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Hello im trying to change the image on the slider backaround but i cant seem to locate the file or code to change this image
errors demonstrattsionnom site

blocks close to each other

On what browser and platform does it happen? I can not reproduce the error.

Mozilla Firefox, Windows 8.1

I think it's fixed.

I have not reproduced the error in Firefox. Although I did it in IE.
in Chrome does not have an error, but there Mozilla Firefox

Chrome - http://imgur.com/yTO29hW
Mozilla Firefox - http://imgur.com/zQiDnwZ
My Firefox: http://imgur.com/a/cEPE7

If someone else can reproduce the error let me know. I'll be investigating.
Hello, Not ready to buy this yet, but I am huge fan of the other themes you created. I actually physically smiled when I saw you created a new theme. I really enjoyed taking a look at this new theme and I thought this was a great evolution in a sense compared to artificial reason. Looking forward to buying it soon :D

Thank you so much for your words. I'm glad to hear that someone is following my work.
No Problem :)
Do you plan on extending the documentation? I would really like to customize the nav bar, like to make it always sticky rather than the effect it does at the moment. I noticed the documentation is pretty bare compared to something like artificial reason.

I will expand the documentation. I'm looking forward to the comments to see what the customers demand.

I take note of your suggestions.

Thank you.
I got a couple possibly glitches to report after doing some work on this.

1. On the Grey color with a brightness set to 800 and a primary navigation bar selected, when someone hovers over the dropdown, it doesn't change color. The other colors appear to work.

2. Currently with navigation is setup without any changes made and no explanation on how to change it in the documentation, if someone is midway through a page, and presses refresh, once the page loads no nav bar will be present until someone scrolls. I assume this has to do with because the page is technically setup to initially have a static nav bar but once someone scrolls down a certain amount it turns to fixed. It would be really nice if that could have some sort of optional fix or a possibility to make the nav bar be always fixed rather than that effect.


I am working on offering the option of fixed navbar. It will be available in the next release.

I will modify the color of Gray with the brightness 800.
Will next release be in a month or will you be releasing a few extra updates since this is brand new?

Probably in a few days. There are several new features that I have already completed.
Sound good, looking forward to it!
fanningms PURCHASED

Would it be possible to add a sticky footer example in an upcoming release? A few pages I am designing do not have enough content to push the footer all the way down on larger screens, so it would be nice to not have that whitespace at the bottom of the page.

Possible bug: Auto complete on Chrome causes a new font to be applied and the line under the input to disappear until the user types something new into the input.

I am really enjoying using the template, and I look forward to the new updates.

Thank you.

I'm going to work on it.

Hey, Good update... however there are still some issues.

The biggest issue which happened last time and I assumed you might of seen was
Home Type Hero 2. The giant top image is broken on that. On your demo it works fine, but I have noticed on plenty of browsers and PCs along with when uploading to a server it doesn't appear right. I have tried also clearing cache and cookies.


The next one is the nav bar. You should possibly make a note in the change log that now when you click no header the color for the nav bar is white rather than the dark it was in 1.1. IT really threw me off and there was no proper documentation on how to get that set back to how I liked it. Doing some tests it appears just removing "navbar-mode" will make it dark again.
Also the header in page-email.html doesn't really go responsive, it appears to be set at a specific width. Then header.

Thanks for reporting. I've already fixed it.

How do I do this. It was one of the things I requested after it was changed in the most recent version. I want a dark dropdown, but primary color. How does one accomplish this?
What version do you use? HTML or Gulp?
Send an email through the profile and send the customized version with the previous menus.
I don't really think that is needed,
See on

http://razonartificial.com/themes/material-style/1.1.1/ make sure you clear your cookies so you start with the default. Then click header options, no header and navbar options primary color. The dropdown is dark. If I was to do the exact same thing in




It shows as white. Something was obviously changed. I didn't really make any changes once I used HTML. for specifics I used navbar-primary. The question is what can I do to make it dark again. I might of figured it out but I am not sure if it effects something else. If I remove "ms-navbar-primary" it appears to change it back to how I want it. It also gets rid of the underline effect though so I think all it does is removes the most recent changes which really isn't much of a fix, more of just excluding recent feature.
Yes, it has changed.

