Hi! COuld you explain me how to execute the angularjs-seed-fullstack version? I made the angularjs versio works. But when I tried with this version (which seems to be te correct one to start, I get several errors when I tried to execute the npm install and gulp install. And Obviously I'm new at angularjs.

1- Where should I put my server.js, gulp.config.js and gulpfile.js? In the root of that project or inside client?

2- What I did was to move those files and run npm install and gulp install... I'm missing anything?

3- Is there a simple way to move from jade to html? In the angularjs project you have a tutorial to do that.. here it seems to be more complex.

Any general comment will be welcome :)
Another question... Is it possible to use the views that are in "cached" folder to change dynamically their content? I mean... To update the sidebar menu, depending on a database response? I tried but it seems to be always the same version and it is not taking into account the values that are coming from database.. Should I do anything to be able to modify that on execution?
Hi, to run the fullstack project you need only to execute in the root folder "npm install" and when it ends execute "grunt serve"
If everything goes ok a new tab will be open in your browser with the app running.
Remember that you need mongo installed and running before start this project. More info at: https://github.com/angular-fullstack/generator-angular-fullstack

About your second question, the "cached" folder is only used to load views using anuglarjs internal cache which loads views faster. Unfortunately, the sidebar is generated with static markup and "as is" it can not change dynamically. AngularJS has features that can help you to achieve that, for example, the markup of the sidebar is based on ul > li (which is perfect for a loop), you can use ngResource to request for example a json file (or an url that returns json) and then with ng-repeat directive you can loop over the json object to generate the sidebar
hello i have three question about "naut\angularjs" project.

I made npm and gulp (with --usehtml) everything is okey.
My first question is i want to add angular websocket module to project. i put required js in vendor folder.
then i put reference in "naut\angularjs\src\js\modules\routes\vendro.constant.js" then i want to use it abstract "app" state resolve so that i add it _asset Route.require "websocket" and then i wrote a factory and i want to use $websocket in service.

when i use like this site crash. and i try to put reference in index.html it is crash also. i crash only when i use service i not use everything ok.

i think i made something wrong. i use this plugin another angularjs project like this but i couldnt make in naut application.
module reference --> https://github.com/wilk/ng-websocket

my second question is i want use file uploader as a service (only upload part) i see that file uploader works like directive i want to put uploader function in a factory only is there way to make this solution.

my third question is i think there is a refresh page snipped exist in project. if am i right where is the refresh code could you tell me

thank you for your template and support
1- vendor.constant.js is for lazyload assets, the ng-websocket module should be used since the first time the app loads (I guess) so it would be better if you include it in the index file

2- The current upload module is more like all in one solution, I mean you can move the code into a service but if you are looking for just a file upload function perhaps this project https://github.com/danialfarid/ng-file-upload results more simple

3- Yes, but is only used to refresh the page after clear the localStorage, you can find it in
thanks for your response i will check your solutions.

for my second question i have different page with image upload so that i want to gather upload functions (binary image, upload start etc) in one service. so that i understant your answer if i want to use something like that in a modal controller i think
I think the static version of the dashboard has a broken four quadrant widget at the very top in Chrome/FF/Edge/IE. AngularJS version works.

Any plans to do am AngularJS/Material combo?
Hello, yes, the jquery version is static and doesn't have the same behavior for such element like angular.
For the moment I don't have plans to add angular-material, right now I'm a bit out of time for new developments.

Hi geedmo,
It's very cool template. and I paid this one.
But I cannot deploy it, I got errors :

[20:47:21] Starting 'templatecache'...
[20:47:21] *** Compiling HTML...
[20:47:21] *** Creating AngularJS templateCache..
[20:47:22] Finished 'templatecache' after 675 ms
[20:47:22] Starting 'index'...
[20:47:22] *** Compiling HTML...

throw err
Error: Path /Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/http:/maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js not found!
at getFiles (/Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/node_modules/gulp-usemin/lib/blocksBuilder.js:64:15)
at module.exports (/Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/node_modules/gulp-usemin/lib/blocksBuilder.js:102:22)
at Transform._transform (/Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/node_modules/gulp-usemin/index.js:16:22)
at Transform._read (/Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/node_modules/gulp-usemin/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_transform.js:184:10)
at Transform._write (/Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/node_modules/gulp-usemin/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_transform.js:172:12)
at doWrite (/Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/node_modules/gulp-usemin/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:237:10)
at writeOrBuffer (/Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/node_modules/gulp-usemin/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:227:5)
at Transform.Writable.write (/Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/node_modules/gulp-usemin/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:194:11)
at Stream.ondata (stream.js:31:26)
at emitOne (events.js:77:13)

use : gulp build

Any body there?
Hello Firman, sorry for delay. Currently, I don't see errors running "gulp build"
But I see the following message

/Users/firmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy/AdminPanel/http:/maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js not found!

