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Thought I would try converting the template from BS3 to BS4 BUT I cannot find the bootstrap.css / js files.
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Never mind - found it in plugins.min ( oops :) )

How goes it with BS4?

I am trying to add the login functionality that saves usernames and passwords to a SQL DB using your template, but I am not sure how to accomplish this.

I have tried MVC project but with no success.

Please help or just point me in the right direction if possible.
How is the bootstrap 4.0 coming along?

First week of October.
bug when scrolls navigation menu->sub items in iphone only

I started my asp.net core 2.0 app with this great template.
but i stopped when you said : (First week of October).

do you mean that (Material Style v2) will be ready at this date or you mean Bootstrap v4.0.0 template?

now i cannot continue until next version is ready, because as you know i have to make many changes to make the template ready for asp.net core.

can you publish a beta version of v2 so i can start with it.


In a few days will be ready the version 2.0 that will be created on Bootstrap 4.

You can't publish betas here. It is a question of product quality.

I'm trying to add a function that closes the slidebar on clik, what is the jquery command to close it? Thanks in advance and congratulations on the great theme

Here you can see all the functions with jquery for the slidebar:

I'm trying to add a function that closes the slidebar on clik, what is the jquery command to close it? Thanks in advance and congratulations on the great theme
Anybody there?
When using a normal select box within Angular 4 template, it is displayed fine on first page load. But when i navigate to another page and then click the browser back button, the select box is still in the HTML, but doesnt show up. Ive tried adding a directive to call material_select() whenever the select box ngAfterViewInit() is called. But get "material_select is not a function" error.

Any help on why the select box doesnt show in UI after clicking browser back button would be appreciated. Thanks

Try calling from js to this sentence:

This also happens to me that I'm using NG4...
I have called $.material.init() as well. no luck. I have had a similar issue with dynamically generated checkboxes not displaying and you told me to call that and it solved that issue. But it doesnt seem to be helping with the select box after clicking the back button.
Sorry. Nevermind. I was calling material_select() instead of $.material.init(). calling the following in app.component.ts fixes the issue:

this.location.onPopState(() => {
setTimeout(() => {
}, 0);
Any reliable solution to this? https://imgur.com/a/SfC5R

The calendar is already corrected and improved. I'll upload the update shortly.

Hey, I just bought the theme and I love it. Do you by any chance plan to make the design files (PSD/Scetch, w/e) available? It would make the design process much easier!
Any news about BS4?
@adrigm In the next update I would like you to pay special attention to the forms, especially in the validation of them. Show fields with validation errors and also sort (or switch technology) from the select input with groupings that in the current template does not work (class "selectpicker" of the input select with / optgroup / option).
all your menu is generated as dropdown (not single link). While it is not problem with main menu, it becames issue with mobile menu - there is always "-" in menu item. I tried to fix it in css by adding custom class, but I couldn't do it.
I found it. Thanks

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