Any chance that you could make the header position fixed at the top so it doesn't scroll? Option for fixing the sidebar would also be nice.
Hi, at the right side there's a fly-out settings panel. There you can check Fixed layout between other options.
I totally missed that. Purchased. Good luck with your sales.
I just purchased.

- Running 'gulp' (after npm install && bower install) and serving the app folder (with http-server -- my preference) will not work. The build occurs. The server starts. The watchers start. But there are 404's in the Chrome dev console.

I decided to try your serve functions:

- Running 'gulp serve'. Same result.

- Running 'gulp serve-build'. Same result.

I tried with current versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari on OSX 10.10.2.
Sorry for that. I'm checking the issue with the "serve" tasks.
Using http-server you can do the following to get the theme running.
1- On angularjs folder, run:
$ http-server .
2- Then browser to http://localhost:8080/app

Let me know if the issue persists, I'll back to you with a fix for gulp.
Thank you for the quick reply!

I was able to get it running and integrated, I'm just reporting that your gulp tasks are broken and your documentation is incorrect.

The gulp-webserver plugin is setup to use config.dist ('app/'), instead of '.' Since gulp is ran from the parent of 'app', and your index.html file references '../asset_name' many, many, many times, it will always break.

I recommend updating your documentation to warn people about this, or repair it by adding a config.webroot='.' or similar, and updating the task as necessary.

I also suggest that your production build (gulp serve-build and gulp build) bundle all of your vendor dependencies into a single, minified/uglified javascript file. Your documentation states that these tasks do this, but that's not true.
Hi, I will release an update later today with a fix for this issue.
The gulp tasks now are better synchronized and the project root will become the webroot (where index.html resides). This last change implies to rewrite paths, not a big deal but many files updated. I decided to proceed this way because it's more convenient before moving forward to add new features.

You should receive an email when the update is released.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
medatech PURCHASED
Just wanted to say that I too have been having issues with the gulp serve task. The paths are all out of sync. The fix I have so far is to run http-server as suggested above. It would however be nice to have the app running as the root of the URL structure though, but as noted, there are some resources that try to reference the parent folder which would break this.
Hi, I will release an update later today with a fix for this issue.
The gulp tasks now are better synchronized and the project root will become the webroot (where index.html resides). This last change implies to rewrite paths, not a big deal but many files updated. I decided to proceed this way because it's more convenient before moving forward to add new features.

You should receive an email when the update is released.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
medatech PURCHASED
Wonderful news and thank you very much. I look forward to the update as I am struggling with the gulp compilation at the moment. I can only seem to get "gulp build" to work, but everything breaks when I switch to "gulp compile" or watch mode.
fourplus PURCHASED
I'm looking forward for Datatable implementation! This theme is AWESOME! Hope for more features!
Sure, datatables for AngularJS will be included soon between many more features.
I've plans to continue growing this theme, new versions like html/jquery (non angularjs), angularjs without jquery...

Thanks again
fourplus PURCHASED
Whoa! I'm so excited to see more! Keep it up!
Any plans to release updates with new features any soon?!
Hello, yes, I have plans of new features to be released in the next weeks. Do you have any suggestions or you need a particular feature?

Great looking theme! Keep it up! However, the documentation needs a bit of work. I am having some severe issues trying to utilise the template. Firstly, is there a way to turn off the jade templates? Secondly, I am not able to add a new route, in the routes.config.js. Always gives me an error saying it cannot find the state. Any idea?

I have also experienced the issues mentioned above with the paths.

Hi, thanks for your kind words. I'll update the documentation for the next release.
Currently the build system supports jade only but I'll check it to include pure html and other template engines.
Could you post your route configuration that's is not working?

rcolwill PURCHASED
I am running this theme on a Windows environment and cannot get it to work. It loads up a grey screen in my browser although the page title and favicon load. Is this the same referencing issue raised by other comments or something else?
Hi, the grey screen is not a known issue. Do you see any error message in console?
I also work on windows.
rcolwill PURCHASED
Got it. User error - nothing to report.

I'm interested in using this theme in a Ruby on Rails application but haven't worked with AngularJs. Are the page files structured in a way that I could turn them into .erb or .haml files?


All views are available in JADE and so on in raw HTML. This last is compatible with erb.
For the moment, to use the theme in rails enviroment you will need to adapt the folder structure.
Are you interested in a project with RoR and Angularjs?
Hi, yes, I am interested in using this theme in a RoR project. As I said, I haven't used Angularjs, but as long as the raw HTML files are available, I can adapt them to .erb format.

hi, your theme is very good, but because i am new to gulp and bower, i am not very clear how you compile all the js files in the folder vendor, and if i want to add another library js, can i just add it in the folder vendor by bower? another question is that i have tried to do "bower update" in a library for example "angular" after i change its bower.json, it does not work.

