If i purchase this template will I be able to receive the updated versions in the future without having to purchase it again?
yes, update is free.
you will receive updated version download link to your email from wrapbootstrap
Hey i purchase this template and i want to know how can i edit the posts the items ext ?
I'm just going to remind you that this is just a template and all contents of this template is for demo purpose. You can edit it directly with text editor.

saya ingin membeli theme ini , tapi saya ingin theme ini memakai bahasa indonesia , dan menggunakan
mata kurs rupiah ( IDR ) apakah ada pengaturan dengan mudah untuk mengubah bahasa english menjadi bahasa indonesia ???
Mohon maaf untuk keterlambatan menjawab.
Silahkan replace semua USD ke IDR, gunakan fitur find in files pada editor anda.

Terima kasih
saya sudah membeli theme ini , ketika saya upload dan install , muncul keterangan missing ( style.css )

sehingga tidak berhasil untuk di install ??? bagaimana solusinya ???
silahkan gunakan salah satu style css yang terdapat di folder css.

contoh: style.teal.flat.css

Terima kasih
bisakah tolong berikan link download full lengkap theme ke email : [email protected]

agar tidak saya ubah ubah praktis langsung upload ?? juga tidak repot , karna saya tidak paham
Item yang anda download dari wrapbootstrap sudah termasuk full lengkap seperti di halaman demo.

Silahkan hubungi saya langsung di email [email protected] untuk di diskusikan lebih lanjut jika anda masih ada kendala

Terima kasih
I have purchased this template
It contails onlt html pages
I wants to work with database also
Can you suggest me which tool or which language will be feasible or better to work with to create a fast responsive webaite.
I should work with php or .net
Please advice where i can use this template
I would recommend you to use php
Hi Guys

Looking for a developer to use this template an build a working prototype/poc with a mongodb database

If interested, please contact me at eministud at gmail

is there any admin panel for administrator with this template ???
There is no template admin for this template
then how i can manage it ?????
Mimity is a html template, not a template that can be used directly like wordpress template, so you have to integrate it manually.
If you are looking for a template that can be managed by admin (eg: wordpress), Please search here https://wrapbootstrap.com/themes/wordpress
Still there is issue with zoom image if we have navigationbar on product detail page and user click on menu from navigation bar then move mouse over navigation popupmenu then image zoom window is open because navigation popup is on this zoom container. i have also set zindex with 1000 to navigation popup but that is not work. so how can i fix that please suggess me
This issue has been fixed in v.2.7
Hi there
I am interested in purchasing your template.
However, the live demo seems don't have a functioning check out page.
I would like to know what kind of credit card portal does it support?

It's just a demo view, it does not function to the actual system.
You can use any credit card portal, Just adjust it with bootstrap components.
For examples see (https://bootsnipp.com/tags/payment)

shabthai PURCHASED

Great template , thank you for the nice job. I have small question: How can I change the theme colors ? for example if I want to use your Red theme ?

I changed the top link on the page to be:
<link href="css/style.red.flat.css" rel="stylesheet" id="theme">

And also remove the "//" from Red color at the _color.scss file, plus add the comment symbol "//" to the Teal color.

// Red
$color-50 : #ffebee;
$color-200 : #ef9a9a;
$color-400 : #ef5350;
$color-500 : #f44336;
$color-600 : #e53935;
$color-700 : #d32f2f;

The page load with Red , but after a second it change back to Teal.
I am sure that I miss something here , can you help ?


Thank you for purchased my template.
To do that, please open the mimity.js file and remove the script I've commented with
'Function to set color & style' and
'Change Color Style'

See here https://changecolor.netlify.com/set_color.png

shabthai PURCHASED

Thank you for your replay , it is working like a charm.
Also thank you for your update (few days ago ver 2.8) that was great !!!

akhasanov PURCHASED
Is it possible to get older versions (1.x)?

Sure, Please contact my email with your license id included

akhasanov PURCHASED
Done. Sent it.
WOW yet another update!

Must say I am VERY impressed with this seller, since buying this template he must have done at least a dozens updates which is far outs strips most of the more expensive ones i have purchased which rarely (if ever) have updates.

Just wanted to leave a note of my gratitude :)
Thanks, I am glad to hear that
Nice template. Just purchased it
Would have been nice if you had a local JSON variable to add and remove items to cart. That way I could simply hook it up to an API upon edit.
Thank you, i will record it for the next update

Hi psanil,

As the jQuery API says: "Load JSON-encoded data from the server using a GET HTTP request."


So you cannot load a local file with that function. But as you browse the web then you will see that loading a file from filesystem is really difficult in javascript as the following thread says:

please make it using bootstrap 4

thank you
Hi Peter,
I'm working on it please be patient

does not work on detail.html , slider does not show

products-slider-detail owl-carousel owl-theme m-b-2

please help !!!

On the demo page goes well, please send your script to my email


Great template. I would love to have this template. But there is one feature that is lacking in the template. In the product list page, would have been great if you provided the switcher from Grid View to List View. It is pretty common feature across template. I hope you can include it in your next version and I would be happy to buy this template.

Thanks. Looking forward to your response.
Thanks for the feedback
I will add it in the next update


tamplate yang bagus sekali, saya suka tamplate ini, dan saya sudah menggunakannya.

tapi bisakan di sediakan untuk versi angular 2 atau di atasnya dari tamplate ini.



Mohon maaf untuk waktu dekat saya belum bisa menyediakan untuk versi angularnya dikarenakan keterbatasan waktu. Mungkin untuk update mendatang yang tidak dapat diperkirakan saya akan mempertimbangkannya untuk menggunakan angular.

How can I change the sizes of products images?
i found. thanks

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