Try moving your include of Google map api outside of any usemin block and run gulp build again
Hi geedmo,
Yeah. build is working well, but I run the web apps in browser,
and seems look like, got another errors :

Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value)(intermediate value)(...) is not a function(anonymous function) @ application-203399f3.js:10
vendor-9a9d5d20.js:45 Error: [ng:areq] Argument 'CoreController' is not a function, got undefined
at vendor-9a9d5d20.js:44
at fe (vendor-9a9d5d20.js:44)
at pe (vendor-9a9d5d20.js:44)
at vendor-9a9d5d20.js:45
at g (vendor-9a9d5d20.js:44)
at v (vendor-9a9d5d20.js:44)
at s (vendor-9a9d5d20.js:44)
at v (vendor-9a9d5d20.js:44)
at s (vendor-9a9d5d20.js:44)
at s (vendor-9a9d5d20.js:44)
Hi, search in your code for "CoreController" and check you are using it in a ng-controller attribute or in a route definition and the CoreController is defined in your app.
It could be other reasons, but basically that angular error means CoreController is not reachable for angular, maybe some typo..
Hi, search in your code for "CoreController" and check you are using it in a ng-controller attribute or in a route definition and the CoreController is defined in your app.
It could be other reasons, but basically that angular error means CoreController is not reachable for angular, maybe some typo..
Ok. it's Worked. Thank you.
Hi,i am using angularjs MVC file .how to set header progress bar .it not working
Hello, header progress bar is working, make sure is not any error in console and that when you use it in your machine it happens too fast maybe. For example when page are cached they almost has not delay so the loading bar never triggers enough time to be visible. Try with different pages, also with devtools open and cache disabled to test it.
Could you give us an step by step process to make angularjs-fullstacj work? I tried but it is giving me lot of exceptions when I tried to deploy it.
Hi, is it possible to get a version of your fullstack version but without mongodb?
If it is possible I would like to have the following options:
HTML (not jade)
Facebook, Twitter, Google

Hello, angular-fullstack is a framework itself, I've just added files from the template to make the site styles and code work with such framework, to make it work without mongo is necessary to edit original code of the framework.
TypeError: $.htmlPrettify is not a function
Hello, this error how to deal with? thank you
Hello, try running the following command in the root folder of the project

> npm install

If you have already did it, try just installing html prettify

> npm i gulp-html-prettify

Then run gulp again

i use chat page template in my site. is there a way allways scroll down chat tab ?

Do you mean to show always a scrollbar?
Currently it is visible automatically when the size of messages exceeds the screen height.
How do I get the submenus appears not expanded to access the page? I would also like to know how do to decrease the width of the top bar that displays the name Naut?
Hello, what project folder are you using? The expanded submenu is default behavior, and also a common pattern to show the user the location, to change that is necessary to change JS code.
The size of the header can be edited using LESS (or SASS), for example, edit the file bootstrap-variables.less and change the value of the variable @navbar-height, then compile again
Hi, I just realized that the dropdowns on the Summernote menu is not showing. Do you have any fix for that? I am trying some workarounds to get it to work, but couldn't find where the problem is...
Hello, there's a missing file in the list of requirements for summernote. As you mentioned, since dropdown are not working, the missing file is the Bootstrap dropdown script.
Please edit the file /angularjs/src/js/modules/routes/vendor.constants.js and add the path 'vendor/bootstrap/js/dropdown.js', to the list like follows

{name: 'summernote', files: ['vendor/bootstrap/js/tooltip.js',
Lol, such a simple solution. I was looking for solutions in other ways, that never crossed my mind. Thanks
Dear in datatable the grid I am not able to get the data to be displayed ordered by a column that have values of type date. When the grid is displayed, it follows an order that can not understand. I've tried everything.
Hello, you have to add extra code for the specific date format you want to use. See the example here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12003222/datatable-date-sorting-dd-mm-yyyy-issue
Hi, are you planning to build this template with Angular2 and Booststrap 4? Or do you have any othe
Or do you have any other template with those technologies?
Hi, not for the moment. ng2 and bootstrap4 are in my plans but will start working on in the following months. Unfortunately I'm out of time to work fulltime time on this.
Another question... Do you know why I can have an issue with the tab key? In some forms the tab key seems to not work at all.
Hello again, could you send me more details? Exactly where do you see a problem? Because it could be something bad configured in the inputs tabindex order.

You can check here: or here
You can see that in some cases the tab between the inputs is not working. In some cases when I go directly from the URL or when I came from another page... I didn't get it where is the issue
I could not replicate on login page but on "create" it always happens. It's hard to say without knowing exactly the code involved but from what I see you can try finding if there's an event attached to those inputs that blocks the tab.
Inputs tab order is managed by the browser and only way to change that behavior is via JS, so try removing some plugins used in that page and check again if the inputs works, if you find a problematic plugins is possible to check its repo or support page to find any solution.
Finally, try solving any error in console, this could lead into some unexpected situations if script execution fails at some point. Currently it prints this message "Cannot read property 'setMostWatchesVideos' of undefined"

Hope this helps
I created a page by using Datatables. On first load, it only show data without format. I navigate to Datatables page and back to my page, it formatted. But once I refresh the page, it shows data only again. Demo at http://vinseechew.com/angularjs/#/app/artist

Please help, thanks.
Hello, I see errors in console "Error: Invalid state ref ..."
Is possible that you have remove some states and they are referenced in the code? please check the sidebar view and the routes to fix that and will check again. Usually JS error stop scripts execution or has side effect in other plugins.

Hi, does the naut work with other html widget control like DevExpress ?


Hello, it's possible to include any third party plugin because that's how the template was designed, keeping in mind that it's necessary to extend the features via new components. Anyway, I can't tell how will those widgets works because I don't have experience working with them and don't know the internal features that may conflict or not with the layout structure.

Looks very promising!

Any experience using this with Cordova/Phonegap?
Hi, thanks for ask. Unfortunately no, sorry, I haven't tried the template with any of those tools.


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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
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