Hi adrigm! I'm porting this template to Angular 5, but, I have some problems with the render moment of your components. How can you help me and others to resolve this. I think you could write a step-by-step to use Angular with your wonderful template.

I haven't experience with Angular. The template is only HTML, CSS and JS. Isolating the components shouldn't be complicated.

I'm working on a React version. Maybe this one can help you.
Hi, nice design.
I want to buy this, but I find id = "ms-slidebar-menu" is not supported sub-menu level 3.
But in nav .navbar.navbar-expand-md support to level 3.
Do you have a plan in the next update to fix it and make submenu up to level 4 ?


I'll keep that in mind for the next version.

Thank you.
Realestate module please

I'll keep it in mind for the next version.

Thank you.
Good Template.
But does it have breadcrumb and sorting table?(like jQuery DataTables).
Hope it can be added.

I'm working on it.

Thank you.
I love this theme. Having some issues. I can't find any reference in the html to the bootstrap. Am I missing something?

It is located inside the files plugins.min.css and plugins.min.js

You can replace the uncompressed version of the plugins with their original version, but it will increase loading times.
Hi there,

I just purchased this theme. I wanted to know, how can we have traditional bootstrap style input fields (like input boxes)? Thanks!
Hi, once purchased, I will be able to acquire future updates? Thanks

All updates are free, forever.

michelnyx PURCHASED
Thank you, it looks amazing! I've bought mine... :)
Thank you very much, I hope it will be very useful.

Is there a way for me to get this for free ?
I only want to use it for personal things not as a public project.

Thank you in advance!
No, I'm sorry.

This is my job, I can't give it away. Out of respect for all my clients.

I hope you understand.

Do you have a react version ready for download?
I'm learning React in depth.

In the future there will be a React version.

I had bought the fantastic theme.
I need a video and movie gallery Page in BootStrap v3.
Could you please implement this feature.
Thanks , best regards
Version 3 will not receive any new features.

All the features I'm working on will be for Version 4 of the template.
Hello Adrigm ,
How to download material-style version 1.5.0
Thanks , best regards

You need to talk to the Wrapbootstrap support to download older versions.

If they don't give you a solution. Contact me by mail through my profile and I will send it to you myself.

is it included in the space for the administrator? so we easily use the posting for it
Thank you. Lots to work with. :) Probably the most complete template I have seen in ages.

What does the package contains, I don't see any documentation for the layout, the profile, register/login, blog etc. pages.

If I buy it, will I get all the needed documentation with css classes and classes used in the templates?

Dear Adrigm, great design - really enjoy it. Congrats for your work. I am looking at your demo pages here with Internet Explorer. While scrolling in Firefox & Chrome runs really very smoothly, in IE unfortunately it does not. Page seems to jump in little steps upwards. Any suggestions? Thanks and a happy new year. Thanks, Giuseppe
Good job with this template !
Can you confirm that you have planned to implement plugin like datatable in a future version ?
I think it's the main missing functionality in this complete template.
Have a nice day
See you
Yes, it will be added in the next version.
Hi, great Theme.

However, we have a Problem with the YouTube embed.

<div data-type="youtube" data-video-id="jhLj-ytYDcQ"></div>`for example.
Nothing appears, no console error. Could you help us?

Can you see the example videos?

If so, tell me if you have modified something, what version you are using and the browser.

No, it doesnt work with the example Video either which is odd. Could it be possible that the video support didnt exist for our version? I don't know the version but we bought the theme on 2017/05/23 and started using it directly. We haven't update since then because that would take to much time.

I tested it using Chrome & Firefox. We did not make any modifications to thje original css and js files, only added a few more libraries (Datatables / Sweetalert.js)...

If you can't update the entire template. Try updating the video plugin to the latest version and use the new js code.


It is advisable to update the entire template.
Dos it support RTL for Arabic language?
how will i get the template after purchasing?. will it be like a folder with files?. im actually new to purchasing templates.

Package content is:

HTML - Contains all final theme files ready to use, unless you want to configure anything to use the files in this folder.
material-style-gulp - Contains the development version. Based on SCSS, Gulp, Bower and NPM. Ideal for developers and custom configurations.
uncompressed - All files css and js uncompressed.

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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