For a perfect template, there was a "blog" page and a "product" page and its details, both in blog and product.

I have a question!
If I buy today, am I entitled to updates and new versions?

Congratulations on the project.
Variation with angular2 will be a version of this project or will it be a new product that I will have to buy?

Thank you for your feedback. We'll consider adding new pages in our next version release.

Yes, all future updates are free of cost.

Angular 2 will be part of this template only. Once released, you'll be prompted with an email to download for free.

Thank you for answering and clarifying my doubts.
You're welcome!
brugnner PURCHASED
Can you please show me where to put this folders into a Laravel 5.4 project? I'm trying to use Laravel Mix to compile less and js but i'm getting errors because I'm not getting where to put each folder. Thank you!

I'm sorry that we have no knowledge on Laravel. I think Stackoverflow would be the correct destination for you.

brugnner PURCHASED
@rushenn it is working, I did it. But, I really need the jQuery Light 1.5.2 version just for the toggle sidebar functionality. I tried to implement it in version 1.7.1 but it didn't work. Help me please, this is the only good and really material design template. Thank you!
randombot PURCHASED
Hello rushenn!
First I want to tell you I like very much the Dark Skin! I wait for Angular dark :)
My request (and I think will be very useful for many of your clients ) is to make that sidebar-open #chat to open a real chat, not the list on users. something like in messages.html
And when the user click to open, the chat will stay open untill we close, like a part of the page, not like now when we click on other stuff it closing.

I dont know if you understand what I mean.

Keep up good work !

best Regards

Thank you very much for your feedback and kind words. I understood your suggestion, will consider adding this in our future releases.

brugnner PURCHASED
waycoolsw PURCHASED
Do you have an ETA for the Angular 2 version?

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Single application $12
  • HTML Template
Bootstrap: Compatible with 3.3.x
  • Responsive
  • Fluid
  • IE 9, 10, 11
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Opera
  • Latest Safari
Uses Less:Yes
Uses Sass:No
Tags: admin template, dashboard, lightweight admin, material, material admin, material design, responsive admin, responsive dashboard
Released:1 year ago
Updated:4 months ago
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Need a front-end theme?

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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Bootstrap is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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  • Latest Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 8/9/10/11
  • Latest Opera

Features & includes

Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running: