Amazing set of high-end templates! Many thanks for making this available to the public. Kudos to the author. Great job.
backgroun-size in smartphone is not working.
even in your demo, background image is just black when i display using iPhone(chrome and safari).
please fix this error.
Are you trying the live demo link? or the original link? As in the demo due to the iframe the background-size might have issues. Please click REMOVE THIS FRAME on top right corner of the page and then try.
Are you trying the live demo link? or the original link? As in the demo due to the iframe the background-size might have issues. Please click REMOVE THIS FRAME on top right corner of the page and then try.
I was ready to buy this theme but I saw Shojaku's comment and checked it out in my iPhone.
Your demo has the problem he/she described and I did removed the frame and retried as you've instructed... I also refreshed a few time... No luck! I'm unclear if the background is a solid color or if the pictures are so big (not re-sizing) that you only see a tiny portion of it that happens to be very uniform in color... Either way this won't work for me. Can you fix this fairly quick or should I go with another theme?
Are you talking about the black background with the loading image?
I see what you are talking about.

If you purchase the template you wont see this problem in the downloaded version.

I will fix the minor bug and update the live version.
Fixed the errors and updated to the new version.
Thank you; I just purchased it.
Hi, I purchased the theme a few weeks ago and finish the process of personalize it. I have uploaded the site for my client to review and testing on the iPad (2 Air) and the iPhone (6s Plus), the background images are all blown out of proportion which looks terrible and pixelated. I though I had done something wrong but your demo site has the same issue. Please help ASAP!
Well everything is working normal on my devices. But still send me some screenshot and i will help you out with it. Its a minor bug and will be fixed with just modifying the background-size property.
Sure, I happy to send you the screen shots from both devices but how do I send them to you? ...I cannot attached images to this reply web form... I see an email address is your website. I’ll try that but I’m not sure if that will get to you and if you will be able to relate the email to this post.

BTW, I recently switch my phone to the iPhone 6s Plus. I had the iPhone 5 when I tested your demo on my phone. It looked fine. I never tested on the iPad Air 2 before yesterday. In both, the iPad and the 6s, it looks bad (totally kill the wow factor of the template and renders the theme useless for us).

Thanks you for your help!
Did you get my email with the screenshots yesterday morning (25 hrs ago)? Do you have an estimated time you'll solve this issue? I don't mean to rush you but my client is asking me...
Thank you.
I haven't got any email. You can email me to [email protected] .
I just resent the email to your Gamil account. FYI, I tested also on my old iPhone 5, and the issue is the same as with the newer devices. Also, I don't recall seeing your demo like that a month ago when I tested to see if I should use this theme. I have not tested on an Android device yet.
Hi. Thank you for helping me solve this issue.

Here is the solution we implemented:
We removed all the background-attachment: fixed declarations in the style.css and added them back inside a media query for min-width: 1280px so the parallax effect can be maintained on desktops.

Everyone purchasing a parallax theme should know that the background-attachment: fixed, which is needed to achieve that effect, is currently disabled by mobile browsers due to the amount of resources consumed. There are hacks on the net to achieve a similar effect on mobile but that is a different subject.
This theme is a doubled edged sword.

On onside it's just beautyful and on the other is full of bugs.
I really don't want to blame the author or the template, I even encourage you to buy it, see it as a simple
warning flag.

You should have the following skills to be able to fix those bugs:

- good understand of Javascript, Jquery, you should be able to rewrite some parts which are poor written and slow in execution, on mobile it's a mess.

- good understanding of bootstrap it self because a few things aren't responsive at all.
Thanks for the compliments and the warnings.

I agree about the beauty of this template :)

I am looking forward to get feedback from you to make it as better as i can. Everything is responsive and tested. I am not sure what's problems you are facing.
i use the newest Wordpress, but i can't install the Purity Theme in Wordpress.
I used already the two ways.

i installed over ftp and after this i test also install with a purity-zip-file
both ways no work
what i can do?

best regards
Sorry this is the HTML Version.
I have purchased this theme and loved it. I just want to thank you and waiting an update for bootstrap v4 when released :)
B4 is still in beta. Hopefully when its officially launched then i will be updating it.
Yes, I am also waiting for officially final release.
is this theme available in WordPress?
No. Only HTML. Wordpress version will be released after Bootstrap 4 is officially launched. :)
First I would like to thank you for this template . I bought and enjoyed .

But I would like to ask for help to fix two problems when viewing on mobile phones.

1. The background of the sessions do not appear on iphone 5s cell . In your template is the same problem.

2. I can not stop in the template footer for more than a second. The template rises automatically.

Thank you.
Sorry but your live preview link is broken.. thank

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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