I got the template but I don't see any dark themes there, particularly the Dark (dark) theme. I'm unable to find the templates.


For Dark version, you'll just need to include style_dark.css in your html file. Remove the style.css from it.

Thank you.
What are the changes in 3.1 and 3.1.1 are there any release notes ?

We updated zip structure.

Thank you.
Hello-great product! Where do I change the data sets for the charts and graphs?

Thank you for appreciating work. Could you please let me know which charts are you referring to?

Thank you.
I just bought the theme it wont launch getting an error getting an error
Can you help

The specified task executable location "C:\MVC5-Bootstrap-3.3.7\packages\Microsoft.Net.Compilers.1.0.0\build\..\tools\csc.exe" is invalid. Minton
I had to reinstall

Install-Package Microsoft.Net.Compilers -Version 1.2.1

Now it works

Are you checking "blue-vertical" demo? Note that only this is supported with MVC.

Thank you
Minton - Bootstrap 4 Admin + Frontend is the one I purchased

The theme relies on an old version of custombox (v3) while v4 is out. Changing to v4 js and css generates many troubles. Haven't been able to spot what's happening there.

By the way in the structure I downloaded, the blue(dark) was inverted (menu in white and content in black). How to inverse menu in black and content in white. I copy the .css from the preview but have some troubles with the menu...
I'm referring to this package :

Maybe you are using another branch of the pluggin...
THing is using following command line failes :
var modal = new Custombox.modal({
content: {
effect: 'fadein',
target: '#modal'

// Open


$.fn.custombox( '#modal' );
for the second question was taking the style_dark.css from the wrong folder ! I got it tks

Please share your email.

Thank you.
[email protected]

I did the upgrade manually to v4 which is implying changes to code notably app.js and others....
I absolutely love this theme, however the invoice page that it provides doesn't have classes or styles set to allow for long invoices to be tabled out over multiple pages keeping the header and footers. Otherwise perfect, but be aware a two page invoice will be chopped in half.

Sorry for your trouble. Could you please send me screenshot describing issue?

Thank you.
Would like for a way to iterate through the items in the invoice and repeat the header and footer on each page.
Sorry, that's not supported. You would need to handle it though your backend. One way I can suggest is to generate multiple invoice page with certain number of records in each of them.
Please implement Fontawesome 5.0 instead 4.7.

I would try to add this into upcoming release. Thank you for your suggestion.
Hi guys! Great template! Just thought I'd give you a heads up that you need to update the QR code on your page. It is still pointing to the Bootstrap 3 version which is no longer there, and this returns a 404.

Thank you for reporting this error. I am correcting it.
Great theme you have developed here, really easy to work with :o)

I just have a clarification. TinyMCE is part of this theme, does that mean I can use it without a direct license from TinyMCE or is that also required for my application?

It is a business application by the way.

Best regards

You would need to purchase license if you are using for commercial purpose. The tinymice page is just provided for demo purpose. You can find the pricing information here. https://www.tinymce.com/pricing

On other note, if you are looking for open source version, you can give a try to this:

Thank you.
Is there support for VUE.JS or REACT.JS ??? or maybe some implementation with these technologies?

Sorry, no existing implementation available for both of these.

Thank you.
In the Version 3.2 the topbar-left is just a pixel off (69 px height in stead of 70px) Can i correct this easily?

Could you please let me know which demo are you using?

Thank you.
I'm using the dark with the _dark stylesheet
I've noticed this also happens in the blue ,yellow, rtl, green, purple, new-layout. So pretty much every demo excepr the horizontal and meterial design ones.

Alse the bootstrap carousel controls are misalligned on high resolution screens (2880 X 1800) When scaling down the window it's correctly alligned

Please make following changes(for topbar-left):

1. If you are using scss - add following style from menu_dark.scss (line #11)

.topbar-left {
float: left;
position: relative;
width: 240px;
z-index: 1;
background-color: $primary;
height: 70px;

2. If you are using css - add following style from style.css (line #19)

.topbar .topbar-left {
float: left;
position: relative;
width: 240px;
z-index: 1;
background-color: #3bafda;
height: 70px;

Re - Carousal issue - Can you please try to use high resolution image and check?

Thank you.

Do you have changelog for last update (2 weeks ago) ? Thank you
I've just find changelog ;-)

If we wanted to use the new-light-horz theme as a single html page what would be our best approach to merge all the elements together and have you already done this?


Would this be something you could help with or have suggestions on how we could create one that would be maintainable as you released updates. Thanks. I was hoping their may be a 'compressor' script for bootstrap that could collected the needed elements into a single page solution.

Are you trying to build single page application? If yes I think you should consider to use scss to manage styles. So all the styles can be combined into single file easily. On js side, it's possible, but you would need to do that manually I believe. There is no such utility available at the moment.

Future updates can be applied, but it really depends on the way you used to combine files.

Thank you
Hi, I would also get great value out of a Vue.js implementation as well.
Hi, I want to use this with MVC, but I also like the dark theme. Is this possible to have? Currently I only see 3 menu css files (menu.css, menu_dark.css, and menu_light.css). Menu_dark.css only changes the side nav and still leaves the top bright blue. I would like to at least have the top nav be dark.

How do I minimize the menu by default?

Please do following in order to have closed left sidebar.

1. Change the css classes of body element to "widescreen fixed-left-void"
2. Change the css classes of div element having id "wrapper" to "enlarged forced"


<body class="widescreen fixed-left-void">

<!-- Begin page -->
<div id="wrapper" class="enlarged forced">

Let me know if this doesn't work.

Thank you.
I bought v3, do you guys provide free updates? or has there been any bug fixes or changes since I bought it?
Hi, this a great product thanks! Just wondering how you can set checkboxes to be unchecked by default (currently checked)

first of all thanks for the awesome theme.

I just figured out that in the latest version of Firefox (61.0.1, 64-Bit) the logo (.topbar-left) is one px smaller than the right bar (.navbar-custom). In other browsers the height is 69.7px which is displayed as 70px but Firefox seems to cut the .7. Setting .topbar-left to 70px helped.

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