i try but not working. plz help me fast

Please do not ask for immediate help. Immediate help can not always be provided.

Copy the HTML files of one of the folders of the different Headers and next to the HTML files copy the assets folder.

- your_host /
    - assets /
    - index.html
    - etc...
Thanks now its working again thanks for fast reply
Hi there, just wondering if you have already solved a way to install this theme for the Yii2 framework. Thanks in advance, Dylan.

Every day I am asked to integrate the template with some different backend framework. You will understand that it is impossible for me to offer this.

You with the template get the frontend to adapt it to the backend you need.

I hope you understand.

Hi Adrian,

Can you please comment on the accessibility features of your template?
* Does it support/implement WCAG 2.0?
* Is there a dedicated sitemap page (not just the sitemap section in the footer)
* Is there a breadcrumb component?
* Is there a text re-sizer component?

Thanks & Regards
Couple of things
1) Your version is incorrect in the package.json file
"version": "1.4.0",
2) Seems like one of the bower dependencies is having issues with the jquery dep.
I am assuming this is making the choice on which version of jquery will be used, which means that lighgbox2 will be using 3.2.1, since I selected option 2, since that would satisfy more of the deps.
So, will lighgbox2 work ok with 3.2.1?

Unable to find a suitable version for jquery, please choose one by typing one of the numbers below:
1) jquery#~2 which resolved to 2.2.4 and is required by lightbox2#2.9.0
2) jquery#>=1.8 which resolved to 3.2.1 and is required by bootstrap-select#1.12.2, Slidebars#0.10.3
3) jquery#>=1.7 which resolved to 3.2.1 and is required by jquery.countdown#2.2.0, mixitup#2.1.11
4) jquery#^3.2.1 which resolved to 3.2.1 and is required by material-style
5) jquery#1.9.1 - 3 which resolved to 3.2.1 and is required by bootstrap#3.3.7
6) jquery#>=1.2 which resolved to 3.2.1 and is required by jquery.cookie#1.4.1
7) jquery#>=1.5 which resolved to 3.2.1 and is required by jquery.counterup#2.1.0
8) jquery#>= 1.8.3 which resolved to 3.2.1 and is required by owl.carousel#2.2.1
9) jquery#>=1.7.1 which resolved to 3.2.1 and is required by bootstrap-datepicker#1.6.4
The version of the package.json file is not important as it is not distributed in the npm store.

The lightbox plugin has not been updated to support the new version of Jquery (although it works without problem) That's why the message comes out, but it does not affect anything.

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Does the HTML version of the template work on mobiles and similar devices?
The templates great, thanks.
Of course the template is 100% responsive.
dannyjj95 PURCHASED
Thanks for the fast reply, was just making sure

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