We are thinking of buying the template (extended license), but we also want to use Knockout for data binding. Is it compatible with knockout js?

I'm sorry this is built with jQuery. I'll be releasing the AngularJS varient soon but not Knockout. You may use the views of this template in your Knockout project

A few comments about the template:

1. Out of the box, there appears to be a bug in functions.js where there's a call to an empty function animateMainmenu(). The error is on line 19:

animateMainmenu(0, 100);

and the template generates an error in the JavaScript console when you toggle open/close the sidebar menu using the switch in the header. For now, I've commented out this line to prevent the error from occurring when opening the sidebar menu.

2. Can you explain the difference between the 2 CSS files:


and the single CSS file:


It seems the first 2 are just a split of the main app.css file (?) Not sure the reasoning behind this.

It's a great looking template, but the CSS feels a little unorganized and difficult to work with. (But maybe it's just my misunderstanding of how you've structured everything.)

Please remove the animateMainmenu function from functions.js as it does nothing but giving a console error. I've forgot to remove that function.

I've used the split CSS in order to support IE 9. In IE9 a sheet may contain up to 4095 selectors. If you're not caring about IE9, you may simply use the app.css.

CSS codes are compiled, minified and splitted by Grunt modules. Do not directly work on CSS files as it will overide whenever you compile the LESS files. If you want to make any style changes, work on the LESS files and then compile.

You can find gruntfile.js and package.json files in the template directory.

Let me know if you need any further assist.

jcalonso PURCHASED

Same questions and comments as @gsgreetings

It looks nice, work fine out of the box without modifying anything. ( except for the the js error mentioned above).

The bad part of the template is that doesn't contain a grunt or gulp file to be able to build and compile everything from scratch, it doesn't have a bower file too for javascript dependencies. I spent a lot of time finding the deps and manually adding them to bower ( I do not commit deps to my repository), now I'm having some 'glitches' once that I implemented the template in my app and I'm not sure if its because the less and js are not exactly the same version, I was expecting to find a similar project structure to:

Finally I found some code commented out in the vendor/waves/waves.less file which means that the template relies on a modified version of waves lib so is not possible to use the original one.

It would be great to have an updated version with this improvements.

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. Please check my reply on @gsgreetings's comment

grunt file is included, please check the template directory. There is no bower support at the moment, I will consider adding in my next updates.

I've commented some waves CSS as it overriding default button styles.

I have a bug with the data tables.

If i put a link in the datatable (simple ahref)

Once the table fully loaded with styles I completely lose the styling and the ability to navigate the link

help :-(
Could you please share me a screenshot or link?

The same bug happens that @tiger33 said also happens on dropdownlist with search box.

And The icons on Notifications aren't working too.


You meant, dropdownlist in data-table? if so, could you please share me a link?

The drops i've told are in Form Components (form-components.html)

That custom selects with search options and multiple choose. When page suffers a post, all The dynamic content generated by javascript disappear.
If you handling post by AJAX, make sure to trigger/recall the js form component on success function.
Hope you can release the angular version asap, I'm waiting for angular version to buy this great template :)
I'm almost done, Will be updating next week.
haloween PURCHASED
I'm missing scrollbars in IE ?!

I'm using a custom scroll bar plugin to replace the native one. It will toggle only when you move the cursor. In order to disable, please comment line no. 352 -354 in functions.js

I bought this great theme yesterday. However i have question about the left sidebar. Is it possible to add a scrollbar (vertical) to it? If the left sidebar is not selected, you can't scroll down if the items are to many..So a user should click the sidebar and then scroll down.. I tried removing the overflow property wich gives a sidebar, but this one is not good aligned and not a nice scroll sidebar.. Would this be possible? Is this simple to fix?


If the left bar height is more than screen height, it should be able to scroll vertically. You won't see the scroll bars but it is scroll-able using either mouse wheel or touch.

Thanks for your reply! You're right, this is working.. but if i'm on a laptop without a mouse and without scroll on the touchpad (i am) i can't scroll down. Would be great if there was a 'nice scroll' scroll bar there..
Yes you're correct, I'll keep your point in my mind for next update
Hi rushenn,

Thanks for this great update with the scrollbar on overflow :) !!
Hi. Nice job. Really enjoyed the theme. Can I change all colors with less variables?

Yes you can change color values with less variable. Please refer generic.less
boaticus PURCHASED
Excellent job on this theme, and most importantly, fantastic job replying to support questions. I know that support is often the most frustrating part of selling any theme, so thank you for remaining diligent.

