How can you change the color of the theme?

I know you can enable the feature that allows the user to change the theme color scheme with the widget on the right side of the screen. But how can you set the theme color within the WP dashboard?

Menu on my site not work. Please check http://kakoeplatevybrat.com
now work but only with bootstrap js from theme. Why i cant use last bootstrap js?
Hi, I've changed the header title in the theme options and also in the header.php file to reflect the name of the organisation that the site if for but when in responsive mode the header title changes back to "Open Mind". How can I change that?

Hi Developer and Kristin

I have the same issue and wonder if you had a resolution? I could not see a response. Its probably something really silly.

Any help is appreciated.

Tried to install theme in WP hosted at Hostgator.com. Install fails with message that the style.css stylesheet is missing. I checked the zip file and style.css is there in multiple folders.


A quick response would be greatly appreciated.

I uploaded and installed a different theme in WP at hostgator without a problem. I downloaded the Open Mind zip file again and tried to install it. i got the same error.

Problem seems to be with the Open Mind file.
Unfortunately this theme is not standard in it's packaging. You have to first unzip the archive you download from this site.

You then have 2 options:
1) If you don't have FTP access to your website, zip the file in
openmind>wordpress>wp-content/themes/openmind so you have openmind.zip
Then you can upload that file in your theme control panel.

You'll have to do that for the plugins as well, unless you choose to just get them from the wordpress.org plugin repository.

2) If you DO have FTP access you can just drop the openmind theme folder into your website's theme folder and activate it as usual. Same for the plugins.

I would love it if the author would package these up like this.
I just bought this theme I'm a bit disappointed. It looks good but there are so many bugs in it, the admin menu is not working, the sidebar doesn't work properly and I get error messages in my console log. I can fix most of them but to be honest I would expect more quality from a paid theme.

I just bought the theme, Its simple and looks goods.

But I have few question about the configuration.
1. How Can I enable the Admin Bar on Front View ???
2. How to fixed the default Layout and the Color of the theme (Boxed and Full Width) .
when i change (Layout and Color) it works only on the current browser but when I open the link on other browser it will display Full Width layout with the default color.

I'm so frustrated with this purchase! The theme is difficult to set up like the preview. There are a LOT of bugs. Everything has to be changed within the css or ftp files and that's difficult for some of us. The support is rather nonexistent. DON'T BUY THIS THEME!

Thanks for a great theme.

I've changed the header title in the theme options to reflect the name of the organisation that the site if for but when in responsive mode the header title changes back to "Open Mind". How can I change that?

Any help is appreciated.


I guess the only is by editing this line in header.php
105: <a class="navbar-brand visible-xs" href="index.html">Open <span>Mind</span></a>
Replace Open<span>Mind</span> with other words or better with
<?php echo of_get_option('title_header','Open <span>Mind</span>'); ?>
Thank you for the reply. That helped my issue.
Any update on when updates/fixes might be coming for this theme? I see reference to it 4 months ago. That doesn't give me a lot of confidence this is going to be soon.
I recently purchased this theme about 2 months ago, and when I installed it, the homepage looked nothing like the preview page i had hoped for... today I checked back thinking it may have updated this theme so me being the dummy purchased it again since it had a different purchase price!!...

only this time the theme doesnt install and fails...

please help

@BraddahGreg for this site wrapbootstrap.com
Please forgive me, I should have read some of the comments above and see that i had to implrt the xml file to get the preview look and feel....

all good on my end! :)


Thanks for a great theme. I been using it now for a while. I wonder how I can put a phone number somewhere in the header? I tried using the tagline in Customization option but it did not look very good. I would like a number that is fairly large.

Do you have any suggestions? site is bhecc.com.au

I need that this template have mora than 2 level of dropdows. How I can do this?? Please I need a answer!!
When is the update coming out?
how can i add photoslider as per theme preview. i have not seen any option to add my own picures

We just purchased the theme for one of our client, we have to do some customization for which we need the HTML.

Could you also include the raw HTML and PSD. It will help us with our requirement.

Thanks and Regards
Please I have problem in installing the theme i wordpress
it reads (The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the
style.css stylesheet.)

> Item: Open Mind - WordPress Customizable Theme (Single Application License)
> Item#: WB04B3330
> License: Single Application License
> License ID: 8b22be27-5126-4c0e-a938-4c9417d83c68

Open Mind - WordPress Customizable Theme

Please I have problem in installing the theme in wordpress
it reads (The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the
style.css stylesheet.)

J'ai acheter et installer le thème Open Mind pour mon site je n'arrive pas a le paramétrer .
Je ne comprend pas avec option thème comment modifie la couleur, le titre.dans le header .

de même comment paramétrer pour que les images soit sur mes pages articles

Merci pour votre aide
Cannot install this theme one wordpress preinstallation on www.hosteurope.de: "missing style.css" ! Still no updates since so many months, i don't understand this. my money is lost. i am a unhappy customer now. Do not buy this theme until updates are available and the problems are fixed !
Buenas noches mi amigo Gregorio compró la plantilla y quedo bien instalado con el wordpress pero necesito color verde por defecto para que no aparezca el azul.

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