Mimity Online Shop template is a simple, flat, modern, clean, responsive template for online store powered by Bootstrap 4 Framework


The sample images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only


  • UPDATED: Bootstrap 4 Latest Version
  • UPDATED: Plugins to Latest Version
  • ADDED: Bootstrap Typeahead
  • FIXED: CSS minor issue


  • UPDATED: Bootstrap 4 beta 3
  • Rewrite all code from stratch
  • Redesign Almost All Pages
  • CHANGED: Font Family now using 'Lato' as the main font
  • ADDED: Offcanvas Menu
  • ADDED: Quickview Modal
  • ADDED: Login Modal
  • ADDED: Animated Slider Captions
  • ADDED: Top Categories Thumbnail
  • ADDED: Top Brands List
  • ADDED: Rating Filter
  • ADDED: Empty Shopping Cart Page
  • ADDED: Position Options for 'box product call to action'
  • ADDED: Custom animation for 'box product call to action'. Thanks to animate.css


  • Update all libraries to the latest supported version
  • Improved Home Slider Responsive Method
  • Improved Header UX
  • Fixed Responsive Issue
  • Added simple 'fade down' animation to bootstrap dropdown


  • Update all libraries to the latest supported version
  • Added bootstrap-toolkit.js library for the viewport breakpoints tool
  • Added Sticky Header
  • Added FAQ Page
  • Added Custom Content Example to Mega Menu


  • Fixed Navbar z-index Issue


  • Added Vertical Navigation Menu
  • Added 404 Page Not Found
  • Added Search Suggestion
  • Added Feature list on the Navbar


  • Fixed bug
  • Fixed bad links


  • Added Breadcrumbs


  • Added Wizard Checkout
  • Added My Account Pages
  • Added Mega Menu


  • Added Submenu
  • Added Product List Slider
  • Removed 'box product' shadow for consistent design
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed Documentation


  • Now use Sass CSS pre-processor
  • Update all libraries to the latest supported version
  • Increase font size now uses default bootstrap font size 14px
  • New rounded style (border-radius)
  • Replace blue color style with indigo color style
  • Replace select2 with bootstrap-select from default select option style
  • Removed awesome-bootstrap-checkbox, now using own style
  • Added login form to top header
  • Use full slider as a default homepage slider
  • New arrowed and arrowed-right style
  • Added Brand & Client slider
  • Added select and radio option to filter sidebar
  • Change touchspin Qty input style to vertical buttons
  • Added share button to product detail & blog detail page
  • Fixed markup error checked by the W3C validator


  • All New Design
  • New 4 Color style
  • Update all libraries to the latest supported version
  • Use Robotodraft Font
  • Added top header navigation
  • Change text logo to image format
  • Added category option to search header
  • Added full width slider
  • Removed categories sidebar
  • Added widget slide product
  • Added Wishlist page
  • Added tags, rating, review count, discount percentage, old price, cart compare wishlist button to 'box product'
  • Added newsletter form, payment method, follow us button to the footer
  • Added filters sidebar on the product listing
  • Change all sliders to the owl carousel plugin
  • Fix css & html bug
  • Added Documentation


  • Added a blog page and blog detail page


  • Update all libraries to the latest supported version
  • Fix some not responsive table on mobile view


  • Change background color of navigation menu and footer
  • Added multilevel submenu to the category list


  • Update all libraries to the latest supported version
  • Remove box shadow and border radius to make a more flat design
  • Make navigation submenu appear when hovered
  • Added submenu to the category list
  • Added description, table detail, and review tab on the product detail page
  • Added compare, login, and register page

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  • HTML Template
Bootstrap: Compatible with 4.x
  • Responsive
  • IE 11
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Edge
  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Safari
Uses Less:No
Uses Sass:Yes
Tags: clean, ecommerce, flat, modern, responsive, retail, shirt, shop
Released:3 years ago
Updated:3 weeks ago
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Signed up 4 years ago

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