To return to the previous style you must switch to a single SCSS (CSS) line. But you are using the HTML version to apply the change you have to compile again.

If you want me to send you and the HTML version ready, send me an email.
clavacca PURCHASED

First off, congrats for the excellent work! This is the most robust and complete package I was able to find.

Before placing the order, I would like to confirm compatibility with jQuery form validation plugins.

Is it compatible with FormValidation (http://formvalidation.io)?

Or would you please recommend some?



I did not know him, but I think so. Since the template is based on Bootstrap and Jquery.

Anyway I will look carefully at this plugin and integrate it into the template.

I've been looking at the documentation.

I confirm that it is compatible since it uses Bootstrap's own classes, in the same way as the template.
clavacca PURCHASED
Thanks for the instant reply! Is it compatible with https://jqueryvalidation.org/ too?

Could you please list or mention any other jQuery form validation plugins that are also compatible?


I can not check all plugins that are compatible, I hope you understand.

Actually any jquery plugins would be compatible because the template uses jquery. But the customer should add it.

Please, add icon for website vk.com.

Thank you.

Of course. It will be included in the next update.

Hello. currently on my website I am attempting to add datables

For some really odd reason it glitches out and breaks because of form-inline.


form-inline is part of the default code with datatables and with any other theme I have ever used I have never experienced any problems with this.

The only way so far to fix this really odd issue is to just remove form-inline


This of course isn't a very good idea again because by default it comes with it and might cause troubles later down the line.

I guess I didn't really explain how it looks by default


This is the same as the first image but you can see the full page, notice how it is cut off it isn't taking up the whole window like it is meant to, if I remove it the form-inline it does.

Can I see the HTML code that you use in any way??
sorry, I accidentally created a new chain, see below.

for the datatable part I am using default stuff hosted by them. This is just trying to run the standard bootstrap demo version. You should be table to put this into an existing version of material style.
The HTML of the pagination elements is created by the javascript code.

You have to see that HTML code that creates the plugin.
Do you offer React components?
It is one of the objectives for the next versions.
Hello, im trying to get the header and footer on all pages the same i'm using the HTML version and i was wondering if you can make header.html and footer.html code for header-dark-navbar-primaryand a index.html with the header > things i want to put here > footer

Simply use the HTML version of the folder called header-white-navbar-primary

There is a file called page.html that contains only the header and footer.

Is it possible to have css sources please ? This is usually the case for other templates purchased.

thank you

I do not understand your question. CSS files are included (also SCSS).

Your template is awesome and its perfect for my business website , before i bought i found some problems can you please explain how we fix them , first for all how to configure menu? once i use your configuration button and light the menu then refresh the page it will back to default , i need both header and menu light . Can we customize them via style sheet or any other easy solution there?


The template includes all the necessary documentation to customize all aspects.

I saw it from a cell phone and the menu gives many problems, does not show all items and also goes blank.
It is used with all mobile browsers and it is the same.

I like the design but that mistake stops me to buy it. Because my hearing visits me almost alone by mobile.

Can you indicate from which device and Operating System you have errors? So far no one had had problems with the menu. I'm going to check it out.

I am from an IPhone 5s and give problems in Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox
It does not show the sub menu that only gives the problem when it is in mobile type
I think it is already fixed, in one hour you may be able to see the new version with the problem solved!
I always have the same problem, have you updated it?
When are you uploading a new template update?
That's very great!

Only one thing - Comments in the blog. Didn't find them. Can we comment the blog posts ?

It comes ready to use discussion thread, which is the most popular choice. But I will add some examples of comments.

It comes ready to use disqus, which is the most popular choice. But I will add some examples of comments.
very good! it's the best template I ever seen.

What about
Add to compare, Add to whish list buttons, and Reviews tab in in e-commerce item ?

Write a comment

This is a great way to give the seller feedback and ask them questions about their item.

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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