I bought this to put onto my wordpress site.. Unfortunately I am unable to figure out how to apply it! Any suggestions? thanks

This is only html/css3 template not wordpress template.
Have a nice day.

I bought this one page ecommerce and customized the HTML .

Evrything looks great but now , how do i sent the form to a mail order form ?

I basically want to receive the order details ( products, customer details..etc ) via a mail ..
( no gateway payment ! )

Many thanks!

I purchased this template and now wonder is there a maximum number of images allowed for the product detail page and how can we set it. (in the product detail page there seems to be 3-5 images for the big image slider)

Thank you!
Hi Vitavin32.

Product images haven't max. limit :)

<div class="sr-only project-description" data-oldprice="$700" data-images="img/1.jpg,img/2.jpg,img/3.jpg,img/4.jpg,img/5.jpg">

Brand new to development, stated to dabble with Angular.js. Wanted to ask if i am missing something? How do i connect the payment process to a working web app? I see how the action field is set for index.html as well as the contact form. What do i need to do?

Thank you,
It would very nice if you had a working contact and subscription form to come with this web app.
If someone knows how to make order and contact form work in microStore, please advice.
It would be nice from author to give with template some guidelines abouth that,
it will save us lot of time

I am trying to purchase a simple ecommerce one page bootstrap site. Did any buyer of this template was build this template with successfully? ( I means visit can pay from their credit card and check it out? please advice. ( the one I purchased earlier didn't work eventhough the it said " ecommerce" and the seller haven't respond any solution.



microStore theme include Static HTML front end pages only. Its is not dynamic or functional template like WordPress, php or Other CMS.

Have a nice day.
good template, I have trouble configuring your mail.
You must file php ??
my knowledge not let me.
Mr. Angel can help me?
thank you
Hi there.

Beautiful theme. Very clean and elegant. Thank you. I am looking forward to integrating this for one of my clients. I do agree that perhaps a few purchases didn't realize that it was front-end only. (I certainly didn't until after purchasing it.)

There are a few comments about making the forms work. It can be done in three steps, and takes an hour or less.

Step 1 - Write or locate a .php script for sending emails. I called mine sendmail.php and subscribe.php, respectively. (You can search online for .php templates of these for your needs. Modify those templates as you need, then proceed to the next step.)

Step 2 - Make a folder inside of the "www" folder to hold these two .php scripts. My folder is called "scripts".

Step 3 - You'll see that in both the Subscribe and Contact areas of the HTML code, there's a line that looks like this:

form id="newsletter-form" action="index.html" method="POST"...

You'll change that action to:


(Replace "folder" with whatever you choose to call the folder to hold these files.)

And you're done! This works just fine for most applications. If you're looking for integration with MailChimp or other services, there's documentation out there on modifying your .php file to work with MailChimp.

For the eCommerce part:

I will be using my client's PayPal account. In PayPal, one can create buttons/shopping carts/options and place the HTML code into the site. It's pretty easy to do. You may to tweak the CSS and HTML to make those buttons appear as the rest of your site does.

When this client's site launches in a few days, I'll update the comment with the link so you can see how it looks and works.

Data @ Psi Graphics, LLC
Alright! I'm back.

Since we were on a very tight deadline with this site, and it was a temporary one, we ended up not using the order form at all and simply using PayPal Buttons. Within a PayPal account, you can make buttons for your products and then it will auto-generate HTML code, which you can then use on the site. I'm not sure if there's a way to set it up so that those fields are directly tied to PayPal and if there is, it'd probably be more complex than it's worth. It was sad to not use the order form because it was very nicely done and looked really great :(

The site where we did this is: www.onerichspecialty.com.
It's extremely basic and the buttons work just fine for what the client needed.

This kept checkout simple and secure. People could add products or check out through PayPal's secure interface without the hassle of writing more code to encrypt the form or to store the credit card numbers.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

All best,
Data @ Psi Graphics, LLC
Hello. I really liked this theme so about to purchase this.
However, I'm just wondering how to use as my real homepage.

Using this template, how can I apply?
After I purchase this, what comes to me for using?
It will be appreciated if anyone can explain for usage.

FYI. I will use this for online-shop.
I have purchase this theme but I found that images on product detail page do not show up on "internet" browser of android. Please give me suggestions how to solve it.

Dear Gae.
Please send more info android version,mobile phone version.
Try other mobile end send me info.
Have a nice day

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