Hi, Re: forms pages - we are having trouble with the dropdown display not showing the full list of items until you click on it twice. This only happens at the bottom of a form. Doesn't seen to happen when the dropdown is postitioned at the top of the form.

Can you send us code to fix this? We are using version 2.0. Can't upgrade to 2.03 because of flex box issues.

What problem with flexbox?

I can't reproduce the error mentioned, can you give me more information?

Nothing wrong with flexbox per se, it’s just we have essentially built the entire site using Symfony and Twig as a templating engine and it’s too late to move to the new version as all the pages have already been built. This is a rather large site with a quickly approaching deadline.

The problem is that the dropdowns are showing up just to the bottom of the viewport (if they’re close to the bottom of the screen) with no scroll bar. From looking in the developer tools within the likes of Chrome or Firefox I can see a style with a ‘max-height’ and ‘overflow: hidden’ is being applied directly to the div with the class “dropdown-menu open” and a role of “combobox”, so the problem is that when a dropdown is at the bottom of the page the user is unable to scroll through the listings in the box if they are numerous.

Aside from using jQuery or the like to override the styles you’re putting into the box do you have any suggestions to force the dropdowns to at least have overflow in the y-axis? Overriding the dropdown style won’t work as the style attribute in the div always overrides it.

I like the work, except for all the animation. How can we disable the animation.

Thank you.

David Sukola
You have two options.

To deactivate them all.

Add this to your css:

* {
     animation: none! important;

Or compile the gulp version and remove the animations module from the scss files.
Thank you kindly!

I think this is the second theme we've licensed created by you and I believe the other is Artificial Reason. We like the work you do on the front end very much. It allows us to focus on what we do best and that is the back end.

Keep up the great work and again thank you kindly.

David Sukola

Thank you for your trust. I will try to keep improving and offering better products.

Hi, first of all...nice template.
Can you integrate more others Sliders or more examples of the revolution slider in your template?

I will keep it in mind for future versions.

I really love this template.
But there are a few things I'd like to see in the next version:
- form validation (different kinds)
- cart and checkout forms for e-commerce (with validation)
- chat/conversation template
- email inbox/compose
- datatables (with pagination)

Kind regards

All this goes to my list of pending, I hope to have it ready as soon as possible.

Thanks for the suggestions, so I know my customers need!
adrigm - as you are asking for feedback, I would also flag up that I am particularly looking forward to seeing the additions to the e-commerce checkout process. Good template - thanks!
Yes, in general the entire E-Commerce section should improve. This will be almost like a project in itself, but I will.

Thank you!
Hi there, excellent work! Is there any problem with breadcrumb?
They are ready now!

Good job, thanks!
Any idea for datatable plugin ?

I'm already working on it for the next version.

Thanks Sir !
Lovely template! Quickly adapted for my site. For the file gulpfile.js thank you very much!!! :)
Thank you very much! Enjoy it!

Hi, I'm having some problems with form <select> with the selectpicker class.

If I add the property data-live-search="true" it shows the search field, but the options are not being filtered.

There's something I could do or this option is not supported by the theme?

Thank you.

Fixed up! It will be ready in the next version.

Hi, animation not work good in textbox with floating label and left icon.
What's the margin-bottom of ".card .card-body p:last-child," in the style file "style.grey-800.min.css"?
Question image: https://imgur.com/a/VglbX
Hi there,

Is this theme support Angular 2+?


No, sorry,

Do NavBar component is missing ?

I'll add a section with custom navbar in addition to the standard
when will be?
Hi ,

Is this theme support Angular?
Is the MixitUp pagination plugin included with 2.2.0 version
Hi, where i can find the plugins manual? I need it for inizialize the components.

For example the toggle botton (ex: $(".togglebutton").togglebutton(); ), or another compents not included in bootstrap plugins.

Thanks. ;)

thanks for this template. I would like to know which javascript component is necessary for the navigation and the for the "scroll to top"?

Thank you
To be honest it's getting a bit frustrating seeing so many plugins getting updated so continuously but not much progress on the actual features. I purchased the 1.5 template on the basis that there was enough for me to be getting on with and the commerce section was coming shortly (I gathered from the wording). And so I spent a few weeks putting together a fairly large website and then when version 2.0 came out I found updating the assets folder pretty much broke the website that I had built, but still no significant progress on the commerce pages even at version 2.2. I do love what you've done but I kind of wish I hadn't been so trusting that the remaining functionality wasn't likely to appear within the next 3 or 4 months :-(
What has happened is that version 2.0 there has been a change from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 that required a lot of rework, that's why there haven't been new features.

I'm working on a larger version with new features, but I don't want to take out a product that is not finished and tested.

I hope you understand.

Hi, I really appreciate your great works.
It's seems a little feature like toastr(toast.js) should be included in next update.
Did I miss something about that? Overall, it's really nice work.

is it possible to get the components from the plugins.min.js as single .js files? I want to create my own plugins.js, because I do not need all on all pages. 600kb is to much for mobile users - pagespeed is a ranking factor in the next time.
Great theme by the way!
I tried adding:
.nav-item:hover .dropdown-menu {
display: block;
for the dropdowns to show on hover but it's not working. It works fine on my other bootstrap website. Do you know how I can fix that?

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