i didn't find breadcrumbs

I will add them in the next version.
1- slider speed slow or fast how change,
2- slider don't automatic, manual click
Thanks, regards

It is the same as in Bootstrap.

1. data-interval = "5000" for 5 seconds
2. data-interval = "0" manual mode.
guille29 PURCHASED
Super nice template, great job!

I'm just worried about the 600K plugins.min.js file, that's a lot of javascript to load all at once.
Any way we can call it in a more modular fashion ??

Maybe you could point us to CDN links to the proper librairies that compose plugins.min.js ??

Thank you for your great work.

We can load in a modular way, but is it worth it?

600K is less than 2-3 images. It is only uploaded once for the entire site.

Solutions based on AngularJS or React have larger js files.
guille29 PURCHASED
We think it's certainly worth it, as we're building a responsive AND fast web application. No extraneous images are going to be loaded....

We'd very much like the option to load just the necessary plugins, and not those we won't be using. That's why a modular approach would indeed be great for your template.

When you unminify plugins.min.js, it's more than 19 000 lines long! That's too way much js for a fast web app. We'll have to look somewhere else if you can't provide us with a way to call just the necessary plugins.

Thank you for your cooperation
It is very easy to disable the plugins you do not use. Follow these steps:

1. Modify the gulp/config.js file. Change the variable to false.
2. Modify the src/html/layout/footer/scripts.html file. Delete comments from the file.
3. Delete the plugins you do not need from the file.
4. Compile as explained in the manual.
5. Ready!
Another simpler way, if you want to have a single file is simply delete the plugins you do not use from the gulp/config.js file

Delete the plugins you do not use from the list that appears.
guille29 PURCHASED
Great, thx for the tip and your quick response.

We'll definately try that...
I was just curious, is there any plans for a Dark Version? Like of the entire site, so anything that is white, or whitish would be a dark almost black color?
I hope this image solves your question:


I am considering purchasing this theme. Is there an option for recaptch v2 for the contact form?
You can add the one you want, just follow the instructions.

Hello, your template is great!
Could use a template email / chat users, you do something like that?

I do not understand the question. You can explain it to me again, thank you.
Can you add to the template messages view or chat room view?
arthur242 PURCHASED
the hero 2 header dont show completely
I would need in this Material Style page with "chat view" or "message view".You add it in the future?

I take note.
First congrats on the nice work!!!

I'm having some trouble with home-generic-7.htm (Home typed Here 2). This one works pretty well from your home site but from my HTML folder it doesn't.

I took the file from the navbar-white (even tried the navbar-primary) folder and there is only a small portion of the header (top image) visible.

home-generic-6 works well but I want the home-generic-7

Thanks for your help!

You can send me a screenshot, I can not reproduce its error.

Ok. Where can I send you the screen shots? There is a difference between your version and the one you provide
Ok. Here you will find both images and a clue on what's wrong (I hope)


So I suppose that if there is no response coming from you it's because there is nothing you can do?????

I have not answered because I have been testing your error. I will post a new version of the template these days. Possibly your error is solved in this new version.
Thank you very much. Keep up the good work
the update did not do the trick. I directly used the html file (without any modification) and have the same issue... navbar-white/home-generic-7.html
I figured out the problem yesterday. I had to use firebug on your online site to fix the distributed (your last release) version
Do you have support so that I can contact you to ask a few questions about this theme please?
Of course, send me a message through my profile. (Click on my nickname)
I am having an issue with viewing the template on the ipad. When I scroll down when the menu drops, the blue background is gone. Its transparent with only the active with blue.


Any ideas?

The title and menu are too large for the space available.

You can try reducing the font size.
Thank you. That fixed it.
Is there no full css files only the .min.css?
Disregard, I found the scss files.
All uncompressed files in the src folder. =)
I have purchased & downloaded this theme ... but it is not working on local machine... How to run this template on local machine?

Please read the documentation. You have to use the files in the HTML folder.
I have purchased & downloaded this theme ... but it is not working on local machine... How to run this template on local machine?
I am using HTML folder?
There is error in profile and timeline hover after you scroll down.
Hi Adrián,
I just bought the theme.. Looks great, just one question: the css and js are already minified in the downloadable distribution - is there any chance you can provide unminified versions? Before going to production want to make sure I have some control in case something fails or need to make adjustments.. Thanks!
Looks like Google doesn't like this too much. Any suggestions on how to fix these issues? I absolutely love what you've done.


The demo is slower than the download version because it loads the configurator and other extra scripts.
Looks great. Does it support right to left?
Coming soon :)
I've another question ;)
How easy is it to disable some of the animations used on displaying contents? I feel some of these animations makes it to render slowly on my browser (specifically on my mobile phone)
Yes, of course, delete animated classes!
Excellent template - thanks a lot!

I have a (very specific) question: Standard input fields use a lot of padding at the top, how can this be reduced? I prefer the reduced padding in the "label-floating" version but this gets messed up if combined with placeholders.

Thanks in advance!
How do I put the theme configurator bar in my theme. Same as your demo?

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