The theme can be used without gulp. You lose the great benefits of this tool but you're not obligated to use it.
New dependencies can be added with just a bower install [name].
To update vendor versions I recommend you https://www.npmjs.com/package/bower-update
thanks, yes i tried bower install [name], and it install the package in the bower-components, not in vendor, does it mean that i should copy it to vendor?
Please check you're running bower install... within the folder where the file .bowerrc is and also check that such file exists. This file has the instruction for bower to install deps in vendor folder.
thanks, i knew the problem, there is no bowerrc in the project angular-seed, i have to create it myself, thanks very much!
Hi ,

Could you help a little by telling me how to remove the # from the routes ?

I've looked into routes.config but wasn't able to figure it out.

Thank you.
HI, you need to enable the html5 mode in AngularJS
To do that:
- edit routes.config.js and inject the $locationProvider into routesConfig function
- then call this function $locationProvider.html5Mode(true)
- finally, in index file add a <base> tag with your base url. This depends on your project location.

A good read about this, https://scotch.io/quick-tips/pretty-urls-in-angularjs-removing-the-hashtag
Awesome, thanks :D
Can this be used as a standard html template?

i dont use angularjs?
Not currently, but I have plans to add a pure html and jquery version. I don't have a release date right now but hope to be soon.

Love the theme.

In IE11 (non-compatibility mode) on Windows the purple Tech card has a scroll bar for the text Updating Apps to Material Design now
I'll fix this asap
Please let me know what should i do step by step for using this theme in my ASP.NET SinglePageApp:
At first note that i installed nodejs, gulp.
1. I have two folders: angularjs and angularjs-seed. As i know seed version is clean master page yes?
2.What should i do next? copy what to where?
3. What it means (from documentation) "Now you have all this tools, you can move to the root folder of your project and run" and "npm -install?
please write me step by step what should i do
I've a built a new project for MVC5 and AngularJS. It's based on the seed project.
I'll update the new version soon next week. This will faster than send you a step by step guide.
Btw, this project doesn't use nodejs and bower.

Could you please help me with a problem with btn-switch.

I am using the MVC project for ASP.NET and I'm trying to use some btn-switch like this:

<div class="btn-switch mb mr btn-switch-primary">
<input id="input-btn-switch-primary" checked="checked" type="checkbox">
<label for="input-btn-switch-primary" class="btn btn-primary">
<em class="fa fa-check"></em>primary</label>

The result of this code is a normal checkbox and then a regular bootstrap button with the check icon inside. After looking for btn-switch class i cant find it in the whole solution.

What am I doing wrong?, Is there another css file i need to include in the MVC solution?

Thanks in advance.
It looks like the MVC Solution is not up to date.

I replaced boostrap.css and styles.css files in /Content folder of the MVC solution with the ones in the folder angularjs/app/css, and it works perfectly!

Hi, MVC5 project is based on the angularjs seed project, this mean that it has only the basics to start an application using this theme and then you can add more features. This helps to include in your project only the necessary for your app without the extra code no used.

Hi Team,

We are using HTML and CSS instead of Jade and Less, I have gone through angular-seed-fullstack project which has Jade and Less, How can I convert this files to HTML and CSS.
Hi, the current version only supports jade and less.Anyway it should be simple to recreate a fullstack setup without those language, please send me a message and I will send you a version using html and css.
Hi there,

Just purchased this theme yesterday and downloaded.

I used the angularjs-seed-mvc5 project to bootstrap my project - mostly it works fine, however the styling on radio buttons (c-radio) doesn't work. From the looks of it, the form-input.less file wasn't compiled into the styles.css file. Copying the styles.css from the angularjs folder solves the problem.

My worry is that there may be other components not compiled in correctly. Could you please have a look?
Hello, the seed project only contain the necessary to start an app using the styles of this theme. Some features are not present and need to be added. For example, the form-inputs.less is not included in the seed project, that's why its not working.
You can start your project removing features from the full-features project or adding features to a seed project.

Would be nice to have the sidebar minimified, collapsed. Any chance to see that on this theme?
Hello, I plan to release a new version this month and I'll include a collapsed mode for the sidebar.

Hi. Looks great. Stands out from the crowd. I am looking for two features, perhaps I am not seeing it.
1. Freeze top only.
2. Minimize the side bar to small buttons (I like the option to totally collapse it btw)

Thank you
Hi, thanks for your suggestions.
Both features are pending and I'll include them for the next update, I don't have a date for release but will be soon.


Wanted to build a quick pdt prototype for demo and need reusable angular controls.
Is there a list of angular elements?

Hi, what you mean angular elements? The list of components in the theme or plugin?
rand0m01 PURCHASED
Very interested in html / jQuery only version!
Thanks very much for your efford!
I'm a bit delayed with the jQuery version but I have in plans to release it soon
Thanks rand0m01!

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About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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Bootstrap is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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Features & includes

Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running:

  • Responsive 12-column grid
  • 12 custom, modular jQuery plugins
  • CSS styles for forms, navigation & more
  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation