There seems to be an issue with the Carousel for this theme in Opera 12.17.
I have checked my version and your demo version and both seem to have transition issues with the text.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Hi alehut,

Thanks for your comment. Could you please send us more details about the issue with screenshots attached? You can use the WB contact form to contact us directly (https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/YevSim).

Thanks in advance,

Yevgeny S.

I would like to buy this template but first i need to know if it have functional contact form. And what about Sign-In and Sign Up pages?
Hi julianjay,

Paperclip is a static HTML template. You won't be able to send any emails or use sign in, sign up functions unless you integrate it with a CMS or your own code.

Best regards,

Yevgeny S.
How easy is to change the red color for a darker version?

It's very easy to change theme colors as this theme is built with LESS. All you need is to open the less/elements.less file and change the @new-red value to any color you want. Then recompile the style.less file to style.css using any LESS compiler (e.g. WinLess).

Do no hesitate to contact me directly if you have any other questions.


Yevgeny S.
Bought the template but cannot find the @new-red in /less/elements.less file. I want to change the color from red to blue.


In v1.2.0 color variables are located in /less/global.less. Please open less/global.less and change the value of the two LESS variables: @primary-color and @secondary-color (see the code below):

/*** Change the 2 values below to create new color schemes ***/
@primary-color: @new-red;
@secondary-color: @new-blue;

@primary-color: #2196F3;
@secondary-color: #FFD740;

You can also find read about it in the README.txt file.
I will buy this theme.
I want you to please inform me if there is any datepicker functionality been built in this?

Also does this work with any version of asp.net? I will create an mvc5 asp.net app.

Paperclip is a standard HTML5 template, so it won’t work with your ASP.NET website without certain modifications specific to this framework. You can use this theme as a start point for your project.

As for the datepicker, you can use the standard HTML5 date input, e.g. <input type="date" name="bday">.


Yevgeny S.
Thanks for the update, hope more pages or ui will be available

Thanks for your comment! More pages and UI elements will be included in the next release.
hi YevSim,

We intend to buy your templates in next few days.
However, I wonder when will you release the next version of PaperClip?

hettiger PURCHASED
Am I allowed to remove the copyright notices in the footer?
(Copyright 2014 - Paperclip Theme by Yevgeny S. | All Rights Reserved)

I would of course keep a comment in the HTML source.

Thanks for this awesome Template.
Hi hettiger,

Sure, feel free to remove those captions from every page. They are done for a demonstration purposes only.


Yevgeny S.
hettiger PURCHASED
One more question: Are the images that come with the template copyright protected or something? I may want to use some of them for my website but am afraid of getting trouble thought.
All images used in this template are free for commercial use. Please refer to the README.txt file for more info.
Good morning,

I want to buy this template but first I want to know if it's possible slow down the slider and if the menu below the slider (Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome, Isotope and 24/7 support) can link to other pages of the template.

Thanks you for your attention and good job with that template :)
Hi, thanks for your question.

You can easily control the carousel speed with LESS or CSS. Please read this thread for more info: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17332431/how-can-i-control-the-speed-that-bootstrap-carousel-slides-in-items.

As in regard to the menu, you can link its items to any other page you want, just change the <a href="..."> value.

Please contact me directly via the WB contact form if you have any questions.

This is beautiful... Any way I can embed a video on the main page slider. Can you please send a sample..
Wow amazing template.. I love it.. The less files are a great add-on to this wonderful template !
Hi, thanks for your feedback! you can easily embed any video files via a standard Bootstrap embed feature: http://getbootstrap.com/components/#responsive-embed. Please contact me via WB contact form if you have any other questions.
Do you intend to add Gallery page in next version of this beautiful template?
Hi, you can use the portfolio section which has basically the same functionality as a gallery section.
Hello ! I find the theme beautiful. I have to put a big table in one page. Have you an example of the look of tables ? Thanx.
Hi, thanks for your message. Currently tables look exactly what they look like in the original Bootstrap installation. We will consider customizing tables in one of the future releases.
Thanks for the update YevSim,
Thanks! Feel free to contact us should you have any suggestions regarding the update.
Hi YevSim

In the CSS you write "Change the 2 values below to create new color schemes" But that does not seem to work. As far as I can see then there are a lot more colors to change or am I doing it wrong?


