with colored card headers. Please check your email for download link
just awesome! Thank you very much!
wwwanted PURCHASED
Just wanted to say, brilliant theme!

Just a couple of small issues, like the login-page in safari. Would love to see an update for this.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the kind words... I have already fix the login page issues and will push an update soon.

Can you fix two bugs?
1) start position of scrollbars hided under top bar
2) in Sample pages/List view popup for list item have bad z-order. I dont see "Delete" option in menu.

It's reproducing on Chrome 41.0.2272.104 and Safari 8.0.4, both on os x 10.10.2

I've already worked on the above mentioned issues. I will push an update ASAP...
Very nice theme!! been wanting something like this for a while now. Keep up the good work.
The scroll bars on the messages and notifications would show by as squares on mouse over. Fixed it by changing the following in function.js

scrollbar('.c-overflow', 'rgba(0,0,0,0.5)', '0px');

Thank you for the fix and I'll update this on the next release....
Hi, i never bought nothing in this site... But, i liked a lot of your theme, i want know how do for buy. When i buy, i`ll receive the codes?

You will have to use your Paypal account to pay and once the purchase in done, you'll get a download link for all the files in a zip folder
nelinelo PURCHASED

Great template, I love it.

However I have a question, in less/app.less, there are these lines:

@import 'inc/font';
* Vendors
@import 'vendors/material-icons/material-design-iconic-font';
@import 'vendors/weather-icons/weather-icons';
@import 'vendors/chosen/bootstrap-chosen-variables';
@import 'vendors/chosen/bootstrap-chosen';
@import 'vendors/bootstrap-select/variables';
@import 'vendors/bootstrap-select/bootstrap-select';
@import 'vendors/bootstrap-datetimepicker/_bootstrap-datetimepicker';
@import 'vendors/fileinput/fileinput';
@import 'vendors/waves/waves';

But vendor is at the root of the folder (/vendor) and 'inc' is /less/inc, it is normal?

Thank you

Thank you for the kind feedback...

Whatever I've included in the 'vendors' folder are third party extensions and 'inc' includes are in-house items. Thats the only difference. Also 'Vendors' items are includes not only LESS files but also CSS, Image and other files. So I thought not to include inside LESS folder....

This is a great theme but it doesn't seem to be compatible with IE9 at all. Am I missing something?
IE9 does not support animations and some other CSS3 properties. Could you please tell me the issue exactly. I will try to fix that. I would appriciate if you could attach some screenshots.
Part of the issue was using the minified CSS files, using original CSS was somewhat better. No animations is fine but it seemed like some basic CSS styling (typography, panels/boxes, etc) was not available on the pages. I''ll check against the latest 1.2 update and get back to you. Thanks for the updates and checking in.
I have not touched anything on IE 9 on this update. Most of the IE 9 issues will be fixed in version 1.3. Please check the changelog
Thanks, yes I noticed it's the same on IE9 still. If you need to see a simple screenshot of the issue I uploaded one at http://screenshot.net/25km9se

It's a bummer that I need to support IE9 but this is still a great theme regardless. Great work.
My bad I checked the IE9 renders in IE11 developer tool. I should've checked in a raw IE9 browser. Please allow me a day or 2. I'll make it work on IE9. This is my prior task now....
Hi, would be very helpful to solve the problem that occurs when you open the pages in mobile devices and the left menu side stops moving when the sub menus are opened.
I would be very tempted to buy it if you solved this problem.

Thank you.

If I got you correctly, Left side menu is not scrolling...
Could you please tell me the device name you tried the demo?
Yes, it not scroll naturally in iphone 6 or google nexus 6.
So it scroll, but I must do it hardly.

The problem occur when I open a sub menu and init to scroll all the side menu.
Scrolling issue has been fixed and updated to version 1.3. Please download your copy...
Version 1.2*
Congratulations, great job.
Surely it will be helpful to many people this solution.
Version 1.2 has been released with new features and bug fixes. Please check your email for download link. Let me know feedback.

wwwanted PURCHASED
Hi Rushan,

Nice work on the latest update! All my ios issues are fixed with this.

Wow, really nice work! Wish it had more sample pages, like profile, setting, blog, projects....you know...the typical stuff you'd see.
Yes, I'm adding more pages. Next update will include more sample pages
Will you make a separate JS file for your demo content? like demo.js so we do not have to edit functions.js everytime a new release comes out? Have to remove the Malinda Hollaway code everytime.

//Welcome Message (not for login page)
if (!$('.login-content')[0]) {
notify('Welcome back Mallinda Hollaway', 'inverse');

Thank you for the tip and I'll include a demo js file in the next update.
Really nice! would be very useful to have icon+text buttons examples.

Thank you for the feedback. I'll add icon+text button demos in upcoming update. Please stay connected.


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