I'm implementing your awesome theme in meteor. Everything you have so far works almost perfectly out of the box with meteor. I've relocated most of the things from your functions.js file into more appropriate areas in my meteor project, and I've replaced all but a handful of your /vendor plugins in favor of the meteor packages that wrap those same libraries. The ones in /vendor where there isn't a match in meteor atmosphere, I've left as-is and they coexist nicely with meteor.

There were some very pleasant surprises in your work, too. I was thinking oh man, now I need to create profile edit pages for the profile screen. Then I thought: "hey, waitaminute... what are these little dots... OH MAN AWESOME it's already there for me I just need to add the five lines of code to wire it up in meteor." So, again, very pleasant surprises like that are numerous in this theme.

Again, excellent work. Thanks so much!

Thank you very much for the kind feedback. Your comment made my day and encouraging me to add more features.

Hi Boaticus

I integrated the Theme mostly successful. But the dropdownmenu doesn't work in Meteor anymore. Is there any conflict with Scripts from Meteor loaded? Did you had any troubles? Did you put all the scripts in the public (static resources) folder?

Would be happy for some help!

Kind regards...

I noted that in buttons the icons rotate on mouse over. When there are multiple button there is an excess of movement. Is there any class to switch on and off this rotation?

I'll check this issue and try to fix it ASAP. You may turn off the animation by removing the following in button.less under .btn-float at line no. 103,

&:hover {
i {
Will be an Angular version, or Meteor integration in the future?

I'm working on Angularjs variant and will be releasing with my next update. Please stay tuned.
ukjbrown PURCHASED
Some more progress animations would be useful as per http://www.google.co.uk/design/spec/components/progress-activity.html

Thank you for the suggestion, I'll consider this on my upcoming updates.
λ grunt
Running "less:development" (less) task
>> RuntimeError: No matching definition was found for `.z-depth(2)` in less\inc\profile.less on line 65, column 17:
>> 64 border: 4px solid #fff;
>> 65 .z-depth(2);
>> 66 }
Warning: Error compiling less/app.less Use --force to continue.

Aborted due to warnings.

And this was after commenting out the entire vendor section of app.less due to it not finding the folder.
any plans on making this gulp/elixir compatible?

.z-depth source files are in vendors folder thus if you remove them it wont compile at all. I didn't get what you meant above 'due to it not finding the folder.' Could you please be explain me that?

I have already included Grunt so I have no plan to integrate gulp at the moment.
One other minor issue I see with the template:

If there is little or no content in the main "content" section, you do not see the entire content of the sidebar when opening/closing it via the "lines" link in the upper left corner. See screenshot:


It seems that the template needs to have 100% height, regardless of content. Probably a simple CSS fix.
In fact, I think it's as simple as adding:

html, body { height: 100%; }

to the template's css.

Thank you very much for the fix. I'll add this on my next update.
I found a bug.
If we use the tag html "audio" on the same page with "tooltip", the "tooltip" crashes.

Thank you for the feedback, I'll check this out.
Hi. Is there a way to always show the right side bar icon?
On Mobile Landscape it does it but in Portrait dissapear.

You can by making some changes in the CSS. Assuming you're in full width layout, change/add the followings

in base.less

body {
padding-right: 260px;

in chat.less

#chat {
right: 0;
I have disabled the right side bar in smaller displays. Please remove the class 'hidden-xs' from right bar toggle icon in top menu to enable.
Thanks! I was only the hidden-xs class. :-)

I have no words to express how great is this theme and how much is going to help me with my applications site.
Thank you for the kind words....
Amazing theme. I'm starting to make some changes to fit my purpose. If anyone is interested on grunt live reload and bower contact me. thiagovidal (at) gmail (dot) com
Love this template! Currently implementing a page based on the listview classes and I've noticed an issue with positioning of actions. If you open the listview sample page and set the width to 700px, you'll see that the action icon loses it's top margin. It comes back again at about 470px.

Thank you for the feedback. In order to fix that issue, please change the following LESS variable in listview.less at line no. 49

@media (min-width: @screen-xs-min) {
.lv-actions {
right: 15px;
height: 30px;
margin-top: -15px;
top: 50%;


@media (min-width: @screen-sm-min) {
.lv-actions {
right: 15px;
height: 30px;
margin-top: -15px;
top: 50%;

We're ready to purchase this template but have an important question.
Is it possible to change the left sidebar so that:
1. It is fixed and
2. Only shows the icons until a user hovers over any one of them and then the entire sidebar slides open
Makes sense?

You can make the left sidebar fixed by simply changing the layout using top right toggle. You may need to do some CSS changes in order to get the second point done as you mentioned as the current theme doesn't offer that kind functionality. Sorry about that.


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