Hello! There is a question, how to remove it?

If you press the scroll button of the page up, then the address of the line is added #smooth-scroll-top
The home page of the website has a horizontal list of card elements. The images sometimes are loaded in full size. once refreshed the problem is solved. this happens again and again.Please check the images.
page with Problem-https://prnt.sc/g9ig2e
page without Problem - https://prntscr.com/g9ihn5

please help us with a solution for the same
Can the author reply to this query its been more than 24hours!?

Without seeing the code I can not tell what may be the problem. Are you using any other script in the template or modified something?

How do you want me to give you access to the code?
Not used any other script or modified.
I am on your website and I can not reproduce the error. I've updated it several times and it does not happen.

Check that every ajax update loads all components and items correctly. It is not a template failure, it is a problem loading the elements on your website.
If I buy it I can create templates and sell them in themeforest etc?
Try to read before ask,...
No, sorry.
ryano365 PURCHASED
Hello, Im looking to change the background on the slider and i cant seem to find the image or the code for where the image is located
All images are in:

ryano365 PURCHASED
i cant seem to find it in here im looking for the slider back around not the mac one if that helps
Great work on the theme. I simply loved it.

i however need a bit of help to change the video source or the video file linked with home-revolution4.html.
could you please reach out to me regarding this matter?
You have to change the id of the video. Line 231.

And what if i want to add a YouTube video instead of a Vimeo video? what do i write then?
Change for:



in this one there is no reference to how to view videos that are present on the server. like how to play videos after uploading them to the host
Install error: http://imgur.com/a/oEsSl
How to fix?

Open the console (F12) to check the errors you have.

Hi adrigm
I sent you an email yesterday, could you take the time to read it and answer please?

I have not had much availability the month of August, apologies.

I will reply shortly.

Hi adrigm,
The domains from the mails was sent are icv-conseil and agmi.
Thx for answer
supaset21 PURCHASED
Hi,I have a question?

When I click slidebar. Your menu Levels have Second Level but I want Thrid level How I can do??


I will try to support a third level of menus in the next updates.

Hi adrigm,

How can i use this theme with Angular4?


You must adapt it yourself. Right now it does not support Angular.

When is the Bootstrap 4 version coming?

Items for inclusion: Blog page with sidebar on left side
On the blank page have the mega menu with minimal links, so you don't have to put
mager tim in removing them.

Hav the side navigation bar open on desktop screen sizes.
Is there any section on the template that shows something like comments on a blog post?
mtspinto PURCHASED
Hello adrigm. Very impressed with the structure but struggling with node etc thing. Please be on the lookout for my mail :)
I just bought the template, but I did not understand how to install. Please write an information with baby steps.

Thank you!
mtspinto PURCHASED
Aloha Brunacunha. What is the template for?

I can only say how you do this one. My option is a massive struggle as I want the full demo option with colour switching and I have never used the git, gulp, node.js stuff.

For standalone.

In the HTML folder are standalone static templates. So cannot be installed onto a CMS... So in the HTML folder there are different header names ("navbar-white", "header-white-navbar-dark" etc etc) folders. These are the main template folders (without the assets).

The "assets" folder is in the same structure as the "headers folders" so you would choose one template you like (like "navbar-white") and then copy the "assets" folder into that template folder of your choice. Double click index.html to see the whole thing working perfectly.

As an option to see what they ALL look like, copy the "assets" folder into EACH folder and then click on index.html of each template variation".

I am still waiting to find out how to do the gulp install... :) :)
Greatttttt yeyyyyy, it worked!

Thank you very much. My idea is to bring my design into your template and then bring this template to Prestashop.

Let me know if you have any insights @mtspinto.

Thank you, thank you!
mtspinto PURCHASED
Hi BrunaCunha. I am a purchaser of this template... just like you :)

I just knew how the HTML system worked to be able to see the variations and since I was looking in the thread for some answers, I figured I could just reply to your question... while waiting for mine on how to do an extract of the compiled gulp one.

I have never used Prestashop so wouldn't even know where to start. Good luck though
nonozone PURCHASED
There are too many errors in the template, hoping to be perfect, there are many missing brackets, and the brackets do not match the situation.
liluyoud PURCHASED
Can you send a form validation example... I cant´t find one in your template.
liluyoud PURCHASED
One problem, the home_revolution3.html does not work in Edge Browse. When the vídeo starts, the typewriter componente stops working.

Chrome, Safari e Firefox OK
mtspinto PURCHASED
@adrigm - any news on zipping the full demo as is, seeing I can't come right with gulp extract (the one with colour style switcher).

And I just read a post from 4 months ago that you are upgrading to Bootstrap4. Yay!

I would rather get that variation considering (also with the switcher).

How is that coming along? :)
Thanks so much
hello ,
is it RTL support?
Not currently, I hope it will be available soon.
Hi Adgrim,

I absolutely adore this theme, and I'll probably end up picking up a multi license if I find myself needing it fore another project. However, I'm currently working on porting a site that I built with Material-Design to Laravel 5.5. I could just load the CSS that I generated with Gulp originally, but I'd much rather import the SCSS and have it build with webpack. I've also been struggling a little bit the JS libraries. You don't happen to have any docs on porting this to webpack?

I'm testing it to work with webpack. If all goes well it is possible that this option is available in the version with BS4.

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