I want to change "HomeRevolution idea" with a YouTube video. Can you tell me how? Thank you!

This plugins has lots of options. In each update I will try to add more examples.

You can look at the plugin's documentation to solve plugins' questions: https://www.themepunch.com/revsliderjquery-doc/slider-revolution-jquery-5-x-documentation/
The form select does not open more than 3 options if I do not scroll the page, known issue?
Confirm. I was able to look at booststrap-select script homepage by adding data-size="false"" to select tag. Then I needed to add data-container="body" because it was cut by next element.

Add: data-dropup-auto="false"


<select id="select111" class="form-control selectpicker" data-dropup-auto="false">

I will upload an update with this problem fixed.
You can also just do this once for all form elements by adding the following javascript. This way you don't need to add the parameters to each select form element.

dropupAuto: false,
size: false
// mobile: true

I found the size parameter needed because on the iPhone no scroll bars appear so the user may not know there are more than three choices. If you specify 'mobile: true' the select uses the default dropdown for the device/browser.
Hi there,

First of all great work really like it.

i have a problem i am inserting a timeline entry via ajax all seems to work with (div).prepend but when i insert with the video id from youtube it dos not render the video i have to refresh the page.

i hope i just need to do a jquery call or something in my ajax sucess code.
ok found it

i just called


thanks anyways
Thank you, your theme looks great. But. When somebody buys HTML template, it's mainly because they need to create custom theme for some CMS, in my case Wordpress. I don't need half of your elements but you have everything compiled in one big javascript file (including jquery and bootstrap!). Most of CMS already includes jquery. Ok, I thought I could live with it. After creating theme I got javascript conflict with Formcraft plugin and I am lost. I am not able to find what script causes this and if I don't need it, I am not able to remove it.
Don't suppose that with HTML themes everybody uses gulp and bower.
Just for info: problem was with included jquery in plugin.min.js. After compiling it without it, I've got error in app.min.js and index.js about not defined $. I needed to changed it to JQuery.

You can take the files separately from the src folder. You do not need gulp for this.
Be clear - your theme is awesome. I will recommend it for others.

No, there are not these files in src folder. You need to have bower and download bower components from your git repository. Believe me, I would use it if this was option. For example wow script and others.
Hi, you dident reply to my last 2 comments.

So I figured out collecting them into one comment.

1. How do I compile the scss for this project using themes and such? (never compiled before).
2. The select seems to be breaking time to time when the page isent the correct size (small laptop screens etc).
3. Is it posible to seperate jQuery and all the other plugins into their own files? easyer to manage for some.
Ah okey I found out how to compile it. but I still have the 2 other questions :)
I'll also add to this, is there a documentation on how to use e-commerce and the portofolio?
Need select2 with material theme in form components.
I can't seem to get the youtube video looping to work for home-landing3.html page. According to http://cobwwweb.com/fullsize-loop-background-video-youtube I should set the player vars to:

function onYouTubeIframeAPIReady() { player = new YT.Player('player', {
videoId: 'LS-ErOKpO4E', // the ID of the video (mentioned above)
playerVars: {
autoplay: 1, // start automatically
controls: 0, // don't show the controls (we can't click them anyways)
modestbranding: 1, // show smaller logo
loop: 1, // loop when complete
playlist: 'kNizPk7xBbs' // required for looping, matches the video ID

Yet it appears the plugin.min.js doesn't account for a playlist nor does the loop var do anything. Any help?
I want to get Calendar and get time componenet
Hi there, great theme. I intend to purchase but I found a little issue. I viewed the demo on my smartphone (Nokia Lumia) and there were issues with the way the side menu opens when I click the hamburger.

Here is a link to the screenshot


When i click on the hamburger menu, the sidebar opens from the left and then moves to the right. This might be a sort of bug right?
Please tell me what I have to add to the template to get the submit button to work in page-contact.html?


Roger Taylor
What are you trying to do?
I am trying to send the email on the page-contact.html
This is the page https://agmstudio.io/themes/material-style/1.4/page-contact.html
Well you will need to create a handler for your form and point it to it, you will also probably need to add names to the inputs.
The navbar no longer follows with the page when I scroll down, not sure what I have done?
please release RTL theme for this theme
thank you
It will be ready soon.
Could you add profile pic to navbar and header? (and maby add a dropdown menu on it so you can have profile, logout etc)
Is it possible to hide the sidebar button on desktop computer but not on moblie? I've been looking but can't find anything. I'm about to just give up.
Try adding this css:

@media (min-width: 768px) {
.btn-navbar-menu {
display: none;
Found an issue on building with gulp in linux (Opensuse).

In 'material-style-gulp/gulp/config.js' Slidebars is included with the following lines. Notice the capital on the js and css filenames

Installing slidebars through bower the case is actually lower on the file names (for me anyway) which was causing run time errors and things not to work. I changed the lines to the following to have everything working correctly.

Not a major issue but 'gulp dist' command doesn't say anything about not being able to import the files so the error is not immediately obvious.

Fixed up!

It's strange that I did not happen in MacOS. In Windows we already know that it is not case sensitive, but macOS being UNIX itself.

It's already fixed for the next version.

Thank you.
Great! Thanks.

I think HFS+ file system is not case sensitive by default. You have to explicitly set your file system as case sensitive but it's not recommended on the OS drive due to a few major applications that don't run properly on a case sensitive file system.

Hello, do you know if we can integrate this into Wordpress? Thanks

The wordpress version is under development.
Why is this removed in the dist,navbar,dev ?
Yet in the demo the configurator has it as an option?

<!-- build:remove:dist,navbar,dev -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<%= assets %>/css/width-boxed.min.css" id="ms-boxed" disabled="">
<!-- /build -->
This is because if you add this line by default the boxed style will be applied. In the demo this does not happen by the js code of the demo (code that is not in the final version).

Why to use boxed version would just add that line and ready.
Hi there, great theme. I purchase the theme yesterday but I found a little issue, when a try to edit the theme with Pinegrow, the scroll down is not working, can you have a fix for this ?

Make sure the editor is not changing the css or js code of the template or adding new code that can cause conflict.
Hello again
Using Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 seme result, the scroll is not function

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