// René
Hi YevSim

Sorry I did not see the earlier post regarding this subject. Please don't waste your time answering my question. :-)
And then again maybe you have to answer my question. :-)

Because I get this error when trying to re-compile with WinLess and VS 2013.

Error found at line 58, column 2 (it seems to be something regarding this ".animation-delay(300ms);")

I have tried to remove this code but then I get another error at line line 77, column 19. regarding this code: @media (max-width: @screen-xs-max)

Any idea whats wrong?


// René

Please make sure you are compiling less/style.less and not less/global.less (because global.less is already imported in style.less).

Please make sure you are compiling less/style.less and not less/global.less (because global.less is already imported in style.less).
Thanks that was exactly the problem. :-)
I recently bought Your theme pack. Really liking it.

Im pretty new to this "bootstrap thing", could You please help me by explaining
> where I could find all available icons in Your theme
> how would I go about chaining font (I would like to change something similar to Verdana), details steps would be brilliant, but any hints would do.
Thank You.
Hi, thanks for your message.

1. For the full list of icons please refer to the official Font Awesome lybrary: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/.

2. The easiest way is to do this with LESS. Please open /less/elements.less and find this part:

/* ===== Typography ====== */
@font-family-sans-serif: 'Source Sans Pro', sans-serif;
@headings-font-family: 'Ubuntu', sans-serif;

Change the value of the "@font-family-sans-serif" variable to any other font and recompile the styles.

If you are not familiar with LESS and prefer to work with the css file directly, you need to open "/css/style.css" and replace any instance of "font-family: 'Source Sans Pro', sans-serif;" to any other font you like. Please do the same for "font-family: 'Ubuntu', sans-serif;" if you want to change the font of the headings.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions.
Hello, I've bought this theme few weeks ago.
I was trying find some little popup panel type thingy, where I can show which user is currently logged in. to show the user name, and a link to his/her profile.
Before creating my own, Is there anything for me the jump start in this theme?

Hi, you can use the standard Bootstrap popover (http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#popovers) or the Paperclip custom popover (you can find it on the UI page). You can also customize it to meet your needs.

Brilliant product, but need some help setting up the sendmail.php, im missing something here....

So ive followed the instructions, set up the config.php with all the required variables but then when I fill in the fields on the contact page I get a "...sendmail.php 405 (Method Not Allowed)".

Could You please advise ?
Hi Neil,

405 is a server error. Seems like something on your hosting side. Could you please provide a link to your contact form? You can send it via email.
davidtoh PURCHASED

Is there a way to fit in larger logo in the navigation? I am referring to this:
<a class="navbar-brand" href="index.html"><img src="img/logo.png" alt="..."></a>

Thank you.

Yes, you can easily do it. First, you need to change the default logo image height to, let's say, 35px:

.navbar-brand > img {
height: 35px; // 28px is default

then you need to change the .navbar-brand vertical padding to align the image properly:

.navbar-brand {
padding-top: 15px; /* (65px - 35px)/2 where 65px is the default height of the navbar in Paperclip and 35px is the height of your logo */
padding-bottom: 15px;

Finally, add this code in the very bottom of the css/style.css to make it work.

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.
eloekset PURCHASED
Thanks for this great product! It helped me a lot in getting a great looking site up fast. For the next version, please have a look at the results of this test: http://dev.modern.ie/tools/staticscan/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsimpleqode.com%2Fpreview%2Fpaperclip%2F1.2.0%2Findex.html

It's runs though the content of http://simpleqode.com/preview/paperclip/1.2.0/index.html and provides suggestions on how to improve support for all browsers.
Thanks, eloekset! Bookmarked.
Thank you for this great template. However, how do I include additional slide as this does not seem to work for me having duplicated slide two into a third slide.

Thank you for your swift response.
Hi Sunfad,

Please contact me via the contact form (https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/YevSim) and I will send you the instructions via email. I will also add them in the FAQ section of the README file with the next update.
I have contacted you on the link you provided. Please kindly get back as quickly as possible.

The instructions have been sent.
Thank you for your response. That really worked. I guess I missed the 4 step in my initial try.


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