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Excellent template, however I am stuck trying to get the main-navbar working with AngularJS, I am loading in and building up some menu items dynamically from a web service and updating the UL > LI elements once the call from the server comes back, I see that the navbar is added to the init list and processed via the "PixelAdminApp.prototype.start" method (at this time the target div may not exist in the DOM) - is there a way to call the init method on the main_navbar manually once the server call has been processed?
niemandr PURCHASED
ah-ha, after some messing about in the JavaScript console I see that I can call the "PixelAdmin.plugins.main_menu.init()" method to get the navbar to re-initialize :)

if(PixelAdmin) {
I want to ask whether js and css of PicelAdmin have uncompressed files.
I need uncompressed source code files to debug.
Thank you.
Does the PixelAdmin created using materials which are the subject of a GNU General Public License (GPL)?
Will the code run without installing grunt?
Are we ever going to get an update on this theme? It's been over a month since the seller has even commented here. I love the theme, and would like to use it for more applications but have been waiting for the update before purchasing it for more clients. The company I work for has also bought this template, and is waiting to really put the theme to use until the next update.

Any help would be appreciated. Even if it is just a timeframe for when the next version will be available.
Thanks! (and again, amazing theme)
I'm familiar with css, js and jquery, also I've frequently purchased templates which provides html pages and psd so that I can implement and modify them. But I'm new with "responsive", "compiling css / sass / LESS" and "building using grunt".

I've read the manual, but due to lack of my understanding of the terms above, I have several questions:
1. Can you point me out to some tutorial/resource that I may learn about it?
2. If i want to implement the template, should I just copy the files in the html folders as is?
- is copying the recommended practice?
3. I also want to restructure the js, and css files to my application folder structure, and trying to modify them manually by using examples in html folders, should I use the "compile/build" technique instead of manually find and replace the path in the css/js files?
4. If updates are released, should I "compile/build" again and then replace the files or just overwrite the files from html/assets?

Anyway this is a really Great template.
I purchased this theme but it has a small glitch: When on mobile, the notification or messages do not show up when i press the icon in navbar
jhbretin PURCHASED
Hi there!,

Very interesting theme and nicely done, good job!

However, I'm desperately trying to change buttons' background color on hover status. But... Can't.
I did everything mention in customization, but still does not work. I've also tried many different changes through CSS I created with no result.

Could you please provide a very clear walk-through as to how and where buttons on default theme can be changed.

Thanks alot for your support.
Hi, there is a problem with the mail inbox on mobile devices - It only shows the "Inbox" menu item - not the others!
usustrup PURCHASED
Hi smnedelko.

i am really enjoy to use that your template.

and i want to use "User account" or "Forum" pages :D

whould you mind telling me the time of next update.

Thank you.
hello smnedelko

your template is just amazing, but i have problem with left navigation, how can i make item active without autodetection ?
Hi smnedelko,

I recently bought your template for using in a project of mine. I am using DurandalJS (KnockoutJS) for this SPA.

But I am not able to make the Main Menu work. It wont expand when I click on any item. Here is a screen shot of what I mean.


I am trying to start the PixelAdmin as following JS code:


Any body knows what I am doing wrong?
Hi, try this
window.PixelAdmin.start(init, settings);
to be clear. for me it works like this

var init = [];
init.push(function() {
// Javascript code here
var settings = { main_menu: { detect_active : false} }
window.PixelAdmin.start(init, settings);

hope it helps
thanks ASamarin you saved my life !

Do somebody tried to use Datepicker functionality?

the events work fine - at least 'changeDate'

var dateOptions = {
todayBtn: "linked",
format: 'dd-M-yyyy',
orientation: $('body').hasClass('right-to-left') ? "auto right" : 'auto auto',
autoclose: true,
todayHighlight: true

.on('changeDate', function (e) {

but i have problems with methods. they don't work


$('#start-datel').datepicker('setDate', '10-Sep-2010');

Could sb help?

We're seeing the same problem. Debugging shows that only the first parameter is being passed trough to the underlying datepicker class. We've done a hack of the datepicker initialization function, but it's not an optimal solution:

pixel-admin.js, starting at line 65446:
$.fn.datepicker = function(options) {
//options = $.extend({
// rtl: $('body').hasClass('right-to-left')
//}, options || {});
// return datepicker.call($(this), options);
var args = Array.apply(null, arguments);
return datepicker.call($(this), options, args);
bjorgf, thanks! It was helpful, but it will not fix the problem with using methods, so I have improved your solution in this

pixel-admin.js, starting at line 65446:
$.fn.datepicker = function(options) {

if (typeof options === 'string') {
return datepicker.apply($(this), arguments);

options = $.extend({
rtl: $('body').hasClass('right-to-left')
}, options || {});

return datepicker.call($(this), options);

PS: I think it was a bad idea to buy this theme because as we can see it is not supported at all.

If somebody reads my comment there is only one normal Admin Theme which is being supported by author - https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/smartadmin-responsive-webapp-WB0573SK0

I cant make this template work inside my AngularJS project. The main-wrapper is inside my <div ui-view></div>. When I call "PixelAdmin.plugins.main_menu.init();" inside my console, it will work.

When I push it under the window.PixelAdmin.start([]); its not working... Any suggestions?
Looks like you have a typo in 'http://infinite-woodland-5276.herokuapp.com/assets/demo/demo.js', "demo-menu-rigth" instead of "demo-menu-right"

Great theme, I was wondering do you have in plan to add any code editor plugin ?

Thanks, Stephen
I Recently Purchase PixelAdmin Nice UI Kit
but am facing Problem in Jquery .load(url). page load but without css effect
what to do ?
I like the theme, but can you please not include all of the plugins in your main java script file. I needed the latest jQuery Validation and could not figure out why it was breaking on my site until I realized that you include an older version in the pixel-admin.js.
Does anyone see how to make the switcher work with angular js? My ng-model's value is truthy, but the switcher initializes as non-checked.

<input class="switcher-onoff" type=checkbox ng-model="criteria.agent.on" ng-change="updateAgentSuspension()">
My only solution is to make an angular directive

/* js */
angular.module('myModule', [])
.controller('MyCtrl', ['$scope', function ($scope) {
$scope.checkSwitcherConfig = {
on_state_content: '<span class="fa fa-check"></span>',
off_state_content: '<span class="fa fa-times"></span>'
.directive('mySwitcher', function () {
return {
restrict: 'A',
link: function (scope, element, attrs) {
var opts = scope.$eval(attrs.mySwitcher);
var state = scope.$eval(attrs.ngModel);
$(element).switcher(opts).switcher(state ? 'on' : 'off');

<!-- HTML -->
<input type=checkbox ng-model="model.fieldA" dr-switcher>
<input type=checkbox ng-model="model.fieldB" dr-switcher="checkSwitcherConfig">
I'd like to see more real world pages like https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/wolf-admin-responsive-theme-WB0PH0GBL

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