Hi, I purchased the theme but there's no dark_light folder inside the admin page. The theme is also versioned on the 1.6 instead of 1.8 as the latest release says it is.
Hi, if you would like to have dark layout then please add menu_light.css and remove menu.css in/from your html file. Also the latest version is 1.8. Please download latest zip from your recent downloads to have it.
Sorry for delayed response.
Alright, that worked. The package.json has version 1.6, I think you forgot to update it, as the documentation is for 1.8. And it was odd that dark_light folder was missing from the zip package and I assumed the zip is not updated
Ohh I see, sorry for your trouble. I will update the packages.json.
Hi I bought the Minton templates.

I have to change the title of Panel to lowercase.
But it's automatically chenged into Uppercase.

I checked for 2 hours.
But I couldn't solve the problem.

It's the title area of Pane(Ui kit)
How do I fix it?
Sorry for your trouble. Please do following:

Open assets/css/component.css file and search for ".panel-title". Remove the text-transform property from it. This should work. Please let me know if you are having any trouble with it.

Thank you.
Hi, I've purchased Minton.

I've just emailed you my transaction ID so you can verify.

I want to use the multi-colour layout that's displayed here on the site. However, in my index, it seems to be an old version, as the menu is dark, rather than white. I prefer the blue top left circle then right top menu bar white and the left menu white like it's shown here:


However, my index.html in /Admin/multicolor is not the same. it's all white top with a dark left side menu. Please advise.

Thank you.
Please check your email. I have mailed you the solution.
I just bought your theme, there is no dark_light theme?

How do l get it?
For light version, you'll just need to include menu_light.css (less/menu_light.less) in your html file. Remove the menu.css from it.
Are there any release notes for version 2.0? Thanks!
- Added new color scheme.
Hi, could you please add more file upload variants to forms? Like simple uniformed fields with a select-file button and fields with preview. Dropzone doesn't fit everywhere.
Sure, I will add it in next release and in the meantime will send it to you if release is going to take time. Can you please drop your email to coderthemes(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you.
Thanx. I suggest you use jasny-bootstrap if you mind, like in the "MVP Ready" theme that can be found here.
If you fix2 bug, I'll buy the template.

1) Modals - http://uploads.ru/oQFLW.png
This happens in almost all Modals. Google Chrome, Yandex Browser.
2) Menu - http://uploads.ru/dNuKn.png
When I open the menu on your iPad, triggered redirect.

If version for mobile phone click on a block NOT a menu, it closes
Add the ability to change the animation speed and animation.

Thank you! I hope you will fix it
Thank you very much for reporting these bugs. I will try to fix them as soon as possible and will update you soon.

I came across Minton admin template and like to know what it would take for below customization, let me know time & cost for customizing the template.

1. Horizontal & Vertical menu in same template so user can choose their preferred one.
2. Color options to change colors of header, sidebar etc. Your different templates have different colors but i want to provide all color combinations to user and they will choose their preferred one.
3. Drag & drop grid/widget to rearrange its position

All these options should be available in single template. Example. One user may choose Horizontal menu and other one chooses vertical menu. It would be nice if we can get combinations with Bootstrap, Material design, jQuery and Angular2 versions separately.

You can reach me ibrahim@blusynergy.com

Thank you for your message.

I am really sorry, I will not be able to take any new custom work for sometime due to some pending work. Please let me know if you are having any other question.

Thank you.
Hi, I would like to know if you guys are available for custom work. I have a project that requires customizing the theme and adding some visual features in. I can give more details if you can provide an e-mail address.

Hi, Thank you for contacting me with work opportunity. Unfortunately I would not be able to take new work for sometime due to other commitments. I am really sorry about this.

Thank you.
I have not received the latest updates of the template
Hi, Please visit following link in order to re-download it.

https://wrapbootstrap.com/support/download-resender (Enter your email address there and submit it)

Let me know if this doesn't work for you.

Thank you
Thanks, I worked
Purchased about a week ago and getting to grips with the way you have configured things. I have one question and one suggestion.

The question is ... if I want to allow users to dynamically switch between the various color schemes that you have provided I assume it is as simple as specifying one or more CSS files to use. Which of the CSS files change between the various color versions of your samples ... just one, or multiple?

My suggestion is this. When I look at some of your sample pages, many of which (like the data tables page for example) contain demos of multiple different things. It would be very useful if you could somehow indicate (in code comments for example) which CSS files and which JS files are required for each of the individual demos. For example ... if you want to reproduce the functionality demonstrated by the RESPONSIVE TABLE example you'll need these CSS files and these JS files / scripts.


Please find my answer below:

1. Switch color: It will work if you just change reference to all css file. But note that there are some elements (e.g. charts) won't have new color because it's controlled through javascript code.

2. About documentation - Thank you for your valuable suggestion. Can you please check documentation file provided with theme. There is a table under plugin section explaining which file is needed for which page. Let me know if I should provide more detailed level explanation. I will be happy to help you out with it.

Thank you.
Ahhh, I had not realized that the bullets under Credits & Official Documentation were hyperlinks! Maybe your documentation theme should make that a little clearer :) OK, thanks.
Found a bug in summernote editor. Minton uses v0.6.16 by default. All versions that I tried to use starting from 0.6.14 to 0.8.2 have problems with the link checkbox 'Open in a new window'. it just doesn't work. Maybe its a theme case, could you please take a look?

Can you send me your email address?

Thank you.
Dropdown toggle not working when latest jquery is used. (3.1.1)
Hi, can I see your page online somewhere? I have found one open bug around it https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/21328 though. I would suggest you to use jquery v2.1.4 strongly because bootstrap v3 is most compatible with that.

Thank you.
Table row success class is not showing as green

I have intentionally kept the light green for table, so that we can have black color text. If you change to original green you will need to have white color text only.

Thank you.

Do you have an angular 2 version?

I've purchased Minton for two separate applications and have received very positive feedback from both clients. Just wanted you to know that I've really enjoyed using it.
Thank you very much for appreciating my work.

I saw the theme and look very good! Well done!
I would like to know if there are boxed version and if not will there be one in the next version?

Boxed version is already included in bundle. Please check following urls.


Let me know if you are having any question.

Thank you.
I noted you have PHP pages now -- with the recent updates. Thanks.
I appreciate the "template" in the docs (html_str.html), also.

So, I walked "blue_PHP" & fixed these errors (below). Otherwise, it renders fine on my Mac OSX with php5 turned on.

- includes/footer_start.php
date() throws an error now (missing timezone). So, I added: date_default_timezone_set('EST5EDT') ... for my timezone

-missing plugins need to be added: chartist, jquery.easy-pie-chart, nvd3, waypoints
Thank you for letting me know the issue and providing the fixes. I will add this in next release.

Thank you again.

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